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June 15, 2015



Nice was in the middle of our trip! We had two nights and one full day (with the other two being train days!) We stopped in Nice in between Cinque Terre, Italy and Paris, France! Our time there was short but it was definitely a needed resting point for us on our tour. We used our time in Nice to read, relax, enjoy the beach, and practice our French (well, at least I was trying to!) I don’t have a whole lot to say about Nice because I feel like we didn’t do anything too touristy and didn’t have any “must see” places to visit while we were there. It was nice to have a city that was entirely unknown for us and a place where we didn’t feel like we needed to check places off of our list and run around to cram it all in! We definitely enjoyed the beach, on our full day we grabbed some food from the local grocer and then rented beach chairs and an umbrella for the day! We were at the beach all day, enjoyed a few Corona’s under our umbrella, and caught some serious rays (you should have seen my tan lines from the ties on my swimsuit, super sexy.) Below are my tips and tricks for the city, just get out and explore, and if you need a day or two to relax and catch up, take them!

Things we did:

  • Read a book on the rooftop by the pool.
  • Sat on the rocky beach and watched the sun go down.
  • Walk through the different parts of town and the beach strip.
  • Ate, ate, and ate some more delicious French food!
  • Visited the grocery store and enjoyed some fresh produce.
  • Spent the day at the beach in rented beach chairs!
  • Kate enjoyed a few runs on the boardwalk.
  • Ate at Le Lodge, it was delicious and we got all kinds of free drinks!
  • Rested, relaxed, and enjoyed the beachy views.


Tips and Tricks:

–      The train station isn’t far from downtown so we walked the half mile with our suitcases and loved seeing the city right away!

–       Our place was a little apartment right across from the sea. There were ocean views from the balcony! It was a perfect spot to stay!

–       We loved the food in Nice! After eating so much bread and pasta (hello, carbs) in Italy, it was refreshing to get a burger and steak.

–        Rent beach chairs, get there early if you want front row seats. We spent 50 Euros to have three chairs and an umbrella but it was worth it.

–        The chairs were worth it because the beach was purely rocky, as in large rocks, as in not comfortable to lay on! 

–        Visit a local market, it was so fun to see their grocery stores and we picked up delicious fresh fruit to bring back with us!

–       If we would have stayed one more day, we would have really used the rooftop pool at our Airbnb!

–       Nice was kind of a resting/beach stop for us, we didn’t really indulge in the touristy stuff and just used it as a time to rejuvenate!

–       Nice was nice!







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  1. Caitlin says:

    Love all of the photos from your trip so far! 🙂 would you mind posting the link to your airbnb? I’m going to nice in September and your place sounds perfect.

    Thanks! !


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