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A (REAL) Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Jenna Kutcher 

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You wake up! It’s a brand new day, you have the world’s best boss (YOU!) and you’re about to take over the world and make it freaking happen. You’re a total girl boss and it’s time to show the world what you’re made of. But wait… it’s not that easy, is it? You log on and scroll with that cute little thumb of yours the minute your eyes squeak open in the morning and imagine all of the perfectly sprinkled donuts, the foamy lattes with designs, and the styled to perfection desks. Suddenly, your bed head and zits don’t feel all that glamorous and your Keurig coffee tastes a little less bold. A day in the life of an entrepreneur goes a little something like this… The alarm sounds (that is, if you remembered to set an alarm at all) and your to do list starts forming like a million internet explorer tabs opened at the same time. You’re not sure where to begin (or even if you can begin at all) so you sit down and start scrolling, the mindless scroll that makes your reality look a hell of a lot more real and not at all styled like the photos you see.

You look down to see yesterdays coffee stain on today’s shirt and you stumble into the office (or maybe you’re like me and work from the couch.) The dogs bark, the laundry is begging to be washed, the dishwasher is full and you know that it it won’t be emptied, and your office looks more like a scene from the Walking Dead (than a Pinterest Pin.) But hey, you’re a girl boss and you’re about to take over the world… or maybe just tackle your inbox. You open it, shocked, horrified, overwhelmed. You quickly open a tab of Facebook, because, well priorities, and you just have to know what everyone did since you last looked at it ten minutes ago. Oh shoot, the email, yes, gotta get through it. You know that brain with the million tabs? Yeah, your explorer literally has a million tabs open and you pop from one to the next like an ADD puppy chasing squirrels. Suddenly you don’t remember what the heck it was that you were doing and you sit and ponder for a solid five minutes while sipping your coffee that suddenly got cold.

It’s time to multitask, because, duh, we are women, we can do that. So you put on a face mask that promises you’ll look ten years younger, you hop on a business call and quietly attempt to unload the dishwasher (you go, Glen Coco) and you answer the door for the UPS guy while holding back your dogs who are ready to attack. (He doesn’t even flinch when he sees the beautiful mess you are, face mask and all.) Suddenly lunch time has snuck up on you, you’re positive you haven’t accomplished a single thing and your silently yearning for that cubical job you just left, because damn, not having responsibility really was the bees knees. You scroll through Instagram as your lean cuisine cooks in the microwave and see beautiful kale salads, perfectly sculpted healthy cookies, and girls who have six packs and cute yoga pants. (What a perfect reminder that your yoga pants haven’t made it to yoga in weeks…) Don’t worry, there’s still time to turn this day around. You’re sure of it.

The post lunch coma kicks in and Fixer Upper is somehow on HGTV and maybe if you just catch the end of this one episode, you’ll feel inspired to take over the world (again.) Oh shoot, this couch is comfy and the dogs are finally sleeping and maybe a little power nap will give me the power I desperately need to just tackle one of those things off of that list I have. Your phone goes off, oh crap. You slept for an hour, an entire hour, and now you really need to hustle (everyone is talking about hustle these days, I think this is what they mean.) You’re quickly editing photos, responding to emails, posting things on Facebook, and attempting to find a photo for Instagram that makes it appear that you aren’t the total mess you are. While trying to pick a photo you once again find yourself scrolling (for inspiration, you know?) and you feel like you’ll never measure up, you’ll never make it, you’re not enough. Your husband comes home to find you in yesterdays clothes, today’s bed head, and the mask has dried (and cracked on your face.) You try to convince him you were just too busy taking over the world and being a total girl boss to realize you never washed it off.

You shut down like a good wife should, help cook dinner, sip wine, dance in the kitchen and feel on top of the world. Life as an entrepreneur is the absolute best and you’re riding that high. Suddenly it’s 9PM and inspiration strikes and you’re brilliant, a total genius, and you just have to get your thoughts down or you’ll explode. You type a million miles an hour and you know it’s the best thing you’ve ever created and you are so the new Beyonce of your industry. It’s time for bed but you mind still has a million inspired tabs open and maybe, just maybe tomorrow will be the day where you finally get through that to-do list… just maybe. 

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  1. Jenny McQueen says:

    Damn. That’s every day that I don’t have a plan. Thanks for letting me know I am not crazy! or maybe I’m crazy, but I am not alone!!

  2. Mimi says:

    Oh good, it’s not just me!

  3. Stephanie Williamson says:

    You’ve literally just taken my day (and all of my thoughts) and described it to the T! I’m so thankful I’m not alone but god to I wish I had more self-discipline. It gets so frustrating and the up and down roller coaster is hard to handle some times!

  4. A.Photographer says:


    Are you sure you didn’t just write this while watching my daily life? 😉 Glad I’m not alone!

  5. Michelle Hawthorne says:

    I LOVE this!! I am still working my FTJ for a bit longer, but dreaming of the day when I can wake up, dress up in my favorite yoga pants and t-shirt, only brush my hair if I feel like it, rock out with my Keurig coffee, and conquer the world in true girl boss fashion! Keep inspiring!

  6. Kamra Anderson Fuller says:

    Pretty much sums it up! Great post Jenna.

  7. […] A (REAL) Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur […]

  8. Tina Harle says:

    Wow so right on. Add a toddler with all her distractions into that mix too and that’s my life.


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