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January 28, 2015



If you’ve been following for awhile, you may notice a trend! The Kutcher’s flee the country come February every year. (This year we made an extra early getaway to Vegas for a weekend in January, too! Pictured above!) It’s our sixth time getting out of the bitter cold and heading to the tropics in order to spend a week together relaxing in the sun, hand in hand, with a drink or four! Listen, I realize we don’t have children (yet, by choice) and I get that traveling is a luxury but we truly plan and prepare to enjoy some time away together every winter! We block this week off every year, neither of us book anything and we know that this is our week to flee. When we started dating, I told Drew that traveling was a priority in my life whether it be a luxurious vacation or a cheap Mexico getaway. There is something so amazing in having a trip to look forward to and I knew that I needed to commit to something that we would stick to. Part of the promises we made when we got together was to keep exploring, keep being adventurers and boy, have we kept up with that promise. 

We have managed to keep up with our “fleeing for February” tradition and have successfully celebrated Drew’s birthday in 5 different countries over the years, watched the Super Bowl in 2 different languages, and met the locals from Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cozumel, and now St. Lucia. While it sounds just like a little getaway it’s so much more. As an entrepreneur and one who is wildly driven, I never, ever stop. I am always going and hustling and dreaming and chasing and I never, ever take a day off. It’s my choice, I am happiest when I am working on my couch (seriously, happy place) but being in another country where text messages don’t work and the wifi is spotty at best, I am forced to slow it on down. It’s a time to disconnect, reconnect, read, sleep, eat, relax, and decompress. We are both busy bodies, we are happiest working, we love to hustle and we never stop pushing towards the life we want. Vacation is the perfect excuse to lose the alarm clock, to shut the phone off, to have a drink at 10AM and to dip our toes in the sand.

My challenge for you: whether you are single or married, engaged or dating, make adventures a priority. Whether it’s driving an hour to try out a new hiking trail or crossing the Caribbean islands off of your list one by one (ahem, us.) I want you to get out and see the world, to unplug your phone, make memories you don’t share on Instagram, and have a fruity drink at 10AM just because you can. I pray we keep this tradition in any way shape or form throughout our years and I can’t wait to plant my tush in a chair and feel the sun on my face! You know those Sandal’s commercials you keep seeing? Just put our faces on the actors because that’s where we are off to this time! Don’t worry, things around here will be hopping like usual, I just will be scheduling it all out before I leave. See you on the other side, hopefully I am more relaxed, a little more tan, and filled with wanderlust!




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  1. Betsy Kallestad Asher says:

    Wonderful attitude! Enjoy!


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