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December 28, 2020


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Over the last year, I really felt myself opening up to new ways of learning and understanding who I am and what my true purpose is. I’ve always been a fan of things like the Enneagram or Meyers Briggs that helps you connect with who you are and how that impacts how you show up in this life, but beyond those personality assessments, I’ve found myself seeking out new experiences like this, and it’s why I reached out to Natalie Walstein from Soulshine Astrology. 

Natalie Walstein is a personal career astrologer and she helps her clients navigate uncertainty with her crystal clear astrological insight. She can help you find your true calling so you can show up, create, and passionately pursue what you’re meant to do.


In this conversation, Natalie will take skeptics to task on the power of astrology, and walk through key terms and concepts so we all have a better understanding of what a reading can really tell us. And I’m so excited, because Natalie prepared a reading for me, so we’ll go through that together on air. 

Ready to look to the sun, moon, and planets and understand where the universe is leading you?

Meet Natalie

Natalie knew since she was 8-years old that she wanted to work in the creative and digital fields. She went to design school and since she hated working for other people (can you relate?!) she started her own design studio. 

After designing a magazine for a female entrepreneur association, Natalie started to attract more female entrepreneurs who wanted help creating pretty graphics for their brands. She noticed, however, that many of them were confused about their brand, mission, and vision at the core. They needed more than graphics.

Natalie started to feel like she was falling out of love with her career just five years in. She moved to the Big Island in Hawaii to, as she says, “make life feel magical again.” She moved into a treehouse in the jungle, and during that time she started to develop a greater appreciation for the stars and moon — the night sky is stunning in Hawaii. 

In the same month period, three clients hired her to design a moon tracker. It opened her eyes to astrology and realized she was meant to help people on a deeper spiritual level. She took an astrology course and she’s been helping people in this way ever since.

Astrology and Business

“Our human perspective is so limited compared to what we’re really capable of,” Natalie began. “We can only draw upon our past when we’re planning our future, so astrology really helps you connect to a higher mission for your life, and then you can tie that into actions you take in your business.” 

Using astrology in your business is really about finding alignment, and it’s not just big picture ideas. Astrology can help you with branding, messaging, colors to use, ways of working with other people… It’s truly a window into what aligns on every level of business. 

Astrology Essentials

For anyone who doesn’t have any exposure or experience with astrology, I asked Natalie to walk me through the essential things we must understand to get the most out of a reading. 

Of course, that’s a big question, but at the core, “The energy of the stars reflects our personality and who we are and what’s going to happen,” she began. “There are three main areas of your chart that you combine to come up with an interpretation of who you are and what’s best for you.”

First, your Zodiac sign, most of us are familiar with those. Those represent different zones of the sky that the planets can be in. “If you say that you’re a Cancer, what you’re really saying is that the sun was in the zone of Cancer when you were born.”

Then there’s planets and asteroids, and those all symbolize different aspects of our personalities. The sun is how you express yourself the best, while the moon is how you process your emotions. 

Finally, there’s the houses, and they represent the different areas of life that we’re always trying to balance like our appearance, goals, communication, creativity, health, family, and more.

“When you combine these three things from your chart you can find out anything about yourself,” Natalie explained.

Reading My Birth Chart

Before we met to record this episode, Natalie prepared my birth chart so we could dig into it together on the show. If you want to hear the full reading, hit play on the episode above. Natalie reads charts from a career perspective, so that’s exactly what she did for my reading. Here are the highlights — this was such a cool experience!

My sun is in Aries in the 11th house of community and friendship. Natalie explained that this means I express myself best when I am firing up my community to take action and get excited about pursuing their passions. This couldn’t be MORE accurate!

My moon sign is in Capricorn in the 8th house of business and finance and shadow work. “So this is really interesting because Aries and Capricorn are the main two coach signs I see,” Natalie explained. The Capricorn moon means I love to have a plan and I’m willing to do the research to find out what really works. Again, nailed it!

Natalie also shared that I have Saturn aligned with my moon, which she said is fairly rare. Saturn is the planet of discipline, meaning I tend to be an overachiever and I like the way it feels to get things done. 

Natalie’s way of walking through my chart was both eye-opening and reaffirming. If you’re curious about what other things you can learn from a birth chart reading, hit play on this episode. What she says about my greatest insecurity was so interesting!

What to Do with Your Chart

I’ve already learned so much from my chart through Natalie’s concise reading and explanations, but what can I do with that information?

Natalie explained that it’s important to approach your chart with an intention. “Most people are aligned, but some are not, so a lot of it is listening to where you’re not doing the things that you should be doing [according to your chart],” she explained. 

Sometimes you might approach your chart and not fully understand what you need to do at first. The ideas and direction might resonate, but it might feel bigger than what you had planned for yourself. That’s where Natalie’s business coaching comes in to help her clients take action on what they learned. It’s particularly helpful for beginner business owners in the starting phases where you have to decide every detail at once.

More from this Episode

Do you want to understand your birth chart? All you need is your birth date, time, and location to get started. Hit play for Natalie’s resources. If you’re curious about astrology and how it impacts humanity as a collective, (ahem, Mercury Retrograde!) Natalie talks about that in this episode, too. 

Connect with Natalie online and via Instagram @soulshineastrology and tune in to her podcast for more of what she teaches.


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