Approaching Collaborations with Emily Knotts of Crisp Interiors

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Approaching Collaborations with Emily Knotts of Crisp Interiors

by Jenna Kutcher 

Today I’m hanging out with Emily Knots of Crisp Interiors and we’re going to talk all about the collaboration process and how we teamed up for The Kutcher Condo! You can see their handy work on The Kutcher Condo website here – check it out, we would absolutely love to have you stay with us!


Emily never had a plan to own her own business, but after marrying her husband Michael, things changed. It was then that she decided to create a blog to document their adventures as newlyweds (0:52).

Emily started getting emails from her readers asking them to help her design their homes and were willing to pay her for it (2:46).

“I just fell in love with design and I fell in love with the idea of making your home just really special” (3:27)

Her business has grown quite a bit in the last year with new facets to offer. They currently have an online shop selling vintage Turkish rugs and also have launched a portion of the business doing remote design for people all over the world (11:29).

She adds that she’s always looking to serve her clients, without always asking them to “pick her” (12:15).

“We set ourselves apart by serving other people instead of just shouting ‘choose me’” (12:51)

Emily and her team had been trying to figure out who their ideal clients are, when they discovered their ideal client was like me and they reached out to collaborate (12:58).

Emily had some major hang-ups being an entrepreneur, fearing failure and feeling like a fraud (25:19.)

“If you fail it is ok; it doesn’t define you.” (25:33)

She shares that batching work and the time and energy it saves to focus on one task at a time has been key for her business (and I agree!) (34:02)


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Crisp Interiors Shop
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