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April 5, 2021


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Coach Glitter AKA Tiffany Lee Bymaster got her start in the world of production as a make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, and set designer for some super big name shows. If you’ve binge watched The Real Housewives of Orange County, America’s Next Top Model, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you’ve probably seen her work!

For the last six years, Tiffany has built her own Personal Brand from the ground up in the online space as a blogger, consultant, top affiliate marketer and is the Creator of Lights Camera Branding, her signature online program. She is obsessed with branding and helping people develop their social media audience growth and launch strategy all through the vital power of live video.

Yup, this conversation is all about going LIVE. We’ll talk Facebook and Instagram Live, but also, the new platform in LIVE content… Clubhouse! If you have questions about how live video and content plays a role in growing an online business, this is your episode.

From Behind the Scenes to the Spotlight

“Who am I to start this?” Tiffany asked herself that question on the brink of the 2.0 phase of her life. For so long, she was the woman behind the scenes as a makeup artist helping others look their personal best on television. What she didn’t realize at first was that she had incredible untapped potential in the strategic marketing world, potential that she didn’t put into play until she was in her 40s.

“I got pushed, lovingly, in front of the camera to do my very first livestream on Periscope, and it was messy!” Tiffany continued, “But it changed my life!”

The people who watched Tiffany’s first livestream and the nervous ones that followed encouraged her to do more. She took one little baby step at a time, and it led her straight to what she was always meant to do.

Do You Need Live Video?

Tiffany teaches her students how to step into the live video space in a way that supports their business. I asked her if she felt that live video was a non-negotiable for businesses in the digital space these days, and her response was great.

“I’m a rebel,” Tiffany laughed. Strict rules and requirements aren’t her thing but she explained, “I do think, especially for people in the beginning stages or even the middle, anyone who doesn’t have giant bags of money to spend on paid advertising,” she continued, “Live video is the easiest way to lower your ads costs and set yourself up for success by creating custom audiences.”

When you do a live video, someone can watch as little as 3 seconds and it counts as a view. That viewer becomes part of a custom audience who can be retargeted with your offer. This is key, because if you’re in the beginning stages of your business and don’t get a ton of traffic to your website (the other way of creating a custom audience, with a Facebook pixel), then your audience won’t be as robust. Live video circumvents that!

Any video is great, but Tiffany views live video as the low hanging fruit, meaning there’s less production and effort that goes into a live video versus a recorded, edited, and produced video. 

Going Live on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is audio-only LIVE social media. The only photo you’ll see is the one next to the name of each user. Tiffany is excited about the platform because so many different topics are discussed and shared in ways that we may not have had the opportunity to learn about before. 

“If live video is the low hanging fruit, [Clubhouse] is the fruit that’s already on the ground. It’s even easier!” Tiffany encouraged.

While Clubhouse is still in beta though, you can only access it by invitation. Luckily, there seems to be no shortage of invites going around. Download the app, reserve your username, and request invitation. Ask around on your other platforms, too. Chances are, someone already in your network has a spare invite to get you on the platform.

Once you’re in, get familiar with the lay of the land. You’ll find that the app has a lot of whitespace and not a whole lot of flashy bells and whistles — that’s the point. Be intentional about who you follow, too. Seek out the creators and thought leaders you love on other platforms, but also see who they are following, dig into topics that are on the fringes of your interests, seek out a broad range of conversations and rooms.

“For the first week, I just observed, and then I started to raise my hand,” Tiffany explained. That ‘raise my hand’ is an action within a ‘room’ that means you could be called on to speak or ask a question or otherwise get on stage.

Unspoken Rules of Clubhouse

Like with any platform, certain “rules” or courtesies emerge as people get to know how to best use it. Tiffany has spent lots of time getting to know the etiquette of Clubhouse, and shared her advice to save us all some time. 

“You become a better listener, and listening is such an amazing skill,” she began. “Sometimes we want to be the smartest one and share the smartest thing,” Tiffany explained, but on Clubhouse, it’s so important to listen to the conversations happening.

“When you raise your hand, think it through for a moment in your head, and be short and succinct and get right to the point,” Tiffany advised. “Be really respectful of everyone’s time and the time you get on the mic, and then pass it on to the next person.” And don’t forget, the second you’re on stage your mic is HOT. Meaning, your voice, background noise, every single sound happening around you is broadcast to those in the room. 

Tiffany also translated one of the most used acronyms on the app, PTR. It means “pull to refresh”, and the moderators will say it to remind you to refresh the room so you can see the correct order of speakers. 

It’s also important to craft a bio with three strong first lines because that’s often what a moderator will read to introduce you in a room. The first three lines are crucial! Lead with who and how you help, versus what you’re about.

Lights Camera Branding

Tiffany realized that she was getting tons of questions about her use of live video and the success she’s seen since that first Periscope flub that catapulted her into the live video space. She knew she had the opportunity to teach what she knows. Teaching live video best practices and strategy is Tiffany’s superpower.

Her program, Lights Camera Branding, has evolved since the very first edition, and now it’s the exact roadmap for gaining the confidence to show up on live video, build your brand, hone in your messaging, and to harness the power of live video in your business.

Tiffany also teaches how to repurpose one piece of video content to continue to drive traffic so you don’t need to be live every day, all the time.

More from Tiffany Lee Bymaster

I’ve learned so much from Coach Glitter, and she has tons more to teach! Connect with her on Instagram @coachglitter, as well as Clubhouse and Facebook. Check out her programs and other ways to learn from the brilliant mind of Tiffany Lee Bymaster at coachglitter.com.

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