Goal Digger Episode 013: Coaching Session on Starting a New Business with Kate Quin

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January 11, 2017


In this episode Jenna is giving us the opportunity to listen in on a coaching call with Kate Quin. Kate tells us about her life and how she was able to start her business and what challenges she has faced thus far.

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“My background has kind of been always working for other people in administration and kind of more operational on the business side of things. I had been working for a few local businesses here in Ottawa but wanted to start my own thing.” (2:00)

After reading a blog post from Jenna about outsourcing, Kate reached out to Jenna’s partner Katelyn and was given the opportunity to take over Katelyn’s business supporting photographers and creatives alike. (2:15)

One of the biggest challenges for Kate was transitioning from an outside office to a work from home job. She talks about the boundaries and balancing that she has done so far that has helped her be flexible for her daughter and time to be completely focused on her business. (6:47)

“Having that discipline within yourself to really set hours and work hours for yourself and I have kind of set that from the get-go and also created a space within my house that is an office and that was a big help.” (7:26)

Kate talks about the goals she has set for her new business over the next year. This also includes writing and E-book and creating an email list. (13:21)

“Some goals for me are really just having those business operations established things like invoicing, expenses, accounting and communication with clients, I want that to be set up and running smoothly.” (13:26)

Jenna coaches Kate on some ways that she is able to hold herself accountable when it comes to only doing what is priority before touching other tasks. Her first piece of advice is having a planner. (17:20)

“A lot of times creative people, we are rally good at starting things and really bad at following through.” (17:39)

Jenna says planning out your top three priorities for the next day helps you get those thoughts out of your mind so you can relax and be ready for the next day. Jenna also explains what she calls a ‘brain dump’ for the busy mind. Another process Jenna uses is information boards and how that can help save time and reinforce communication.

“With each client if you can create a workflow and get it on some kind of information board so you both feel like you know what your doing and I think eliminates the feeling that you need to check in on them and they need to check in on you so that you are all on the same page.” (20:47)

Kate and Jenna talk about the importance of having an email list regardless if you are a product or service based business. Jenna says that email is a much more direct and intimate way to reach your clients versus social media. (32:00)

“Statistics show that most potential clients have to come in contact with your business seven times before they will hire you.” (33:09)

Jenna gives advice on batching time. Setting up time block for certain tasks that are priority to your business, helping you to not get lost in day to day emails etc. (42:50)

“Creating my schedule in a way that allows me to batch work so that I can see the big picture and I can sit down and say, ok I need one email per week for this month. Let me sit down and write these four emails.”




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  1. Nicole says:

    Yes, yes, and yes! Love it!
    I think I have found my tribe!
    I’m very happily opting in to your newsletter and following along…
    Just last week I started from your very first podcast and am working my way through each of your episodes (most of them with a few listens each, just to have everything sink in), and now at lucky episode #13, I had stop to tell you…
    I appreciate the ideas and heart you put out there. This podcast project contains not only the SPARK, but the content with substance (thanks to you and your candid guests) that I have been hungry for.


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