These 5 Things Will Determine If You’ll Be Successful or Not

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July 31, 2019


Are you wondering if you’re cut out for this? If you could truly be successful at doing what you love?

I give away my secrets freely. The Goal Digger Podcast was created, specifically, so I could share my tips and tricks and share advice from other experts to help you get where you want to go, and I do it for free. My goal? To impact the masses and for me, that looks like holding nothing back. It’s funny, I’ve been asked before: Aren’t you afraid someone will copy you? Are you nervous someone will take your roadmap to success and there isn’t enough to go around?

I shed that scarcity mindset long ago. I approach my business, and this podcast with an abundance mindset — there’s enough to go around for me and for you. And there’s one thing I know for sure: It doesn’t matter if I give you every step laid out in an easy to follow roadmap… Because there are a few key factors that come from deep inside us, things you already possess as an individual that will determine if you’ll be successful.

Let’s walk through the five intrinsic factors that will lead you to reaching that big God dream on your heart. If your heart is in it, if you’re doing EXACTLY what you’re meant to do, these things will come naturally. They may not all exist inside you at the same time, maybe they come and go as the work gets harder or the rewards get closer. But use this as a gut check: Am I in this for real? All external factors aside, will you be successful?

Confidence & Intuition

I need you to show up and be confident in every sense of the word — so confident that you can look inward when the outside world is shouting at you and think, “I’ve got this.” Easier said than done, right?

Have we ever lived in a time more comparison-prone than right now? We’re able to see the finished products from our peers and perfect strangers, posted in those polished squares on Instagram. Then we look back at our “mess”, our work in progress dream that isn’t quite ready to see the light of day and we want to say, “What’s the point?”

Your ability to tune out the world and ditch the comparison factor will set you up for success and serve you time and time again in your journey. It’s hearing the world calling you out, feeling the pull of Instagram and other platforms perfectly poised to put you in a comparison mindset… And instead of falling victim, you put your head down and CREATE. You lean into the fact that there is ONLY one you and no one can do things quite like you do.

Just like working out, you’ll strengthen this muscle over time — the muscle that keeps your eyes focused straight ahead on what YOU’RE doing, not what girlfriend next door is doing. And as your dream or goal weighs on your heart and your mind, you’ll have no other focus than making YOUR dreams your reality – not someone else’s dreams or their version of success, but the one defined by you and only you.

If you catch yourself always looking away from the task at hand, not totally invested in the work, and consuming more than you’re created, take a step back. Why are you doing this? Why is this your dream above all other things? Can you answer those questions with confidence? Evaluate what you are doing and ask: Am I doing this because it’s my big goal, or am I doing this to be like everyone else?

My confidence and intuition have played the biggest role in my success because each day I have to step into MY truth, step into my strengths, and honor those. The same goes for you.

Discipline and Consistency

Can you set a goal and stick to it? Think about the promises you made to yourself and your audience at the very start of your journey. What did you set out to do, or what will you do, that proves your audience can depend on you?

In the two and a half years since we started The Goal Digger Podcast, I have never missed an episode. This twice weekly show rolls on, even when life gets in the way. Heck, I took a true three month long maternity leave, and the show aired as it always did, twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays serving up the same quality content we did pre-Conley.

When I look at my past and try to pinpoint what has helped me become successful, it is this. Creating consistency in my life and proving to myself that I can keep those promises I make to myself and others, that I am worthy of that commitment — How many times have you started something or gotten excited about something and then never follow through? This isn’t your fatal flaw but it IS something to acknowledge.

Challenge yourself this week. Write down in specific terms what you will do in the next seven days to grow in this dream of yours. If you want to run a successful, income generating blog, maybe you’ll decide to post two times a week. Announce it on your social media, text a best friend, tell your family — put it out into the world for some external accountability. And then get to work.

If mid-week on week two you’re already dragging your feet, dreading the task you set for yourself, it’s a sign that maybe this isn’t the right goal, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you want, because if you can’t create a habit over the next 30 days doing what you love or what you’re passionate about, then this entrepreneurial pursuit might not be for you. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s a slow grow, you want to be in it for the long haul.

Or maybe, for you, it’s just that life is getting in the way. I’m not saying drop your entire dream if that twice a week posting schedule is just beyond reach for you right now and you’re not taking the steps you said you would. Take time to evaluate, get creative, potentially outsource — whatever it takes, but really take a look at the promise you made, the bandwidth you have, and if it’s really moving you closer to your goal.

Owning Your Oneness

We’ve already talked about the comparison game, so this might seem contradictory… But do you know what sets you apart from everyone else? If you compare everything from your offer to your big overarching WHY, can you point out with certainty what makes you, YOU?

