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Why You Can’t Sleep on These Easy Showit Website Templates

Jenna Kutcher 

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Guys, I’ve got a question for you today, and I want you to be REAL honest… 

Does your website kinda suck? 

This is a shame-free zone, so raise your hand if you can relate to THIS scenario:

I meet someone awesome, who seems really great at what they do. I say I’d love to check out their work + ask for their website URL. But instead of an “Oh great, it’s ______!,” I hear THIS 95% of the time: 

“Oh gosh, no, DON’T go to my website, Jenna… it’s terrible / it needs to be updated like WHOA. Just go to my Instagram!”

Lean in close and let me whisper-preach for a second:  Friend, you do NOT own your Instagram. Social media isn’t your home online. Your website is.

Your WEBSITE should feel like the best possible version of you on the internet.

Your instagram may be your handshake, but your website is your closer. You should be proud to send people there, knowing that it’s got everything they need to fall in love with your brand, your work, and convert, convert, convert. (Oh, and sign up for your email list, too! *wink*)

If you’re not feeling more than great about the way you look online, I’ve got the answer for you, and as you know, I believe in sharing.

Enter: TONIC SITE SHOP. The cure for the common website template and the answer to the question I get asked on the weekly: 

“Who designed Jenna Kutcher’s Website?”

“Hey, Jenna, I love your website… who designed it?” is the Q slid into my DMs practically on the daily.

Well, we’re ANSWERING it today, baby! In fact, I’m bringing in my personal website designer, Jen Olmstead of Site Shop, to dispel the myth about website templates because everything you think you know about them is no longer true.

Jen has over 12 years of rock-solid web design experience and has designed for the best in the biz. (Seriously, her work is gorgeous. I mean, you’re looking at it now!)

Before I hand it over to Jen, allow me to insert this quick humble brag for her and a piece of advice: don’t sleep on TONIC’s Showit website templates. Seriously. They’re the best Showit     website templates on the market for coaches, photographers, educators, creatives, and heck, anyone who needs a great place to call home online. (That’s you!)

Introducing Showit Website Template Designer, Jen Olmstead

Hey guys, I’m Jen, Jenna Kutcher’s website designer, and I’ve had a little too much espresso today and just made (my signature) gin & tonic, so buckle up for some honesty.

As Jenna said, you need to forget everything you know about website templates. We’re not talking about boring, vanilla, out of the box-templates that feel like a holding place for something better yet to come.

Our designs are completely customizable, designer-crafted websites that just so happen to be ready for you right now. (As we like to say… your old website is already jealous).

Here’s what makes our Showit website templates so great:

Why choose a TONIC Showit website?

In short? No coding. No tears. No limits. 

When you snag a TONIC website template, you get a stylish, strategic, totally designer website in an instant. Boom. Done. Champagne, please.

Website templates take the hard work — and the $$$$$ — out of getting a gorgeous website.

What would take 6 months of phone calls, emails, and revisions with a designer, plus thousands upon thousands of dollars (our custom websites cost around $20k) will take you just a couple of hours and a fraction of the cost.

You no longer have to miss out on 6 months of leads, sales, and opportunities while you wait for a designer to finish your site. You don’t have to plunk down a chunk of hard-earned change and just HOPE that your designer really gets who you are down into your soul. Nope.

Snag a new site and get that new course / idea / product / service / pivot out into the world right now!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering… “Will a template look as good as a custom website? Will it come with all of the SEO-ready, easy-to-customize features and perks that a custom website has? Will it REALLY feel like something that was made just for me?”

YEP. TONIC Showit website templates totally do. They look amazing but they also come equipped with all the tools you can expect from a top-shelf Showit website totally built to convert.

TONIC sites even come with copy cues you can use as a guide for your content… and on the image side of things, a KILLER stock photo membership trial to Social Squares, which Jenna and I both use for our business, too! 

But the best part? There’s absolutely zero coding or super techy skills required because we’ve done it for you.

You get to drag and drop your favorite images, set up your brand’s color palette, and copy and paste your message without having to see a single line of code.

It’s seriously as simple as that. What you see is what you get. No weeping over your keyboard or googling “HTML for like, really dummies” ever again. 

