5 Ways to Reset When You're in a Funk with Katie Den Ouden

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5 Ways to Reset When You’re In a Funk

Jenna Kutcher 

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“You have to do the work to realize you always have the choice- you have the freedom and permission to live your life differently, to design your life.”

WARNING! NEW YEAR APPROACHING! With 2018 and the season of resolutions right around the corner, this episode could not come at a more perfect time. In this episode, I chat with “reset” guru, Katie Den Ouden, and we discuss on how to get a “fresh start” on nearly ANYTHING that’s holding you back: from nutrition to business and all the way to relationships, we are touching it all!

The best part? Not only are we discussing these heavy-hitting topics, we are are giving you tangible tips to TAKE CONTROL of them. If you are feeling complacent in your nutrition, your work, or your relationships, this episode was tailor-made for you.

If you are looking to make 2018 your best year yet,  join us as we discuss how to take a step back and tangibly reset everything from your diet to your business plan. If you’re looking to lose weight, optimize your mindset, supercharge your business (…or ALL of the above!), you cannot miss this episode!


I get it, you may be thinking “well, Jenna, I can’t control everything that life throws at me”, and that’s SO true. But you can control your reaction to it. If you are unhappy, you have to do something about it. The saying “only dead fish go along with the flow” is so accurate here. If your job is weighing you, quit. If a relationship is draining you, say something. If you are depressed or anxious, seek help. My point here is that everyone in this world has their baggage, but you don’t have to carry it around all day, every day. Love yourself enough to set the weight down.


It’s hard to admit that something may not be serving you anymore. Whether it is a relationship, a job, a circumstance– sometimes you need to step away.  Katie talked about how her moving to Colorado from Iowa was that “step away” for her. But that’s not the only way to “get away” from a draining situation. Your space may geographical or it could mean emotionally or physically– but in whatever way feels right, you have to get your space. Only when you disconnect from a negative situation can you truly tune into your internal voice, wants and needs. I truly get it– this step is MUCH easier said than done, but I urge you to create space from the parts of your life that drain you.


What exactly does “change your average” mean? Well, well, well Katie blew my mind with this one! Often times, we are the average of what we surround ourselves with. Katie focused specifically on people– we often emulate the average of the people we spend the most time with. Knowing this can help you at certain times– if you are feeling complacent, surround yourself with driven, uplifting people. If you are feeling perfectionist and overwhelmed, surround yourself with people that are calm and present. This goes for just about everything in your life– if you want to be something, have something, do something– surround yourself with that!


I hate to say it, but these shownotes only scratch the surface of the magic within this episode! To hear more specifics on how you can reset yourself out of a funk, tune in!  (PSSST: You cannot miss Katie’s tip on the ONE thing you can do starting TODAY to reset your health, reset your business, and reset your circumstances within the episode! So helpful it’s insane)

If you feel like you’ve been complacent in your lifestyle- it’s time to “reset”. To take a step back and get a fresh start.

Because sometimes, you have to step away to step forward.

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    This was awesome!!!


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