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May 20, 2024


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In today’s ever-changing landscape of quick dopamine hits on social media and a LOT of ‘noise’ amongst creators, keeping our audience engaged is more important than ever. 

People reflexively skip ads and run away from blatant sales pitches, but what do people lean in and listen to? Stories.

Think about how tired YOU are of seeing the same ol’ buzzwords come across your screen. Your customers are, too!

Akua Konadu is a storytelling strategist and social media educator who helps business owners lean into their gifts and create stories that engage with their audience and drive meaningful connections on social media.

She is also host of the Independent Business podcast, powered by HoneyBook, where she breaks down the science of self-made success!

In our conversation today, Akua is teaching us how to become our business and brand’s best storytellers and captivate the attention of our target customers. 

hey can’t like and trust your offers until they know YOU. ‘Storyselling’ techniques aren’t just for the brands with big stories to tell — they’re for you, too.

Click play to learn Akua’s fresh approach to being story-forward in your marketing, and find out your Storytelling Style by taking Akua’s free quiz here: https://akuakonadu.com/quiz

The Importance of Backing Up Your Claims with Data

In a recent Instagram post, Akua shared something that really caught my attention and I just HAD to ask her about it… She shared that in 2024, people want RECEIPTS… Meaning, that it’s important to have data to back up our brand stories. 

In response, Akua emphasized the importance of providing receipts or data to back up your claims, especially in today’s landscape of entrepreneurship.

She highlighted the shift in consumer behavior towards seeking transparency, honesty, and realness from brands. By sharing provable and repeatable processes, businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience!

The Power of Origin Stories

Next, we delved into the significance of origin stories in humanizing a brand and connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

Akua stressed the importance of not just sharing the journey but also articulating the purpose and values behind the business.

By asking questions like “What do you want to be known for?” and “What inspired you to start your business?”, we can craft compelling origin stories that resonate with our audience.

Building a Library of Stories

Akua shared her approach to curating a library of stories by documenting different stages of her life and business journey. By reflecting on impactful moments, wins, losses, and lessons learned, individuals can create a wealth of content that can be repurposed in various ways.

She emphasized the need for stories to evolve with the storyteller, ensuring relevance and authenticity. Akua also shared that transparency, empathy, and a focus on the audience’s needs are key elements in using storytelling effectively in our content.

The Art of Collecting Stories

We discussed the art of collecting stories by being present and observant in everyday life. Akua encouraged listeners to pay attention to conversations, experiences, and emotions that spark curiosity or excitement.

She introduced a simple yet impactful prompt for kickstarting your storytelling journey: “What did I do today?” This prompt acts as a stepping stone for those feeling overwhelmed or unsure about where to begin with sharing their stories.

By documenting daily activities, we can uncover the narratives hidden within our everyday experiences that we can share in our content to relate to our audiences!

Leveraging Stories in Sales

Akua also highlighted the role of storytelling in driving sales by connecting features of products or services to real-life benefits and impacts. By sharing stories that demonstrate how a feature has positively impacted their own life, individuals can make their offerings more relatable and compelling to potential customers. 

For example, Akua highlighted how the AI email composer feature in a tool like HoneyBook has significantly improved her efficiency by saving time and streamlining email communication.

By sharing this story, she not only showcases a specific feature but also illustrates the tangible benefits it has provided her. This personal touch adds authenticity and credibility to the sales pitch.

When incorporating storytelling into sales, it’s crucial to connect product features to real-world benefits that resonate with your audience. By sharing stories that illustrate how these features positively impact your life, you can create a compelling narrative that engages potential customers. Focusing on how these features benefit your audience demonstrates the value and relevance of your offering in their lives!

Connect with Akua

If you’re interested in learning more about storytelling and its impact on business, you can connect with Akua on Instagram @akuakanadu_  or visit her website, akuakanadu.com. You can also tune into the Independent Business podcast, powered by HoneyBook to explore more insights and tips on storytelling and entrepreneurship, and find out your Storytelling Style by taking Akua’s free quiz at https://akuakonadu.com/quiz!

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