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August 6, 2014



Oh man, you guys. It’s been a few weeks since one of the proudest days of my life, the day when I was presented the award for best of wedding photography from Wisconsin Bride. My brain has been moving a million miles a minute since then (and I’ve been wildly busy shooting gorgeous weddings) that I haven’t quite had the right words to say anything about it. Let me first start off with a giant thank you. This award is more of a reflection on you, the kind people and clients I surround myself with than it is a reflection of me. I am so moved and honored and humbled and speechless and all of that is because of your continuous support. This isn’t an acceptance speech or some cheesy way to say that I am pumped that I won (because let’s be honest, I did an awkward gasp and dance up to the stage) but more of a time of reflection and gratitude. Two years ago I told myself that I would someday win that award – and I didn’t quite expect it to happen so quickly. I am one of the youngest business owners to take this award home and I am kind of shocked and stunned that this beautiful thing can hang on the walls of my office.

The celebration was something I will never forget

Drew, my parents, and his parents all got dressed up, had a drink and celebrated all of the good things in life before heading to the awards. It was a time where I really took a step back to take it in. Here I am: happy, healthy, married to a handsome hunk, with a blooming business and parents who love me. Just that alone is enough to take a girls breath away. Truth be told I went into the night with zero expectations, just being nominated again was a huge honor. I told myself that regardless of the outcome, I had worked hard and needed to be proud. The win was the icing on the cake and the outpouring of love and support following the announcement brings me to tears (I’m a sap, I know it.) I just think it’s crazy awesome that I can be a testament to the fact that if you chase your dreams (super hard) and find something that you love, you can be successful. No bar is too high, no mountain is unclimbable, no Beyonce song is undanceable… you just have to decide that you want to be happy and do whatever it is that makes you feel that way. The world needs people who are happy and have come fully alive and I hope that my little story can encourage to lace up those Nikes and get chasing.

To sum it all up

I am flabbergasted and proud and if you bring up the award around me, you will truly see how awkward I can become. This isn’t about it, it’s about you and I want to celebrate with you. Thank you for pushing me, for voting, for believing in me, for spreading the word, for slapping me on the back, for dancing with me, and thank you for just being a part of this story. Truly, this goes out to you beautiful people! Special thanks to my wonderful parents for being there with me and celebrating all night and obvious gratitude to the man who puts up with my wild dreams and my crazy ideas, Drew. Wisconsin Bride Magazine is one heck of a publication and a piece of my business and I am so thankful for their support since day one. There is nothing more honorable than holding your work in your hands and when it is on the pages of their stunning magazine, I want to cry. Now let’s celebrate with confetti and champagne, shall we? Head to Wisconsin Bride to see the other 2014 Best of Wisconsin winners!

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