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May 29, 2023


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What if you were just one post away from skyrocketing your sales and achieving your wildest dreams? I know, you’re like, “a girl can dream!”… but that is exactly what happened to my guest today. After she spent years taking the padding out of her sports bras and placing it in her tanks and bodysuits, she finally decided to design her first brami top.

Before she knew it, her first “brami” (bra + cami) design went viral on TikTok in 2020 and showed her what’s possible for her small business, Klassy Network.

That’s right: today I am chatting with Natalie Rogers Soto, an innovative fashion designer who has gained a reputation for her stylish brami tops. However, she’s not just a designer – she’s also a savvy entrepreneur.

Today, she’s going to share with us how to use social media to sell inventory, what it’s like working with family, how she knew when it was time to level up, and so much more. I’m positive that you do NOT need to be in the fashion industry to learn from her advice!

Celebrate Diverse Beauty

Something that I really admire about Klassy Network is how dedicated Natalie and her team is to showing all different body shapes, sizes, skin tones, ages, and races. When scrolling through their website and Instagram feed, you’re bound to see someone that “looks like you” wearing Klassy clothes, which is so empowering and refreshing.

When I asked Natalie about this, she explained that celebrating diverse beauty is one of the pillars of her brand. Not only is showcasing people of different backgrounds important to her on a personal level, but it also helps her marketing efforts because their clothes resonate with many people.

Celebrating diverse beauty is also important because it allows us to create a more inclusive environment. By celebrating diverse beauty, we are able to create a space for people to feel accepted and seen, and for people to share their stories and experiences. This is something that Natalie does so well, and we can all learn from!

Natalie’s Experience Working With Family

I know from personal experience that having family support is invaluable when starting a business. Natalie knows this on another level, though, as she works with her husband, both of her parents, as well as her sister and sister-in-law! 

Working with family can be tricky, as it can be difficult to separate personal and professional relationships. However, Natalie and her family have found a way to make it work by asking themselves the simple question, “What is best for the business?” This has allowed them to find a balance between personal and professional relationships and ensure that the business is running smoothly.

Natalie’s family has also been able to develop a social media strategy to help move inventory. They have a marketing meeting every Monday to discuss what products need to be moved and then create a strategy around it. This strategy has helped them to successfully move inventory, maximize the value of their products and work together. Their story is so inspiring to me!

Create Problem-Aware Content

When it comes to social media, Klassy Network’s key marketing strategy is to stay up-to-date with trends and create problem-aware content. This means that her team has found that talking about their product’s pain points and differentiating Klassy clothes from others has been the key to success.

In our conversation, Natalie shared that she believes content is a form of storytelling, and when she tells her story of hating wearing a bra (I mean, who doesnt?!), people resonate with her content and want to try on their clothes. 

Staying up-to-date with trends is an important part of Natalie’s success. She and her team are constantly surfing the web to find out what is trending and how they can incorporate it into their content strategy. This helps to ensure that they are always creating content that is relevant and engaging.

Connect with Natalie

Natalie Rogers Soto can be found on Instagram. Connect with her fast-growing braless fashion brand, Klassy Network, on their website and Instagram!

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