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Steal My Best Tips for Facebook Groups That Turn Followers into a Community

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Alright, friends. The name of the game is Facebook groups this week. I truly cannot tell you just how important these groups are for any business. The truth is, Facebook Groups attract the right people and provide you a consolidated place to reach your best, most genuine clients and followers. And lucky for you, we are covering A to Z of Facebook groups: how to start, how to define them, how to create community, productivity, and how to really get the most out of this unique facet of social media.


Treat members like insiders. Make it special, make unique, and make it a place to draw people in! In our groups, we make sure to give them special treatment. Ask for their input, their feedback, ensure get first dibs on freebies! Treat them as the VIPS because they are investing in you by being in their group. It also goes a long way to make your group easy to navigate and join with a clear purpose to the group. My favorite tactic to do this is to create a “pin” at the top that outlines the group and how to make the most of it!


People often ask me how I make groups full of connection, passion, and advice, and my response is pretty simple, “make it the culture”. Tell people to lean on each other, ask them to ask each other, create chances for them to converse. The online world can be cold, but you can create such meaningful relationships if you foster them! My biggest goal is to have them “lean on each other, form a community, foster a team, and engage in conversation.”


Guys, this. is. so. important. The people within your groups are your people – they are most likely your ideal client. They are investing in you, seeking you out, and joining you. Sooooo what better people to ask than them! Poll them, ask for feedback, recommendations! Look for common concerns, hiccups, or questions. If one person thinks it, chances are many do! Not only do they feel heard, but the things you will learn about your audience are outstanding!


I chatted about this at length in Amy Porterfield’s episode (linked below!), but there is nothing more raw or intimate than showing up on live video to your followers. It allows your group members to see the real you, create trust, and consider you a “friend”. Which is absolutely crucial in creating a healthy group environment. You are the head of your group so by showing up, being authentic, and embracing vulnerability, they will do the same!

Consider Help

Okay, okay, so Facebook groups aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. They can also be a huge distraction and time suck which is why I made it a priority to hire someone to pop in, organize questions, and problem solves tech issues. Facebook groups are soooo important, but if they are stealing your precious time you need to make adjustments! This can be a very part-time gig for someone that will free up a lot of mental space for you! Woo!

Facebook groups are the movement, y’all. There are very few free, accessible ways that allow you to leverage your business, create community, and harvest genuine conversation like this… I hope this episode inspires you to reach the right people, learn your tribe intimately, and create a true community.

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  1. Ruby Curran says:

    I hear FB is planning to put group notifications in a separate feed. How do you/will you keep your group in front of your members?


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