Here’s what Tonic Site Shop customers have said!

You can A) spend hours upon hours regretting your decision to DIY or B) get a website that you love launched in a day.

Or heck, a few hours.

(Our current client record is one hour and 38 minutes from purchase to published… what?!)

Here’s what some of our customers have said: 

“Tonic Site Shop and the wonderful world of Showit solved two of my problems — having access to a beautiful design template that made it super easy to customize myself and update whenever I need to. This saved me so much TIME, MONEY, and FRUSTRATION. I don’t have to stress out about hiring a web developer every time I need to make changes to the site which is a huge money-saver and a huge relief for me personally.” – Ashley 

“I spent months working on my old website. I was trying to save money by using price-driven web templates that needed custom coding…. but ended up with nothing to show for it. Because of TONIC, I had a full customized website up and running in ONE WEEK, y’all! Yes, I said ONE WEEK.” – Kylie

So really, why buy a Showit website template?

I told you I was going to be honest, so here are the facts: If your website isn’t great, it’s costing you money.

Your brand simply can’t afford to fall victim to boring template website syndrome. If your website looks pretty much the same as everyone else’s, it’s going to give the same experience that every other website gives.

It’s not going to help you stand out in the sea of 47 other tabs your ideal client currently has open. (Maybe that’s just me? #tabgamestrong) 

This is why you need a BALLER, totally standout Showit website template that makes customization easy and helps you stand out for who you are at your best and what you do best… that speaks so clearly to your ideal client that they go from “Who’s this again?” to “TAKE MY MONEY.” 

When your ideal client visits your site, you want them to feel like they’ve just stumbled upon the answer to allllll their problems… the cure for what ails them, the promise that you’re what they’ve been searching for.

If they like what they see on your website, working with you becomes a no-brainer. You go from one of a million options to the only one they can imagine working with.

And that, my friend, is a very, very good thing. Just take it from our TONIC regulars: 

“My customers are spending three times longer on my site than they previously did and they’re clicking through multiple pages rather than exiting after reading a blog post. My business has quadrupled since I put up my new TONIC site and the craziest part is that I’ve done less work on my website than ever before. I’m blogging less, updating less, and I no longer have to hunt down my clients. My revenue is steady and predictable for the first time ever since starting my business and I can sleep easy knowing that referrals will find their way to my site, get all of the information that they need, and convert into paying customers.” – Brooklyn

“I now have people book me without meeting me in person because they feel like they already knew me from my website. That speaks volumes.” – Ryan Greenleaf

“Since my new site launched, the QUALITY and QUANTITY of inquiries I receive has noticeably upleveled. I think potential clients see the next-level professionalism and intentionality that went into my site, and treat me with that level of intention. As a result, the projects I’m taking on are already upleveled. My TONIC site was so worth the investment.” – Erin

I’m a  ______. Will a Showit website template work for me? 

Whether you’re a coach, photographer, copywriter, designer, consultant, food blogger, or fitness instructor — we’ve got a template that will work for you.

Our templates seamlessly interface with WordPress for blogging, you can link out to your Kajabi or Teachable courses like Jenna does, they connect with ConverKit, ActiveCampaign, FloDesk, and more.

We’ve got a shop page, an instagram links page, and a template for literally any style you can imagine. Seriously, take a browse! 

The only type of business we don’t recommend our templates for is a primarily e-commerce business with more than 10 products. There are better e-commerce platforms out there for ya! 

Showit vs. WordPress? 

One of the main questions we get asked is whether it’s wise to go with one of our designs on Showit vs. a site on WordPress.

The great news? You don’t have to choose!

Showit, the website platform we use, seamlessly integrates with WordPress, which means that you’re able to have a WordPress blog (hello, SEO!), but the design and customization power of Showit. It’s totally the best of both worlds!

Bust the myth: TONIC Showit website templates vs. a custom website design

One of the most common myths that I see in the entrepreneurial community is that you’re somehow not legit until you have a custom website. And nothing makes me more prone to weep into my espresso.
If you’ve ever felt like your brand won’t have “made it” until you have a completely custom website, then listen up: 

A designer can’t give you a brand; they can only give your brand something to wear.

