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10 Random Things I Can’t Live Without This Summer

Jenna Kutcher 

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Do you ever peek at your Amazon order report and just smile? Like you find the most random things on there, and you’re simultaneously amazed that you can get that shipped to your house in two days’ time? Yeah, me too. I won’t lie, there have been times when a package shows up on our porch and I’m not totally sure I know what’s inside until I open it. (I hope I’m not alone there!)

This summer I’ve been loving on a few products that really take the cake—some trusty classics and some brand-new ones that I can’t live without! So here’s a random recap of the things that you’d find if you came on over to my house for a spicy marg (virgin for mama-to-be over here!) or we packed our suitcases for a little getaway!

10 random things I’m loving this summer

Dive on in (get it?) to some of my favorite summer products right now! I have a feeling your Amazon cart might have a few new additions. 😉

1. This Face Sunscreen:

One of my friends told me about this, and I got both the Super Goop Unseen Sunscreen for face and the spray! I’ve been a huge fan of the Beautycounter sunscreen for years, but what I love about the “Unseen” is that it’s the consistency of a clear aloe and smooths on your face super easily without any mess or weird white cast! It’s weightless, scentless, and clean!

Even Drew has been using it, plus it acts as a primer under your makeup without throwing off your skin oil. I’m really impressed with it and keep it in my makeup bag so it’s just become a natural part of my 5-minute getting ready routine!

2. Audible:

Okay, hear me out. I know it’s no surprise people love Audible! A fun fact about me is that I just can not read a book unless it’s for fun. I mean, give me “The Silent Patient” or “The Next Wife” any day of the week, but hand me a personal development or business book and I just can’t do it. But something changed a few years ago. I made the decision to keep reading “just fun” books for me, but I’ve found myself missing a lot of the incredible information and education that other books offer.

Lately, I’ve been using Audible for those sorts of books, and I just digest a bit at a time. If we’re driving to the lake and Coco’s watching a movie in the back or I’m on a quick bike ride or a little walk, I’ll listen to a bit of an audiobook! It’s been a perfect balance, protecting my insatiable desire to keep reading lighthearted and fun, while still getting the goodness that more educational books hold!

3. This Clarifying Serum:

I made it through the first four months of pregnancy without a major breakout, and then slowly, the hormonal acne started to show its face. When I was pregnant with Coco, my skin was the worst it’s ever been. My melasma was raging (mama did not wear sunscreen or hats religiously like she does now). And my chin and neck were so broken out and raw.

This time around, I’ve been super focused on supporting my skin through pregnancy, and I’m so thankful these serums came out (post-Coco, of course) because I swear this one has saved my skin! You only need a few drops at a time, so even the small bottle lasts forever and has helped keep my breakouts at bay.

4. This Bikini (Top here, bottom here):

I always laugh when I get together with my sister because we generally have a similar style, but we seem to always opt for a different color palette. So when we both showed up at my parents’ house with the same swimsuit just in different colors, I smiled.

You know I’ve been obsessed with Aerie for years upon years, and the high-waisted bottoms are so, so incredible and flattering on all body types (even pregnant ones!). Even my sister-in-law had a pair of the same cut bottoms! While we all have different body shapes, we all loved these bottoms. I also love that most of their tops are adjustable with different straps so you can tailor the support to what you need to feel free to move in your suit!

5. This Blowdry Brush: 

This has been one of my BEST purchases in the last year. My hair is naturally very curly, and since it’s super fine, it all clumps together. I’m pretty sure I could have dreadlocks in a matter of days if I didn’t use this thing. I was leery at first because I had flashbacks to my grandma’s curing iron contraption as a kid, but this tool takes my curly hair and dries it silky smooth, making it feel like I got a blowout that can last for a few days!

I generally let my hair air dry until it’s almost dry, and then it takes me less than 10 minutes to brush through it and dry it with this tool. It makes my hair manageable without damaging it! I 10/10 recommend it, and it’s totally worth the price point if you’re drying and curling your hair because it eliminates a step and works so fast!

6. These Smoothies:

Confession: I’m usually not a big breakfast eater. Most days I can just get by with an oat milk latte… but not when I’m pregnant! Smoothies have become a part of our routine, and the best part is that Coco loves them too! We usually add in some chia seeds and flax seeds, sometimes a little MCT oil, and collagen protein—but dang, these are good, and filling!

My favorites are the chocolate hazelnut and the tart cherry and raspberry! They are also incredible to have on hand for busy mornings and were a postpartum staple to get in those calories with little to no prep! Coco also loves their pesto bowls, and it’s an awesome way to get in whole foods that taste delicious! P.S. If you use this link, you can save $25 on your first order!

7. This Bluetooth Speaker:

Full disclosure, we loved this so much we bought a second one! I love that they are tiny and have a little strap so you can secure it to just about anything. We hang it on the shower rod when we’re taking a shower, attach it to the stroller when we’re out for walks, bring it out to the garage with us, and toss it in a bag if we’re heading on a picnic or hike. We love music and so this little speaker goes wherever we go! It’s super easy to connect with Bluetooth, and the battery life on it is impressive! I mean, even if we are cranking a little more “Wheels on the Bus” these days, this trusty speaker is our pick!

8. This Body OilSelf Tanner Combo: 

I was able to avoid stretch marks for 97% of Coco’s pregnancy (thank you genetics!), and right at the end they snuck up as she dropped. While the jury is out on whether lubing up your belly will help prevent stretch marks, it definitely helps as your skin stretches to make room for life. This body oil is my favorite (for everywhere, not just my belly), and I toss in a few drops of this natural self-tanning oil that I LOVE.

It gives me an overall glowy, moisturized look and smells amazing! This duo is a must-have for summer, and it’s all-natural, so you can slather it on without regrets!

9. These Eye Masks:

We’re freaks about sleep and since Coco started sleeping through the night a year ago, our evening routine has only gotten better! (We’re in for a rude awakening when baby comes!) We go to bed around 9:30 every night, no screens in our bedroom, and we leave these little eye masks on our nightstands for when the sun starts poking into our room!

At the lake, we have tons of windows looking out to the lake (our favorite!) but it means that the summer sunshine can wake us up a bit too early. These Amazon eye masks are the best for blacking out any room and helping you catch a few more Zzzzz’s! Plus, they are way cheaper than black-out shades and perfect for travel.

10. This Black-Out Tent for Babies:

When I saw this invention on Shark Tank I pulled out my credit card. This has hands-down been one of our best purchases we’ve ever made when it comes to Coco. It’s a little tent that fits over any pack and play to create a black-out environment wherever you are.

I know it feels over the top, but with travel picking back up and spending time in places where we are sharing a room with her or where it’s impossible to make a space as dark as her nursery, it has been a lifesaver and a game-changer. I only wish we had bought it sooner! It takes just a few minutes to set up, too. It’s legit the size of a shoebox when packed, and it has a pocket for a monitor so you can keep an eye on your babe. She honestly loves it, and it’s been key to keeping her sleep consistent no matter where we are!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me your summer favorites!

Welp, that’s about as random as it gets! My recent orders on Amazon and beyond have been bringing me so much joy this summer, from Bluetooth speakers to sunless tanning drops. But something tells me your order history is equally eclectic! Have any favorites that you can’t live without these days? Post them in a comment below, I’d love to check out what’s on your list!

You can always get 10% off my fav natural skincare!

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  1. Veronica says:

    I discovered Supergoop POOF this summer – it’s a mineral powder sunscreen for your scalp!! While I try to wear a hat outside when we hike, etc, that’s kind of a no go when shooting weddings during the summer. It’s made a huge difference for me!


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