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January 30, 2015



As we have been preparing for our annual tropical, no work getaway, I’ve been teaming up with some incredible brands to make this vaca extra stylish and awesome! I have been super lucky to represent some of my favorite brands and have been enjoying teaming up with them to showcase their amazing goods and items. So, today I am showing you a peek into my (unpacked) suitcase and I’m sure this won’t be the only time you’ll hear me talk about this stuff (because seriously, it is just so good.)

1.) Travel bags: Okay, I have never been one to invest in good luggage. With how frequent I am traveling, it seem ed so silly to splurge on bags that just get beat up every time they come around the carousel. (This is also coming from the girl who has had bags come back duct taped together, since I clearly overpack… oops!) I am so, so excited to be teaming up with Herschel Supply Co. and I am obsessing over the carry on duffel bag and the work messenger bag they sent. Don’t worry, I won’t be bringing the work with me, but I’m not certain I can leave this cute bag behind. I may have finally been converted into quality luggage, because this stuff is just too stylish.

2.) Robes to live in: not only am I obsessed with floral patterns, I am smitten with these amazing robes from Plum Pretty Sugar. I have visions of me sipping my morning mimosa on our balcony in this number and I am super stoked to be partnering with them because their robes and sleepwear are stylish and comfy (ahem, brides, these would be adorable to get ready in!) After a long day in the sun and an aloe vera application, you better believe I’ll be wrapping one of these around my body and calling it a day! Hooray!

3.) Work Out Gear: I work out every single morning of the week. It’s part of my routine and it’s generally the only human interaction I get beyond seeing Drew. When we travel, we still keep up with our work outs because we have ample time to get in a run and after all the pina coladas and buffet meals, we need to get moving a bit. This workout gear from Lorna Jane will be coming with me and I am so excited to have some new yoga pants! You know me, I live in them and finding some that fit my big booty is a challenge, these are the perfect fit and I am stoked to sweat in them in the St. Lucia sun! You guys, I am a yoga pants enthusiast and lordy, these ones are seriously amazing. Like good luck getting them off of me, good.

4.) Time? Who needs the time on vacation? I do, if it means I get to wear my Daniel Wellington timepiece. I am obsessed with this classic watch in rose gold and I pretty much don’t go a day without it. It’s always 5 ‘o clock somewhere and I’ll be living that way on vacation, I’ll just have a pretty watch to go along with my pina colada! Yahoo.

5.) Dressed Up: I don’t know if you saw on my Instagram last week but thanks to Show Me Your Mumu, I was inducted into the hipster hat club! Of course you have to have a few fabulous dresses for dinner at the resort. Show Me Your Mumu sent me some of my all time favorite pieces and I can’t wait to dress up in their clothes and sip cocktails and dine on delicious eats. From the beautiful cotton maxi to the fun peek a boo dress combo, I am super excited to wear these all over the resort. (Will anyone notice if I wear them more than once? Say no!) You have to check out their boho style, it’s pretty much got my name written all over it.

6.) Loading up the Kindle: Before we head out I’m loading a book (or four) on my trusty Kindle and I am digging in while away. I always forget how much I love reading until I get hooked in a good read! Special thanks to my followers for awesome suggestions on books to purchase! I’ll let you know my faves!

7.) Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis (and cover ups!): Ever since I was younger, I’ve been obsessed with swimsuits. I don’t know what it is but I truly believe you can never have too many. I literally have a tote filled with swim wear and I have The Bikini Lab from House of Swim to thank for adding some adorable bikinis to my collection. I also have them to thank for getting my rear in gear for this trip after I had to go through the daunting process of trying on their suits (trying on bikinis might be the worst thing in the world, thank God these are SO cute.) They also sent adorable cover ups that I just might live in (and I may have slept in them a few times already, hello stretchy cotton!)

8.) Darling Magazine: It’s so much more than a magazine, it’s pretty much a short book filled with inspiration, un-retouched photos of real, inspiring women, and amazing articles paired with top notch photography. Basically it’s heaven in the form of a publication and this beauty is coming onto the beaches with me! Grab a copy of Darling Magazine and you’ll see just what I’m talking about!

9.) Wristwear that does good: The Shine Project has been a long time inspiration to me! Ashley, the founder, has a heart for employing inner city youth and these beautiful bracelets (including one engraved with our anniversary) are coming with me to throw an arm party while we are away! I am so thankful to support such an amazing cause and all I can think about is adding more to this stack!

There you have it, these are the things I can’t imagine leaving with out! Paired with a bit of sunscreen and an endless margarita, our bags are (almost) packed and we are ready to go! Don’t worry, things will still be happening here and I have some super exciting features happening next week. Don’t miss me too much, I’ll be updating my Instagram with sunny photos, so hop on and follow @jennakutcher if you want to pretend you are next to me on the beaches of St. Lucia! Until next time!









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  1. Elise says:

    I didn’t know you liked Lorna Jane and could get her stuff over there! She’s Aussie! 🙂


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