096: Publishing a Book and Fueling Yourself as an Entrepreneur


How YOU Can Eat Your Way To Business Success (Pssst: It’s Not About Calories)

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OOOOH, Goal Diggers, this episode is GOLD. I am so happy you decided to tune in to get the scoop on how you can fuel your business- from the inside out!

The name of the game is food, and today we are talking ALL about how what you put in your tank can make or break your energy, your stamina, your mood, and…. you guessed it, your work!

Calories are not the topic here, folks- We are teaming in with Sarah Adler, author of Simply Real Health Cookbook, to discuss how the timing, quality, and methods of eating that will keep you alert, healthy, and productive!  Ready to feel Empowered, not guilty? Wanting to fuel your fire! Press play, baby! 


First things first, let’s discuss cookbooks. Sarah’s cookbook is absolutely incredible (I have been using it SO much since going gluten-free in my diet!), and I needed to hear the back story! Sarah filled us in on publishing a book and said that she actually self-published, and gave us SUCH amazing insight into this process.  As creatives, self-publishing is the only way to ensure that our work is what we want. Her biggest advice was to not doubt or wait- just go for it and figure it out along the way.

Her pillars for success were to look at her project from every angle, get feedback along the way, and mostly to build a “journey” for followers. What did she mean by this? Announce the book early (the added accountability is a bonus!) and give sneak peeks, previews, and tidbits along the way that will keep your tribe wanting more! This paragraph is just scratching the surface, so you’ll have to tune in for an absolutely candid and brilliant peek at what it looks like to publish for yourself!


The biggest takeaway is that eating healthy is an evolution. It isn’t easy from the get go, but it is SO worth it. Sarah says, “It has to become a value… you have to value yourself enough to make food a priority”. Not ready to take the plunge? Don’t worry! Her biggest action tip is to be aware of how food makes you feel. She told us that, “The high energy you feel when you eat well should be your normal” because food is “seriously a magical source of power”

Be alert after you eat– what is your stomach like? Your energy? Your mood, your skin? Start noticing the small differences and you can cater your food choices to to match! It is both scary and inspiring to realize “You don’t realize how bad you felt until you start feeling better”!


Leave the nitty gritty nutrition facts to the experts, and look at the basics. Adler tells us to lay out three categories.
1) Real food: existed forever, one ingredient, naturally occurring.
2) Processed and not hiding it: the classic “guilty pleasures”! Think gas station food, comfort food, junk food. There’s no hiding it’s bad for ya.
And lastly, the third category. This is where more people get confused.
3) Processed “health” food: It truly is a category 2, but it is marketed to you as being healthy. These are absolutely everywhere and so tricky!

Adler’s biggest advice is to approach eating and label reading as a “lifelong learner” and slowly grasp a philosophy of food that never changes: health food you understand, recognize, and actually enjoy eating.“The best way to think about it… just eat real food… good quality ingredients”. This “end goal” is that you can eat out anywhere, go anywhere and not worry about what you’re eating- because you know the basics of quality food. “If you start with this one little shift- the journey unfolds…”


What do I mean by this? Think of food with your entrepreneur brain! What is most efficient in regards to nutrition? Do you want to fuel properly or in a way that makes you feel sluggish? What is the most nutrients for the dollar? Think big, think small, but look at your food from a productivity standpoint! Invest in this, skip that. Enjoy the process of investing in the food you put into your body, just like you invest in you biz! It’s not about being perfect or rigid, but about upgrading the quality of your life by upgrading the quality of your food!


  • Think of food as “energy boosting” or “energy draining”. Choose wisely!
  • Per bite, be efficient. Get the most quality nutrients you can per meal or snack! 
  • Journal how you feel. Being aware of how your food choices impact you is the FIRST step to a healthy eating relationship.
  • Look at labels. Learn and be aware of what goes into your tank! The main question: Can my body break this down?
  • Learning yourself a little bit better. How does food make you feel? Think? What about your mood? Skin? Food effects ALL of things! Start being aware!

Simply Real Cookbook // Pinterest Guide // Goal Digger Facebook Group!

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  1. Nikki says:

    Thank you so much for all this amazing information! you are very encouraging and inspiring and I am grateful for you!


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