Are TONIC Site Shop Website Templates Really Worth the Price?

June 1, 2023



If you’re ANYWHERE except in love with your website, keep reading…

Our websites are the things we spend SO much time (and money, and resources) on to polish one time, and then… we often just forget about them, even though they’re the main place potential clients land to learn more about us!

The truth is, almost half (42%!) of users will leave a website if it has poor functionality (according to Hubspot). That means half of your potential clients, customers, and audience might be clicking “exit” before having a chance to get to know you and your services if they can’t find what they’re looking for easily.

When I first started my business, I knew I needed a website that could take a casual observer to a raving fan in a matter of minutes. But getting that chef’s kiss, perfectly YOU kind of website can felt like an impossible task… until I found TONIC Site Shop. Jen and Jeff at TONIC are the brilliant masterminds behind my website design. And the best part? It’s a website template!

TONIC has templates for all kinds of humans and businesses. It’s code-free and customizable, and you don’t have to spend an arm and leg trying to get your website to look like you did. But the price point I will admit can be jarring (especially if you haven’t seen quotes from a web designer) so I’m breaking down your biggest questions and shedding light on if their website templates are worth every penny! Spoiler: I think they are worth every penny and MORE! 

Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How do TONIC’s website templates work? I don’t get it.

TONIC provides people from all industries and interests (i.e. anyone who wants a beautiful, expertly-crafted website) with on-the-ready, beautifully-designed Showit website designs that they can easily build and customize on their own. Want to start a business? A blog? Launch a podcast or newsletter? Take your brick and mortar online? They’ve got perfect templates for you!

You can get started on right away with a little elbow grease (mainly putting your own spin on the design) and support from TONIC with the little details, you’ll have your new virtual digs in no time! Can you drag and drop? Then you can customize your design to meet your vision for your online presence. Easy.

I’m NOT a website designer! Is a TONIC template still right for me?

TONIC has done ALL the heavy lifting for you — their website templates are gorgeous but also super strategic, and designed to connect with your ideal client. No HTML or web-design knowledge needed at all. It functions as a ready-to-edit template that takes care of the design, layout, and feel for you. All you need to do is plug and play. It’s easy: just drag and drop it like it’s hot until you’ve got the site of your dreams. It totally passes the mom test — if you can write an email, you can customize your own site.

Do these website designs work with WordPress?

The blog included with your design + Showit subscription is a WordPress blog, so you still get the power of WordPress for blogging but your site is hosted and customized exclusively via the Showit platform! If this sounds confusing, don’t stress. They will help you understand how your template works as you go (TONIC has amazing support and guidance for all your questions!)

Wait, so how exactly does blogging work with a TONIC template and Showit?

The WordPress + Showit relationship can sound a little confusing at first, especially if you’re a WordPress diehard, but haven’t yet met Showit (yep, pronounced like show + it)! So here’s how it works; you will have a account, and you will upload, schedule and publish content from your WordPress dashboard like normal. Basically, you get all the power of WordPress for blogging, but you can customize the blog design and make it pretty in the awesome, super-easy-to-navigate Showit platform. Your published blog content ties directly into your design. AND Showit will actually get this all set for you, once your site is launch ready. They integrate seamlessly!

Does TONIC then host my site?

TONIC does not host your site! They’re your website template designers! Rather, they provide website templates that are made for the Showit platform specifically. Showit actually hosts your site and blog!

Can I change the fonts and colors on these website templates?

Absolutely! All pages and design elements in TONIC templates are 100% completely customizable — like, you can change anything, and you can change it yourself in your sweatpants with a drink in your hand without having to email any people who ‘know how to code’. It’s totally DIY and the non-stressful kind. And bonus, you can also duplicate pages as needed for additional content in your design, too!

Which Showit subscription option do I need to use these templates?

Your Showit subscription includes hosting for both your site and blog, use of the software to customize and manage your site and tech support along the way. We typically recommend the middle tier — if you plan to blog — and that is priced at $29 per month (or $288 billed annually). More information on their pricing options can be found here.

Okay, so then what is the process to launch my new website and get it live?

Once your site is launch-ready, you can let the Showit support team know by hopping into the in-app chat, and they will migrate your blog over to your new site (if applicable). Once complete, you will simply point your domain (that just means rerouting your web address!) and you’re in business. If you’d prefer to create a “coming soon”page instead, you can easily do that within Showit, too. It’s takes two minutes! That way, you can connect your domain, but still work on your full design in the background — and unveil the final masterpiece once you’re ready.

Do you have a discount code I can save a few bucks with?

I’m SO glad you asked! If you know your website isn’t as good as it SHOULD be and you’re riding the struggle bus trying to figure it all out, my best advice is: buy a TONIC site! And because they love me (the feeling is mutual!), you can save 20% on your site this week only when you use my code JENNASENTME at checkout!

So, while at first glance, you might be giving the TONIC Site Shop templates a little side eye at the price tag, let me reassure you that that cost is SO outweighed by what these templates deliver! TONIC has absolutely mastered how to create website designs and styles that not only catch the eye for your visitors but are built to convert. People will be excited to explore, read, subscribe, and purchase. Imagine how quickly you’ll make back the money you invest in your template? (And even more quickly when you save 20% on your new template with this flash sale!)

They’re who I’ve relied on for years and their new collection is gorgeous. Snag one for yourself (and don’t forget to use my code JENNASENTME to save 20% off)! It’s time to get the website of your dreams (and one your customers can’t resist!)

If you’re not 100% in love with your website, I’m here to tell you that you can AND should be! You just need a TONIC Site Shop template.

Use code JENNASENTME for 20% off the BEST website templates in the game!

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