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April 17, 2017


Today I am so honored to be interviewing one of my sweet friends, Katie O. Selvidge, who is the founder of Cottage Hill Magazine. Katie is going to lead us through some of my all-time favorite life-changing exercises that really get us back to the heart of our Why, and ask the tough questions we so often avoid. I truly hope that you take the time to go through these exercises that we do today to really discover what it is that you’re working towards and where you’re headed with your dreams.


Katie always dreamed of being a professional ballet dancer but when injuries put that dream on hold, she discovered choreography and found that she loved storytelling (1:49).

“That’s how I define who I am; is I am a storyteller and I do it in many different ways.” (2:08)

When Katie discovered that she couldn’t go back to dancing, it left a void in her heart that she filled with working long hours. However, doing this took its toll on her health (3:31).

“I was doing the late hours, the weekends and I had like three jobs at once; I was just not smart.” (4:39)

After taking a look into her past and feeling the need to leave a legacy behind, Katie decided to start her own magazine, Cottage Hill (6:47).

Katie reveals that there has been a big shift for the magazine over the past few months, with a focus more on challenging artists to tell truth stories instead of styled stories (11:33).

She says that she believes in hustle, but she was doing it to fill a void in her own life, which was the wrong reason and why all the hustle didn’t work for her. Katie now feels that we need solid boundaries, with a defined quitting time, so that the two worlds can work together (14:44).

She practices and teaches something called “Assured and Well” and says that it is about asking the hard questions about your business, which allowed her magazine to flourish like never before (22:11).


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  1. Hello, I love your blog and I know my why, but I need to be more powerful as a blogger and a app developer and an Author and T.V. show host. I seem to be making a huge breakthrough somehow, someway. I give all of my clients and elevated experience also! I love the sound of your voice. I am so excited to hear more of your blogs.

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  4. Pamela says:

    I was so excited to learn that you had someone on the show from my hometown! I’ve been wanting to find more people from here to connect with, so I’m thrilled to be able to go find Katie on social and meet her!

    I also loved the “why?” exercise, and will be looking into that more, because my reaction wasn’t what I thought it would be. It’s going to help me pivot a little into what I’m really excited about.


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