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You Are Worthy

Jenna Kutcher 

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I posted this to Facebook the other night and the response was insane. Before I ever share a client’s boudoir photos, I ask them if they are comfortable with it being shared. I asked her if I could post this photo of her because it’s beautiful, filled with joy, and something that so many women need to see. If there is one thing I have learned about women, it’s that we struggle with the skin we are in. We don’t feel worthy of treating yourself (I am the worst, I feel guilty getting a manicure) and we keep telling ourselves that “when” we reach a certain point/weight/milestone/raise, then we will be enough. Today as I edited one of my favorite boudoir sessions to date, I am fascinated by the beauty that is so individualized, so imperfectly perfect. This beautiful woman booked this session to celebrate some major milestones: 40 years of living, 10 years of marriage, 2 kids, and a new acceptance of the skin that has gotten her through all of the amazing things life has thrown her way. She brought the bra that she wore on her honeymoon, a tank that matched the one he met her in, and pieces that told her story. It’s funny how we fixate on our flaws: the dimples in our thighs, the extra skin on our arms, the extra chin that happens when we smile… I’m guilty, chances are, you are too.

As we chatted, I fell in love with her train of thought: her session wasn’t to sexualize her body or prove she is sexy, it was to feel confident in her skin, to remember this stage of her life where she is simply happy, to have keepsakes to share with her family, to inspire her daughter to embrace the body she’s been given, to make a proclamation that you might never lose those last ten pounds or have the perfect abs and that is okay. You are worthy of beautiful photographs, your body is perfect just the way it is, stop waiting for the perfect circumstances, stop promising yourself “someday” and start remembering that worth isn’t tied up in a dress size or number on a scale. I’m begging you, love the skin you’re in. What a beautiful testament to life, love, and the pursuit of true happiness.





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  1. Kate says:

    This is beautiful.


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