The Top 10 Natural Beauty and Skincare Products I CAN’T Live Without

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September 24, 2020


Y’all know I could rave for days about my love of good-quality, non-toxic skincare and beauty products. I wasn’t always on this natural product-slingin’ bandwagon, but once we started paying more attention to what we used in our home and on our bodies, there was NO going back. Ya feel me?

The truth is this: Most big-name products on the shelves of your local drugstore are full of plain ol’ yuck ingredients. Harsh chemicals, mysterious fragrances, and hormone disruptors galore, oh my! After I did a clean sweep (literally) of my bathroom cabinet and makeup bag, I vowed to never go back to the mainstream, “traditional” products that served me for so long. After all, I don’t want to be putting things on my skin that I can’t even pronounce if I don’t know the depths of their side effects! Nope, nope, nope, nooo thank you, ma’am.

Over the past few years, it’s been my personal mission (and fun little science experiment) to try and test any natural skin & beauty goodies I could get my hands on. While some of them have been plain stinkers (#truth), I’ve found a solid collection of F A B U L O U S natural skincare products that I am committed to for life. Today? I’m sharing the top 10 on my counter that I am ob-sessed with and won’t be quitting anytime soon.

These are my everyday go-to natural beauty and skincare products—from cleansers and moisturizers to the best makeup goods— made with gentle, clean, AND effective ingredients (that won’t scare you). There’s enough crazy stuff going on in the world to keep you on your toes. Your skincare products shouldn’t add to it.

My top 10 favorite natural beauty & skincare products

01. This face cleansing oil

I’ve shared my obsession with this cleansing oil (head here for a tutorial on how to use it!). It’s SO GOOD. And it wipes away the day’s makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of natural oils and moisture. Plus, it smells like a spa. (Use code JK10 for 10% off!)

02. Natural deodorant

I know, I know, natural deodorant “just doesn’t work for you,” am I right? But I promise, this stuff WORKS. It’s the only natural deod I’ve found to work, as a matter of fact, and it keeps harsh chemicals away from a very sensitive area (aka, the lymph nodes in your armpits right by those tatas—we want to keep those SAFE). I love the charcoal one. Plus, check out this post for how to detox your armpits and make the seamless switch to natural deodorant! (Use code JK10 for 10% off!)

03. Everything spray

Whether you want a calming toner, something to soothe irritation, a fix for breakouts, or a cure-all for razor burn, this spray does, well, everything. (And smells like heaven, so… win-win.) I even use it to clean my makeup brushes! It’s so versatile, and I also love it for a quick face spritz as an afternoon pick-me-up. (Use code JK10 for 10% off!)

04. Baby balm

Is it cheating that I’m listing a baby item in my top 10 fav skincare products? While I DO use this for Coco’s sweet, sensitive skin, I also love it for myself (don’t tell her) as an eye cream and to treat any dry skin spots. It’s basically an item that lives in my nightstand for just about everything and I love that it doubles for mama and babe! Thanks for sharing, Coco! (Use code JK10 for 10% off!)

05. This tinted SPF moisturizer serum

OKAY, maybe this should’ve been #1 (but really, these go in no particular order—they’re all good in my book). This is a multitasking machine; it’s not only a moisturizer with SPF 40, but it’s also tinted for light coverage and to smooth and even out your skin tone. It smells a little funky but, don’t worry, that goes away quickly, and TBH, the smell is worth it.

06. CBD skin-soothing serum

This stuff, you guys… Even Drew can’t get enough of it and steals it from me all the time. What did we do before CBD?! While it’s mostly known for calming nerves, it’s also a fabulous skin ally. It smoothes, soothes, calms, and moisturizes the skin, and smells like a dang spa on your face. For any breakouts or irritation, this is what  I grab and it calms my skin and heals it fast. (Use code JK10 for 10% off!)

07. This brightening oil

I use this, especially when experiencing any discoloration or hormone-related melasma! When I went through pregnancy, my melasma got really bad (I also wasn’t great with sun protection!) It’s so calming and luxurious, and totally tackles funky spots with gentle, natural ingredients. Who’s skin doesn’t need a little brightening goodness?

08. The most amazing goat milk soap

This is another one that Coco and I share! It’s the best little bar of soap and we love it (and it’s all-natural ingredients!) She gets it in the bathtub, while I like to use it with my Clarisonic as a calming cleanser as I exfoliate my skin. If you’ve ever wanted to double cleanse your skin, this is the perfect counterpart for the oil cleansing and a great way to introduce another form of cleansing into your routine.

09. Multi-use makeup stick

I love easy (if that isn’t already blatantly clear!) And what I’m gathering from my beauty habits here is that I LOVE a good multitasking product. And here’s another. This guy is a pure workaholic and adds gorgeous color to your cheeks, lips, eyelids, or anywhere else you need it. It’s something I keep in my office for a quick zoom call when I’m bare-faced but want to feel a little more put together.

10. The best brow gel

Your girl loves a bold brow. If you’ve seen mine, you know they’ve got a personality and mind all their own, and sometimes they need a little help holding their shape. This natural brow gel does the job exceptionally well, and takes zero time to apply (my fav kind of makeup).

Happy skin, happy you… That’s my motto! And these guys achieve that mission with finesse and gentle power. My skin has never felt better or looked fresher than when I use these products, and I hope you found a new natural product to try yourself with this little list of favs!

My all-time favorite natural skincare brand?

This non-toxic line of serums, facial oils, deodorants, and so much more! Get 10% off with code JK10!

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