How to Find Your Secret Sauce and Stand Out in a Crowd

December 20, 2017


Question for you: What makes YOU different? Chances are you might stammer or need to collect your thoughts before you answer this…

Which is EXACTLY why I created today’s episode (and BONUS quiz!) “How To Find Your Secret Sauce and Stick Out From The Masses”! That’s right, this topic is so important to me (and your business!) that I dedicated a quiz AND an episode solely to helping you find your niche and OWN it!

I cannot wait to give YOU my top tips to ensure that you are felt noticed, heard…. And hired!


Recently my sister and I were in NYC and we passed a cafe that had the sign “Best Chai in New York” and we were like WHOA, the BEST? now we want it. Now the important thing to notice is that they did not claim to be the best “latte and chai and muffin and iced tea and pastries and ALL THE THINGS.” They are a perfect example because they found their niche and nailed it.

And you need to do this with your business! Find your style, specialty, calling, and OWN it. People who like it will come. And the people that don’t like it, won’t (Pssst: that’s a GOOD thing!) Finding your “thing” gives you the opportunity to grow your tribe with the RIGHT people because your specialty is clear. It creates a connection, clear expectations, and a unique facet to build off of.

Even if you are in a saturated field, you have to do it differently. You don’t have to rewrite the rulebook, but you have to find your “chai tea” and own it. And truly trust that you are offering something no one else can (because you are)!


As a wedding photographer, I wanted to be the one that was more than a wedding photographer. My goal was to be the photographer that ensured grandma got the best seat in the house, to stitch up your dress if it ripped, to make sure the groom ate and that the bride felt calm and had FUN. at the end of the night, I wanted to be a FRIEND. Not only does create a genuine connection, but it is playing to my strengths!
With projects, drop the title, and bring YOU to your work.

Not only does this make your work more fulfilling, this will make you stick out– little interactions make a BIG difference in someone’s perception of you. Don’t limit yourself to your “title” you are more than a photographer, artist, creator– be a human– go above and beyond and aim to SERVE, CONNECT, and BE JOYFUL in your work…  your clients will notice, trust me!


We have allllll been there- dealing with a business that didn’t communicate fully up front or left us guessing… and it’s no fun! Communicating thoroughly and with personality is a surefire way to stick out because it ensures that people feel heard and valued.

Communication can have a major impact on how your clients feel about their experience with you, and subsequently, you won’t blend into the masses. Now, this does not mean you have to write a personalized novel for every client- it means setting clear expectations, consistency, and quick responses with a few personal details scattered in! Believe it or not, you can be professional and friendly in emails, and your clients WILL take notice, I promise!


You all know I am a branding FREAK, but for good reason! Branding is your chance to advertise your “chai tea” to the masses! Here are my top ways to stick out in regards to branding.

Be Consistent: Use consistent fonts, colors, messages on all your platforms. This creates a cohesive brand and comes across as professional, reliable, and paints a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.

Be Honest: I am a girl that built her brand around yoga pants and mac and cheese and puppies… You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not! It’s memorable, it’s real, and it keeps you in people’s minds.

Be Intentional: Before you post ANYTHING, ask yourself, “Does this appeal to my ideal client?”. Remember, this is the ONLY person you should care about sticking out to! Make everything about your brand cater to that specific demographic and ensure that you will “stick out from the masses” to the RIGHT people


I don’t care if you are THE BEST in your field, if your clients are left waiting, it will sour the experience. When I first started my wedding photography business, I was actually a BRIDE, and I could totally relate to my inquiries in terms of promptness, organization, and timeliness of vendors. Having first-hand experience with this showed me just how important timeliness is.

Whatever your field is, be diligent about timeliness! From how long it will take for them to receive your product, what the process looks like, what they can expect and when, and if something happens that delays the delivery of your product be upfront and apologize! Timeliness, timeliness, timeliness! You can be the best stinkin’ person in your field, but if you’re not prompt, it will undoubtedly cheapen the experience.


Many people raise the white flag in their business and sum it up with “it’s just too saturated” and that is NOT TRUE… you just have to take the right steps to make sure YOU are the one people remember. You absolute MUST believe that a  saturated market does not imply an end. There will always be a group of people to serve- an untapped market, and all you have to do is find your place in the market and run with it. We have to face the facts, nearly every industry is SATURATED these days, and if you dig into the advice in this post, the quiz, and this episode,

I can ensure that you will feel noticed, heard…. And hired

What Is Your Secret Sauce?! TAKE THE QUIZ HERE // Hungry For More Game Changing Content?

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    I would love to take the secret sauce quiz, but it isn’t working for me. It only takes me to a page that says 1/10 but nothing else is on the page.

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