5 Questions Everyone Wonders About Email Marketing

January 13, 2017


I’ll bet you a whole box of mac n’ cheese that inbox of yours is slammed full right now, isn’t it?

From Lululemon to Target, Rising Tide Society to Pat Flynn (and even Paddy’s Pub, our fave restaurant in this tiny town!), it seems like everyone’s on that email marketing game.

And for good reason, too — statistically, it works: your audience is 3x as likely to see an email from you than a ‘gram post. Like I said in this post, if Instagram were to disappear tomorrow, can you get in touch with your tribe?

(Scary, isn’t it?)

I have fallen head-over-heels in LOVE with email marketing since starting my photography business, and today I want to address the top q’s I get about email list building … because friend, I get it. I know it’s super scary trying to figure out where to start. Two short years ago? I had GOOSE EGG subscribers … and may or may not have told my business coach that I didn’t really need a list because my Instagram followers were faithful.

Um, wrong, Jenna. You still need an email list.

Lesson learned and reformed into full email obsession, I’m here to squash some fears of yours today. Let’s do this!

What kind of email do I send?? I’ll sound spammy!

Let’s start with the mindset: strategy + serving = engaged audience! When you can mix consistently serving your email list with a touch of launch strategy, that’s when the magic really happens. It’s important to map out a strategy that serves them a TON of free content and value, and mix in any launches as needed. It’s helpful to start thinking about any big sales/promotions/launches in advance so you can figure out how you can serve and prime your audience before you sell to them.

What kind of tech do I need?

A-ok, friend!  When it comes to starter email service providers, I’m a fan of the FREE or low-cost ones — i.e. the ones absolutely anyone can get started with. Mailchimp and Madmimi are two of my favorite ESPs that fit into most marketing budgets for small businesses.

Who joins my list … and do I send the same email to everyone?

What’s important to understand when it comes to email marketing, is that people will join you for a particular reason. It’s important to think of who your ideal client is, how you can solve their problem, or how can you provide them with something valuable that they will LOVE. The first step in booking your ideal clients is knowing them, the second step is effectively marketing to them! Later on, if you need to break up your list into specific interests, that’s pretty easy to do with most email providers. Bottom line? If you are trying to attract everyone, you are really attracting no one — focus on YOUR people for your email list.

How often should I send an email?

It doesn’t matter! The key? Be consistent. How often can you consistently reach out to your list: (ex: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) What is a reasonable amount of communication you can commit to? Pick that, and rock and roll with it!

What’s a broadcast email? And what’s an autoresponder email? I’ve heard both terms! It’s important to think about what sort of things have made you give your email away! Chances are, the things that have enticed you will help entice your followers! Was it a discount code? A promotion? A free guide? A live training? The email you got immediately after that was an autoresponder. When you get a “newsletter” type email, that’s more than likely a broadcast email!

I want to give you the best plan of attack in email marketing, tell you all about how focusing on building your list will transform your business. It fo’ sho’ transformed mine, and I get so excited talking about it!

Spilling the beans on things like:

  • The simple email recipes to wow your list, making them your biggest fan club and building your know-like-trust factor.
  • How to get started with all that tech to create pretty, on-brand emails that feel like a beautiful magazine begging to be read.
  • My method to actually GET someone’s email address, without being creepy (OR without offering something that’s clearly just for to get their address.) 
  • Plus, the #1 email you need to send to your list as part of your fresh, no “BS” action plan to serve your tribe.

Wanna learn more?

“YES! Get my seat in the FREE workshop!”

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  1. hi Jenna!

    Thanks for the 5 day email list starter! I feel focused on what i need to do to get started!!
    xxStay Golden

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Jenna! I love your blog and find it super inspiring and full of great info!! I was wondering if you were re-launching this course or there was a way to watch in now?? Also, who makes the planner in the above photo? Thanks and sorry if that is a random question lol



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