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Let’s Grow Your Email List – 5 Day Challenge

Is growing an email list in 2017 towards the top of your business goals? I thought so (and don’t worry, if it isn’t I’ll explain why it needs to be!) Let’s be honest, social media is constantly changing, we can’t keep up with it, and our posts aren’t even getting seen – let alone seen by the RIGHT people. We’re trying just about everything to catch people’s attention but somewhere along the way our attention spans started to majorly stink and our focus was that of a dog chasing a squirrel. Well, I’ve got you covered friend, I want this year to be your MOST profitable year and I truly believe that the best way you can drive profits to your business is through an email list.

Join me as I lead you through a 5 day email list challenge starting on January 9th!

  • You’ll get 5 short videos delivered to your inbox daily walking you through email marketing 101.
  • This mini course will be easy, it will challenge you, and provide a place to start growing for you.
  • Not sure if you need an email list? I’m glad you asked. I’ll talk about why you probably do.
  • Wondering what the heck you’d even send people if you had one? Yup, covered.
  • More worried about your Instagram following? Noted. But I’ll tell you why this number matters more.

Take it from me, a girl who went from 0 – 40k+ in just two years. Your email list is THE barometer of your businesses health and it will outlast any social media platform. Why? Because you OWN it. Those followers you’ve been hustling after on Instagram? Yeah, you don’t own them. If it were gone tomorrow would you have a way to get in touch with those people you’ve worked so hard to attract? Probably not if you don’t have an email list.

Trust me, you’ll want to accept this challenge.

Join me for this special, extra training (you can totes complete it in your yoga pants!) 

Register here to get some love from me delivered straight to your inbox each day. Let’s grow!


by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Joe Haugen says:

    I saw an ad on my instagram about building an email list and I’d love to start!


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