What Pinterest Can Do for Your Business in 2022

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May 23, 2022


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If you’re putting all your marketing eggs into the Instagram and Facebook basket, you are missing out on the number one way I drive organic traffic to my website, and the platform that gives your content the longest lifespan… We’re talking months compared to hours. This guest knows all about the power of this massive platform known as Pinterest.

Kaeli Todd is obsessed with words. As an editor, she loves digging into copy and giving it a polished finish while staying true to the voice of the original author. When she’s not editing, though, Kaeli branches out into the world of Pinterest management and let me tell you, this is absolutely one of her super powers. In the last few months since Kaeli joined our team, our Pinterest views have quadrupled from 1 million to nearly 4 million a month!

Pinterest drives insane organic traffic to my website because people are on the platform searching for topics I cover on my blog. With Kaeli’s expertise, we’ve leveled up our strategy to ensure that even more people are seeing that content and landing on my site for even more opportunities to learn and be served by my business. In this conversation, Kaeli and I are talking about, you guessed it, Pinterest! Why you need to be on the platform if you’re not already, the best place to get started as a newbie, and some nuggets of actionable advice to jumpstart your Pinterest marketing strategy today. 

A Creative Platform

Kaeli Todd and I reflected back on our very first experiences with Pinterest, way back in the early 2010s when it launched. Kaeli has always been a creative person, and Pinterest became a huge source of inspiration for her own creative endeavors. Who hasn’t tried a Pinterest DIY project, am I right?

For those unfamiliar, Pinterest (according to Pinterest) is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. That’s on the consumer side of things – imagine an old school scrapbook-slash-bulletin board of ideas, how-to articles, inspirational photos for home design or fashion or really any area under the sun. For business owners and marketers, this means Pinterest is a huge opportunity for sharing what you create.

Power of Pinterest

“Pinterest is so powerful because ultimately it’s a search engine and it’s not social media, which I think is a common misconception about Pinterest. And so that, in and of itself, is so powerful for business owners and content creators, because you’re getting your offers and your expertise in front of a way larger audience than you potentially could on social media,” Kaeli explained. 

“This also means that you can really optimize what you’re putting on Pinterest and use those SEO skills, search engine optimization skills, that you have to really feed that Pinterest algorithm.”

On top of the massive reach that Pinterest offers, Kaeli explained that content lasts longer on Pinterest versus social media. “People will be engaging with your pins for three to four months, whereas on Instagram, within that 24 hour cycle that post is pretty much out of everybody’s feed. Your pins are going to be showing up for users for weeks or months after you post them.”

Streamlined Systems

It can be overwhelming to consider adding a new platform to your content promotion strategy, but really, once you learn what works on Pinterest and a strategy for creating and posting Pins, it’s quite easy to maintain. For Kaeli, it’s about creating 10 different Pins from the same piece of content with templates on Canva. 

Kaeli shared, “When I’m looking at a blog post, I’m looking at the potential to slice and dice it into potentially a bunch of different Pinterest pins. And so what I have within Canva is 10 pin templates for each of my clients. Then I’ll take a blog post and plug and play and put it into those 10 templates. I’ll swap out colors. I’ll swap out photos. I’ll play with different titles and subtitles, maybe aim at some different sub audiences.”

Next is scheduling.  “I utilize Tailwind, which is a Pin scheduling tool that is phenomenal because as it gets to know you and your audience, it recommends times for posting that your audience is going to be active. So I just take all of those Pinterest Pin templates, put them into Tailwind and that app schedules them for me. I can do a week’s worth of pins in like an hour.”

Too Late for Pinterest?

I often hear that entrepreneurs or creatives not using Pinterest yet feel like it’s too late or too saturated to get started and see success on the platform. So I asked Kaeli if she thinks the platform is too noisy for a beginner to really see results there.

Kaeli and I share the same opinion here. She said, “I don’t think it’s too noisy at all. I think that it can seem really daunting to branch out into a whole new platform, especially one that feels really saturated, but it’s so important to remember that no one is doing Pinterest like you’re going to be doing Pinterest. And I mean, that’s true of any social media platform.”

Kalei made a great point here: “We don’t hold ourselves back from posting on Instagram, even though there are so many Instagram users, or TikTok, or whatever it is. We don’t hold ourselves back from those things because no one’s going to be doing it like you are. Before we count ourselves out, we need to consider that pouring our time, our energy, our creativity into anything makes us an expert in our way of approaching that thing.”

More from this Episode

What’s working on Pinterest right now? What’s the best way to get started? What three things can you do to see results on Pinterest as a newbie or someone returning to the platform? Kaeli walks us through these topics and more, so press play on the episode wherever you get your podcasts and follow Kaeli on Instagram @kaelitoddco.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Amazing episode! Thank you! Do you suggest having separate Pinterest accounts – one for my business and one for personal use? I’ve heard this recommendation, but I’m not sure about creating separate accounts. Thank you!


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