What is a Webinar Training? (And What to Expect)

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February 20, 2020


So, your favorite online educator (or some random human that you found via a Facebook ad) is hosting a webinar and you’re intrigued. You know this person knows their stuff, but what is a webinar training really, and how do you know if it’s right for you to sign up and show up? You may also see webinars being called by a few other names in the online space: masterclasses, live trainings, livecasts, webcasts and beyond.

The important thing is that they’re usually free and they offer some kind of tangible takeaway to attendees. I’ve hosted dozens and dozens of webinars over the years to provide FREE value to current, past, and future students of mine. The whole point is to get people quick wins, to demonstrate that I know what the heck I’m talkin’ about, and to ultimately show what is possible if you choose to go all-in with one of my offers, usually a paid course or program.

It’s a really wonderful tool for educators and students alike because really good webinars give the educators credibility that they’re trustworthy and knowledgable, and the students can figure out if they like the teaching style and materials in a bite-sized way. I personally love watching webinars because I get to learn something new and watch someone sell their product. Call me a nerd, but I sign up and attend just out of curiosity! Now, webinars have been an integral part of launching self-education programs for years, and it’s for good reason!

Webinars set the tone for what’s to come. They are the runway for the bigger, deeper dives that are courses, masterminds, memberships, and other self-education resources and programs. And they are a wildly useful way for you to get your toes wet and implement something small in your life or business before digging into the whole enchilada, aka the educator’s paid offerings.

So whether you’re a webinar newbie or a regular frequenter of online education, let’s chat about how to get the MOST out of a webinar. How to come prepared, what to be aware of, and how to make the most of the training experience. Let’s get into it!

How to make the most of a webinar:

01. Research the educator.

So maybe you love webinars and dig this process of essentially sampling what someone has to offer before fully investing your time and money into their product or service. Or maybe you’re considering signing up for your first webinar and have no clue what you’re getting into. Regardless, it’s always best to do a little behind-the-scenes, good ol’ internet stalking before taking your seat.

Why? Well, because as much as I LOVE digital education (and I do adore it wholly), sadly not every single product and service out there is actually worth your money. Now, I purposely surround myself with stellar, smart, savvy people who know their stuff, but when I hear about a new program or educator on the block, my ears always go up and I make sure to look into what they’re all about before committing an hour of my time for a webinar to them.

Of course, webinars are commonly free, so if you’re unsure about someone or can’t find out much about them but are interested in the training, then you might as well sit in and see what it’s all about. If nothing else, you’ll see if their advice is actionable and worth your while, and you’ll get a feel for if you like their teaching style!

02. Show up prepared.

I know it’s tempting to skip the training and hope for some sort of a replay or something, but a lot of times you simply need to prove to yourself that you’re worthy of that date, that investment of time, to move you closer to your dreams.  Just like with any kind of learning experience, you get what you put into the experience. If you show up to a webinar with 42 tabs open on your browser and Instagram pulled up on your phone and one earbud in playing your favorite podcast, then odds are you won’t get a whole lot out of the experience.

Webinars are a GREAT time to see if you can take away something new and experience a small win from an expert in some area! If you’re putting aside the hour or two it takes to sit in on one, then you might as well fully commit your attention, right? Don’t just dip your toes — do a full-on cannonball! Bring something to take notes, close out any distractions, and really opt in to the experience.

03. Take advantage of the tips and tools.

So often, online educators WANT you to experience success by taking their webinar and running with the materials. They’ll offer up something tangible for you to improve your business or streamline your life in some way. And there’s often a roadmap they provide so you can get value immediately. Take these tools and RUN. Go with it, apply it, and see what kind of successes it reaps!

On top of that, take advantage of even the simplest of features, like the chatbox. Often educators have their team in the chat answering questions or providing support during webinars so that you can get any clarification you need as you go. Ask all the questions! Make friends with and cheer on the other viewers! Be that eager student!

Is a webinar worth it?

If you’re contemplating investing in something or you’re curious about who’s teaching what, you literally have nothing to lose by signing up and showing up. Getting free value and learning about what’s out there are the first two steps in the awareness of your dreams. I’ve joined plenty of programs after a killer webinar because I trusted the leader, I understood what they were promising, I believed they would deliver, and I trusted in myself to make a worthy investment!

Who knows, you could meet someone instrumental for your business in the chat or get even more out of the training materials than you imagined. My advice? Go all in and experience the training with an open mind and a posture of “what’s the harm in exploring?” This kind of approach will allow you to get the MOST out of a webinar, and maybe even take the next big step your business needs by taking your next education pursuit into your own hands.

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