Goal Digger Episode 012: The Crazy Power of Email Marketing with Jenna Kutcher

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January 9, 2017


The Power of an Email List Show Notes

Jenna talks to us about the importance of building an email list versus just having a following on social media sites. She talks about the high chance of losing it all, a situation that was very close to happening for Jenna (4:00).

“I saw myself looking at all this time that I had spent in my life focusing on this number of followers and trying to get bigger, grow bigger and do bigger things, and it just felt exhausting” (4:49).

Jenna knew she needed to have a backup plan so she would be able to reach her followers if she lost her social media platforms (5:18).

Today Jenna’s email list is the number one way she drives profits to her business (5:30).

You own your list. Jenna notes that you can show up in people’s inboxes and the type of engagement that brings (5:53).

“If you’re tired of battling the constantly changing algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, email list building needs to be your priority in this New Year” (6:12).

The second reason to have email lists are people on your email list have already opted in and are interested in what you have to offer. (9:30)

“Let’s just be honest wouldn’t it be much better to be able to serve people that have said yes I’m interested, then to climb up on our soap boxes of social media and try to scream to everyone and hope that it will fall on the right ears” (12:00).

Another bonus of having an email list is to be able to prime your list for upcoming launches, but not only that you also have the ability to pull information from your email list to see other areas of interest (13:40).

With an email list you are actually in control of how often people are hearing from you because you are not battling those algorithms (17:05). Surveys are also a great way to utilize your email list (17:50).

“If you are unsure of what to create or offer next, ask your audience, they are going to be the perfect people to tell you” (18:13)

“It is so much more tangible then just throwing out a link a survey on your social media and not really knowing if it is hitting the ideal demographic that you are trying to reach” (18:40)

With an email list you are able to reach your audience and determine why they aren’t buying, what they are and are not interested in as well as you can pick up on the verbiage that your potential clients are using.

“(An email list) allows you to serve your audience in a certain way” (24:36)

“(An email list) doesn’t mean more work, it just means more strategy” (27:19)


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  1. STARR MERCER says:

    Setting up an email list is my number one goal for 2017! I am so glad for this podcast to set me off on the right foot!

  2. Holly says:


    I. I’m obsessed with your podcast, I’ve listened to every episode.
    2. Thank you SO much from the bottom o my heart for being brave, and vulnerable, and sharing your secrets.
    3. Will there be another live email list class? I missed it and i hate myself because I want to start doing an email list.

    Thank you thank you!!


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  5. Laura says:

    What platform, app, or software has been the most effective for you to build your list in?

  6. Halle says:

    Hey there! I’ve started this podcast from the beginning, and I am absolutely loving it. Thank you so much for using your gifts to help all of us out!


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