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June 25, 2019


small business appsI feel like there are two people out there: those with a million apps on their phone that they use less than half of, and those with a select few apps that each have a specific purpose, function, and place on the home screen. Hey, no judgment either way! I’ve been known to be a little cluttered myself from time to time, but one thing I think I’ve gotten a solid handle on is my phone organization.

If you’re like: “What is phone organization, and why does it sound like just one more responsibility Jenna’s adding to my list of things to maintain?” — don’t worry. I got you. I promise this isn’t an overly complicated strategy or something you need to devote hours of your time to figuring it out.

Phone organization is simply setting up your phone in a way that allows you to navigate it easily, improve your workflow, and get more enjoyment and productivity out of the time you spend on the ol’ smartphone. And it starts with getting super intentional with what apps you download and use on a daily basis. I’m going to share my top 5 small business favorite apps for managing work with a few taps of a finger, but before that, let’s dive into a few tips and tricks for setting up your phone for optimal functionality.

How to organize your phone for better time management and balance

With a few small shifts, your phone usage can become a lot more streamlined and more deliberate. And, the best part, it should only take a few minutes to spruce up your home screen!

Downsize: I want you to go through your phone and delete ALL the apps you don’t use. For real. Like, all of them! (Like, right now! It’ll only take a minute.) You can even delete apps that come with your phone, so if you prefer a different GPS app or don’t need the latest updates on the stock market, you can delete the standard map and stocks apps that came installed on your phone. Trust me, if you don’t use it, you probably won’t miss it. (And, if you do, you can always re-download it later!)

Compile: Whenever you download a new app, it goes to the last spot on the last page of your phone screen. For those app hoarders or serial downloaders (I see y’all!), you may not even remember downloading some of the stuff you have. After you’ve deleted what you don’t need, group corresponding apps together in folders. You can have different categories, like a finance, photography, social, business, and entertainment folder.

And even if you’re not a folders kind of gal, you can still arrange your post-purge apps in a way that makes sense. Put the apps you use for personal stuff on one page, with the most-used up top, and your professional-related apps on the next page in order of most to least important. That way you’ll know exactly where to navigate when you need something.

Download: Now, for the fun part. Odds are you might not have the best apps in place for productivity, workflow, and communication. I’m pulling back the curtains on my own home screen to share a roundup of my all-time favorite apps to keep business running seamlessly.

The 5 apps for entrepreneurs that you need to download today

As entrepreneurs, we hit the jackpot in terms of work flexibility. Chances are you can work from anywhere and from pretty much any device, including your smartphone. That’s why getting your apps situated and optimized for top performance is so, so vital. Here are the ones I keep at the top of my business folder.

  1. PLANN: Your Instagram Marketing Wiz

We use PLANN to drag, drop, and rearrange images for not only my personal JK account but also the Goal Digger Podcast and The Kutcher Condo accounts. It’s my FAVORITE planning, scheduling, and analytics app for the ‘gram because it provides advanced insights, hashtag tools, competitor metrics, tips for posting, and even color palette and photo flow advice. Seriously, y’all, it’s got it all, and it simplifies everything related to Instagram so that planning your feed takes almost no time or effort to get beautiful, consistent flow.

  1. MileIQ: Your Mileage Tracking Solution

As a business owner, you might be used to driving from meetings to interviews to the airport for a work trip, and then driving back home again week after week. Ever wonder if there was a simple way to track your mileage? MileIQ is your answer, and it is oh-so brilliant.

It accurately and easily records miles you drive for business reasons to improve your mileage tax deduction. And you know what improved deductions mean… More money in the bank, honey! Even if you only drive a few places for work a week, that mileage adds up, and this app (which has a free version!) is so worth it to keep track of your deductions.

  1. HoneyBook: Your Small Business Powerhouse

I am a huge, huge fan of HoneyBook’s business model because it simplifies everything in the world of running a small business. From a pleasant client experience and easy payment processes to handling meetings, inquiries, and proposals with organized (and, not to mention, pretty) layouts, HoneyBook handles all elements of internal and external communications in your biz. And the fact that you can sign new clients from the convenience of your phone? Even. Better. (Psst! If you sign up for HoneyBook with my link, you can save 50% on your annual subscription and get 5 free email templates of mine — get it now!)

  1. Slack: Your Communication and Collaboration Haven

Ugh, I am a major Slack devotee, and my team uses it for ALL of our weekly check-ins, communication, updates, and just to chat about our days. All the important things, you know? But really, Slack allows teams to get out of their inboxes — which we all know can be cluttered, terrifying black holes sometimes — and into communication with one another, with ease. You can create group conversations, as well as one-on-one chats, to handle multiple projects, priorities, and plans at once.

  1. Apple Podcasts (or Google Podcasts for Android Users): Your Entertainment and Education Destination

It’s no secret I’m a major lover of podcasts of all kinds — heck, listening to them is what inspired me to start my own! From true crime and pop culture to business insight and advice, marketing strategy, and belly laughter-inducing storytelling, there’s something for everyone in the podcast app.

For business owners especially, there’s a wealth of knowledge in the podcast archives just waiting for you to press play and dig into the endless knowledge and value out there. If you haven’t yet, check out The Goal Digger Podcast for a live workshop-style biz pod where I strive to deliver strategic advice from experts, tangible steps to chasing your dreams, and lots of realness and behind-the-scenes of my own journey on this crazy entrepreneurship road.

Well, there you have it! Those magical squares on my phone are the top 5 apps that I personally use to keep my business running without a hitch. I’m a big “work smarter, not harder” believer, and these apps help me pour into that notion with utter convenience and ease.

Need more app recommendations?

Download my 5 Must-Have Apps to Rock Instagram Guide

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