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December 30, 2020


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Each year, I love to reflect back on everything we created, released, pitched, shared, published, and recorded to reflect on all the hard work we put in, but also to comb through with a critical eye to understand what really moved the needle for the business.

It goes without saying that my reflection of 2020 feels different than any other year, and more than ever I’ve learned so much that I’m eager to bring into the new, fresh year… And I have a few things I plan to leave behind, too.

Kylie is back on the podcast to help me dig into our year-end audit process, as well as dig into the messaging that worked, the strategies we loved, the trends we expect to see expand, and what we’ll be ditching when the clock strikes midnight.

Overview of 2020

I always lot to do a mega data pull at the end of the year! We tend to do micro pulls each quarter but I love to look at ALLL the things from a numbers standpoint. So beyond just the monthly balance sheets, I want to see which offers performed the best, which ad costs were the lowest, which episodes were downloaded the most, which blogs were visited, which affiliates performed the best…

For me, that information is so powerful and it helps guide the direction we’re going. A lot of times people only look at their accounting statements but that only tells you so much and so I love to have this holistic look at the entire business in terms of results, not just money, and use that as the start of the roadmap for what’s next.

Messaging & Language

Entrepreneurship in whole is a lonely endeavor for a lot of people, but coupled with a pandemic and it can be a journey that feels so isolated even without the added challenges of navigating such an unprecedented time. This last year we wanted to be incredibly mindful in our marketing to match the climate. We wanted our sales pitches to feel way more like invitations and extended offers, so that if people couldn’t swing a purchase or it wasn’t the right time or the right offer, they wouldn’t be left feeling like they were doomed to failure.

We also focused on more ways to connect our audience with one another whether we invited shameless plugs on our social media accounts to calls to connection in our private communities. We wanted to pair people with other like-minded individuals to make this journey a little less lonely.

Working into next year, I think the main focus needs to be on building your dreams on a solid foundation. A lot of cracks were exposed in people’s businesses or processes this year when we were called to be resilient and adaptable and so entrepreneurs were left scrambling or trying to piece things back together and so my biggest focus for 2021 is kind of getting back to the basics, those solid principles that don’t waver, that allow someone to build with confidence.

Connecting with Your Audience

With the release of Instagram reels and a heightened focus on video, I’ve loved watching different conversations unfold on IG Live or IGTV, there’s something so fun about watching a conversation happen in real time !I’ve also watched a ton of new podcasts pop up this past year which is oh-so exciting and it gives people a chance to interview and connect with others and share those conversations with the world.

I think people are looking for amazing ways to connect virtually and we’re learning that it’s possible through so many different platforms and that the at-home aspect is not only convenient but so relatable. Like, you see the kid running through the frame or the dog barks and it just makes you feel a little less alone in this new normal we’re all navigating.

One other trend that I’ve noticed and been a part of are online virtual summits and challenges which I personally love. I think it’s much more feasible for someone to sign up and learn from home vs. booking a flight and a hotel and being at a conference for a few days and so I’ve loved that shift towards the online learning and one added perk of the at-home aspect of that is that you’re imprinting your mind with that new found knowledge in a place where you can live out your learnings.

A lot of times people go to a conference, get hyped up, and then get home only to let life take over without ever implementing what they learned and so the virtual learning invites a new way of implementing right into your day to day life and I personally love that!

Short Form Video in 2021

A new Instagram update in November changed how the app is laid out, putting Reels in a more prominent position on the app’s navigation. Clearly, short form video is going to be important going into 2021. Let’s talk about Instagram Reels.

The biggest thing to start with when it comes to reels is to ask yourself: what do you want the person watching this to get out of it? You want to use them to educate, inform, or entertain!

Try different things to see what sticks. Make sure they are showing up in your main feed to pull people over to watch them. Let them be imperfect. The best part is they are super short and they give you this super creative and eye-catching opportunity to create content that people consume more intentionally than just a static image! I personally love them and am having fun learning/testing/experimenting with them.

What We’re Leaving Behind

I’m leaving pressured selling behind in 2020! I’m so over it! I want people to approach selling as invitations and not pitches, giving people an opportunity to easily opt in with confidence or opt out without shame.

Gone should be the days where people feel guilted into a purchase or feel like they won’t be successful if they can’t afford something. I want empowered purchasers and I think that in the language we use, the way we present our offers, and the way we pay attention to our consumers, the cultural climate, and feedback, can help us create offers that are irresistible for the right people and not repelling to those who are not ready or not the right fit.

More from this Episode

Kylie and I talk about my shifting views of social media, my predictions for the online education space going into 2021, and the things I’m excited to experiment with in the next year (both business-wise and personally!) Hit play on the episode above for the full conversation on marketing, messaging and more as we step into a new year.

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