You are your brand.

Your product or service and what makes it unique and spectacular is your brand.

The unique experience that you bring is your brand.

I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs obsess over “looking the part,” thinking that it has to come with a hefty price tag, when that just isn’t true anymore. 

In fact, there are huge benefits to working with a template vs. a fully custom design… one major one being that it gives YOU, not a designer, creative control over the most powerful tool in your business arsenal.

When you want to add a page? You can.

When you want to add a service? Do it.

Want to swap out some copy? Go for it.

No waiting for a designer, paying for little updates, or getting trapped in a design you don’t know how to update that doesn’t reflect where your business is going. Goodbye, “Oh yeah, gosh, I really need to update that old thing…” 

In fact, we’ve had countless clients purchase TONIC templates after investing $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 and even more in fully custom websites because they realized their website couldn’t keep up with the trajectory of their business.

They couldn’t change it, add to it, or transition it when they needed to, which meant they’d invested in something that was already behind the growth of their brand as soon as it went live. 

In today’s creative economy, it’s more important than ever that your website grows with you, evolves with you, pivots with you, and moves as fast as you do.

A TONIC Showit template saves you time and money both now and later. It allows you to pivot, grow, scale, define, and redefine your online presence as often as you need to.

I’m not sure about you, but that sounds pretty legit to me.

(And like I said before… you WILL have a custom, designer website. Jeff and I are designers, and we designed them just for you!) 

More from our amazing customers:

I haven’t found any other templates that have the sophistication of graphic design, ease of use, and personality. You typically have to have a custom site built to get all of those ingredients.” – Debbie

“Tonic templates are second to none… far superior to any other template shop on the market. And as a professional designer, I have high standards! The templates are gorgeous on their own, but they’re so smartly designed that you can really make them your own. No two TONIC sites are clones, even using the same template!”  – Alaina

Okay, but can I actually DO THIS? 

“Jen, this sounds great, but I’m sooooo not techie….”

Picture me in full-on workout instructor mode:

You can do this. Yes, you can. It will be worth it. YES, YOU CAN. 

Again, I’ll let them tell you: 

“Using my TONIC design, I was able to get a beautiful and efficient website launched in less than SIX HOURS without the help of a developer or designer. Go for it, you will not regret it!” – Catherine

“No more buying templates that are hard to use and getting stuck. The best part is that I put everything together in one weekend. The download to completion couldn’t be easier.” – Liz

“Customizing my site template was easy, intuitive, and quick! I did it on my own in my ‘spare time’ which as a mom of two and business owner…you know is basically non-existent.” – Amy

Showit makes it easy to drag and drop until it’s hot / you’ve got the website of your dreams. If you need help, there’s a dedicated support team standing by AND we’ve got designers who can help you if you’re not feeling the DIY! 

TONIC Showit Website Templates: How to Start 

“Okay, Jen, this sounds great,” you say. “But what’s next?”

Well, it’s time to choose your Showit website template, friend!

TONIC has dozens of designer, cocktail inspired Showit website templates that will work for all styles and companies. (Browse ‘em here!)

Pick the layout that speaks to you, add your brand elements, drop in your copy and images, and you’re ready to launch your new home on the web.

Not techie? No problem.

We’ve had client after client tell us that this process was so much easier than they’d ever believed, and as your website designers, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re not sure which TONIC Showit template is right for you then take the brand cocktail quiz and get paired with the perfect website template.

Once you’ve picked out your new site, use the code ‘JENNASENTME’ for 15% off (that’s like an extra $200 in your pocket!)

And the next time your potential client asks, “Hey, what’s your website?” you’ll be excited and ready to welcome them into your new home. 

Ready to give your website a facelift?

Click here to get your new TONIC site.

P.S. Jenna here again! What did I tell you on that one?! RIGHT? If you need a little more of that in your life, let me tell ya, Jen is the first guest I ever invited onto my podcast and she recently came BACK to my show to answer 3 questions you should ask yourself before redesigning your website. So if you need to do a little more research on whether or not now is the right time for you to get the site of your dreams, here’s where to do it. Tune in here.

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