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August 2, 2019


girl boss gift guide

Gifting isn’t my strong suit — but I’m working on it. You know those ladies in your life who show up to the party with a beautiful bag and the perfect unique card and items assembled that feel like they were handpicked just for you (because they were?) Yeah, that’s not me. I’ve never been great at gifting but over the years I’ve picked up some mega go-tos and today I’m letting you in.

I am all about celebrating the hard-working women in my life, from the mamas to the boss ladies who surround me and lift me up. We all have lulls in inspiration and bad days, and just like the wins and high times, it’s important to remind each other that everything is cyclical and fleeting. The good and the bad all come and go with time.

Not every day is going to be a get-it-all-done and knockout-the-to-do-list-with-ease kind of day, just like not every week will feel like we’re in the right space or pursuing the right things. It’s so important to speak that truth to one another, especially in seasons of slowness or limited growth.

And one way you can support and uplift the boss ladies in your life is giving them a little love with a small token of encouragement and appreciation. Whether you’re celebrating one of your favorite go-get-’em gal pal’s birthday or you just want to brighten a friend’s day, here is my girl boss gift guide including 12 ideas for gifts that every girl boss needs (and wants) in her life.

An empowering book.

This guide to overcoming lies we all tell ourselves and facing the truth that you are worthy and powerful is just so, so good. Even if Rachel wasn’t my friend, I’d be recommending it to all the boss ladies because we could ALL use a little (loving) kick in the booty and some major motivation sometimes.

“Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis, $13

A little something green.

Call me the crazy plant lady but I have 21 plant friends in my home… seriously, I do and I’ve kept some of them alive for 7 years. I think I need a plaque. Plants just brighten up a space and bring some life to a room, you know? Even though this one’s faux, the eucalyptus looks real and is a beautiful accent to any space — plus, you don’t have to worry about killing it accidentally. Score. 

Faux Eucalyptus in Terracotta Pot, $25

A set of noise-canceling headphones.

Getting stuff done and knocking out tasks ain’t always easy. If you’re a working mama or have to escape to coffee shops just to crank out a few hours of productivity, you feel me on that. A good (and cute) pair of headphones comes in handy when you need to focus and drown out the rest of the world.

heyday Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Tan/Gold, $60

Natural skincare game-changers.

I’ve spoken about how this brand has literally changed my skin. It’s natural, powerfully moisturizing, and looks beautiful on skin, and counters, everywhere, too. Your friend will love you forever when you get her the Everything Spray or Clarifying Serum. THE BEST.

Primally Pure, prices vary (use code JK10 for 10% off)

A set of wind-down-the-day, gorgeous wine glasses.

It’s always wine-o-clock at the Kutchers and since our house has tons of open shelving a la Joanna Gaines, I’ve upped my glassware game. I feel like this one’s just obvious. Some days just beg for a good glass of red at the end of it. These glasses will make enjoying your Pinot a whole lot easier (and Instagram-able).

Gilded Rim Red Wine Glass, $28 each

A planner to end all other planners.

I was never much of a planner girl until I became a mama and now I can’t get through the day without writing things down. Mom brain is a real phenomenon and I’ve been relying on planners. Life’s messy and fast and unpredictable, but with a great planner, it’s all a whole lot more manageable, ya dig? I love how clean the design of this one is, plus you get 17 months of planning out of it!

Riley 17-Month Planner, $26

A soothing as h*ll candle.

Do I even need to explain? I have candles tucked in almost every room of our home. There’s something that makes me feel fancy just for lighting one which reminds me to take a deep breath and chill out. Candles are just one of life’s simplicities that bring me oh-so much joy. This one is pure HEAVEN in a jar, and it super stylish, too.

Meditation Ceramic Candle in Palo Santo, $42

  1. A mug that speaks truth.

I’ve got a pretty awesome mug collection and something tells me that you might, too. Who cares that they don’t all match, they each make me smile for different reasons. One rule at our house? Coffee first, always. This adorable mug is the perfect adornment for any girl boss’s desk, and it’s a good reminder that you’re a babe, babe.

Babe Light Pink 11 oz Mug, $8

  1. A pretty place to log all the feels.

What would it look like to journal some gratitude every day? Even just one line a day to write down how your day went or what happened or how you were feeling? Journaling is such a great way to protect your memories and figure out your feelings. Truly, I think it’s such an underrated hobby, so let’s bring it back with these gorgeous journals.

Daily Planner Journal, $24

  1. Quick and healthy meals that taste GOOD.

Ummm.. yeah, food is my love language. When we had Conley, a friend sent me a box of these and it changed the game (and my appetite for healthy lunches like crazy!) I love me a Daily Harvest smoothie and harvest bowl. For busy ladies on the go, they’re the perfect meal that’ll fill you up fast, plus all the flavors taste seriously incredible.

Daily Harvest, prices vary – Get your first 3 cups free with code GOALDIGGER

  1. PJs to feel cute and cozy in after a long day.

If you’re like me, you might do your best work in PJs… just saying. I’m notorious for logging a few days each month where I work from bed (maybe not the most efficient but definitely the most comfortable!) This nightie is impossibly soft and comfy, to the point where you might be tempted to wear it out and about (because it’s stylin’, too!). Save it for a cozy night at home after a long day.

Aerie Real Soft Nightie, $30

  1. A pretty necklace reminder.

Shameless plug alert, this is the perfect gift for someone you love in your world (or hey, it’s a great reminder for YOU.) Y’all have loved these “I Am Enough” necklaces and sold them out many a time in the past, but they’re back and I hope they bring you a solid dose of reminders that you are capable, worthy, and ENOUGH. Always.

I Am Enough Limited Edition Necklace, $24

That’s it! All kinds of inspo and ideas to gift the boss ladies in your life, whether it’s a special occasion or a regular day that needs a little extra boost. Enjoy loving on your girlfriends with these fun and fabulous gifts!


Looking for more ideas to add to the girl boss gift guide?

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