A determining factor of success is your ability to own your oneness, your uniqueness. This really boils down to traits only you possess and the WHY behind what you’re doing.

I want you to ask yourself WHY a million times. Try this little exercise, I recommend good ol’ fashion pen and paper as you answer these questions.

Who do you want to serve? Above all else, who will you serve with your product, service, or offer? Why is it important to serve that group of humans? Do you identify with your ideal customer? Have you seen the benefits first hand of whatever it is you’re selling? Would you be doing your audience a disservice by NOT showing up?

Finally, are these things that you’ve discovered are the things that set you apart from everyone else, are they visible when I meet you or when I find you online? If you’ve carved out a little corner of the internet and made it your home, how would I tell you apart from someone else who might have a similar offer?

Being able to speak to your oneness also helps with the confidence struggle and almost makes you immune to the comparison fatigue I talked about earlier. Because when you know your own secret sauce, it’s so much easier to look past what others are doing and dig deeper into what makes you, YOU.th and wasn’t afraid to truly attract and repel for the first time.

Discovering your oneness might not come instantly, but I want to help you get a clearer picture of what makes you stand out and how to better communicate that to your audience.


I’m done playing small, are you? It’s one of my many mantras this year, but I’ve got this “go big” mindset and it’s helped me crush some massive goals already. This year I entered everything with possibility, not doubt.

Now, I could do an entire episode about mindset and the limiting beliefs that could be standing in the way of your success, but let’s run through some key mindset blocks right now because mindset can impact your success.

Do you tend to play the victim or do you look at others success and see it as a reflection of what is possible for you? Do you believe the universe is out to get you or it’s showing up and serving you what you need every day? Are you manifesting the good things you want in this life or waiting for them to happen?

Mindset is more than a sunny, happy-go-lucky view of your life. It’s the ability to meet a roadblock and conquer it. It’s knowing that moving forward with imperfect action will get you closer to the finish line than waiting for perfection to strike. Forward is forward.

The whole “abundance versus scarcity” mindset shift was easily one of the bigger revelations in my career. People who live in scarcity mindset are often living in fear. The fear of money running out, of sharing success, a true dislike of other people’s success. In their view, there is only “so much” of whatever it is, like success or profits, and they want as big of a piece as they can get. People with a scarcity mindset covet what they do and aren’t apt to cheer on their peers if they encroach or surpass their success.

It is really easy to get pulled into this mindset, but I URGE you to cling to scarcity’s more joyful, less selfish counterpart, “abundance”.

The abundance mindset is the true belief that there is always MORE than enough. For example, there is more than enough money, recognition, joy, success, and more to go around. As opposed to “scarcity”, clinging tight to the abundance mindset allows you to worry less, genuinely cheer others on, and actually attract the things you want in an organic, natural way.

Putting Yourself Out There

You know the saying: “If you build it they will come.” I’m pretty sure the modern version of that is: If you build it, and tell everyone about it then they will come. Or maybe more specific: If you build it, and tell the right people about over and over again it in a very targeted, strategic way, and you extend an invitation that they have to say YES to, then they will come. Of course, that doesn’t sound as slick… But it’s true. These days with all the noise, you need to be willing to be your own PR rep.

Can you share what you do and who you want to serve? Can you put yourself out there without apologizing? Can you share your wins or accomplishments unapologetically? No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will invest in you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and your dreams. You have to keep showing up and sharing and marketing yourself over and over and over again.

Putting yourself out there can take on different forms — It might be showing up every day on Instagram Stories, peeling back the curtain on your process and what “real life” looks like when you’re creating. It might be taking a course on Pinterest so you know how to best share your message and get eyes on your offer, or celebrating your wins to gently remind your people what you do, create, or who it is that you serve.

You can build your dream business, but it’s not enough to build it and expect people to just show up, in fact believing that is going to set you up for failure. You have to believe in it so wholeheartedly that you’ll never run out of breath to talk about it, that you’ll feel annoying because you don’t shut up about it. Because trust me, if you’re building your dream business, you’re gonna be talking about it for the next 3-5-10 years… Can you share confidently and clearly about your business for that long?

The Big Picture

I know what you’re dreaming up can make a significant impact on the world. But maybe you’ve been thinking: “Can I really make this work?” While you might have the roadmap straight to success, there are still those internal factors that will push you into the realm of success.

There will be moments when your confidence fails you, or when you’re scrolling Instagram and you see someone leveling up a little faster than you. Your mindset will shift as you get closer to your goal. Your discipline will undoubtedly ebb and flow. But here’s the thing, if you can take your dream, your biggest goal, and press it against these five indicators of success, and know in your gut you’ve got what it takes — Start right now.

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