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5 FREE Tools to Grow Your Email List

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Let’s talk about two of my favorite things of all time. You ready? It doesn’t get much better than FREE resources and email lists. I mean, I think I’ve talked about growing your email list until I’m blue in the face, but the incredible thing about this online space is there’s always something new to learn, interesting tools to utilize, and novel strategies to implement to continue growing and expanding.

So, today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite free tools to help you build your email list. These tools will help streamline your list-building processes, encourage your subscribers to continue opening and reading your emails, and lead to long-lasting forward motion and stunner results… And isn’t that what we’re all aiming for? Let’s do this.

Kick your design game up a notch with Canva

Listen, not everyone is gifted in the graphic design department. In fact, I’d bet most of us aren’t proficient in InDesign or PhotoShop… And many of us may not even be at the intro level. Heck, I’m sure many haven’t even opened these programs before, and that’s okay! Just because you don’t know a lot about design doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful, captivating emails, and it all starts with Canva.

Canva provides unique and stunning layout designs, not only for email templates, but for all kinds of social media, website, and print needs. And you can have access to this user-friendly design landmine for free. You can easily play with the layouts and customize filters, text, photos, and other aesthetic elements to match your branding and design needs. It’s truly the simplest way to incorporate savvy design into your emails, and way cheaper than hiring a full-time designer.

Master subject lines with our free subject line guide

I get it. Subject lines can be stumpers. It’s like, you spend all this time crafting the perfect email, with the most moving story and the smoothest call to action… And then you have to come up with a subject line that actually motivates people to open the email and not just bump it straight to the trash. Ugh, the struggle is REAL. That’s why I wanted to create a free resource with 50 ideas for subject lines you can tailor and personalize to suit your emails and business’s needs.

The best way for me to get great ideas for things that work is by watching what more successful people do. So, I started subscribing to the email lists of people I admired in the same realm of business as I’m in, and I noticed their subject lines weren’t just some plain-Jane, run-of-the-mill statement, like “Photography Guide.” No sirree, you’ve got to catch the people’s attention and stand out! So, my guide walks you through a ton of examples of catchy, alluring subject lines that you can repurpose for your own emails time and time again.

Capture more email addresses with online quizzes

It’s no secret that, as humans, we love learning about ourselves. The New York Times and Buzzfeed have both reported that quizzes are among their highest viewed content because they drive engagement and interaction, and people are so interested in seeing who or what they are on a new level. It’s a fun way for your website visitors to get to know you better as they simultaneously get to know themselves better.

And truly, every business can create online quizzes, no matter what industry or line of work you’re in. If you own a succulent shop, you could have a “What Type of Plant Owner Are You?” quiz, or if you’re a mental health counselor, you could create a “What Kind of Self-Care Should You Be Doing?” survey. People love gaining insight into themselves — hello, just look at the upswing in popularity of the Enneagram lately  — and quizzes are a fairly simple way for you to create an automated system on your website that grows your email list with an easy, yet creative, opt-in idea.

Get your resources out there with Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just another social media website — it’s a search engine and the spot where millions of people go to find answers to their questions and resources for their problems. When you create freebies or opt-in opportunities, sharing them on Pinterest can capture users’ attention and ultimately land them on your website. But beyond them just landing there and hoping they’ll convert, it’s more important to encourage them to join your email list.

That way, over time, you’ll be able to form a lasting relationship with them through email marketing and engagement, so that it’s not just a one-time conversion, but many down the road, as well, because they’ll know and trust you. Just like with quizzes, every type of business can offer up resources and freebies on Pinterest. Go onto the platform and search for terms that you think your audience would be searching. Maybe it’s “wedding photography checklist” or “editorial calendar guide.” Create a resource that’s highly searched and that you can then share to Pinterest to drive people to opt-in to your email list. For more details on using Pinterest for your biz, check out this podcast episode.

Tap into Google Analytics to see the trends

I know, I know, sometimes the “techy” stuff is overwhelming and digging into the numbers is something your “website person” probably does. But guys, we’ve got to get past this mindset that numbers are scary! Numbers are your bread and butter, and I can promise that with a few simple implementations, checking out your Google Analytics won’t be intimidating — and, warning, it might even be fun. (It is for me!) I wrote a whole post about the numbers on Google Analytics you need to be paying attention to in order to scale and be really successful in your business, so check that out here.

In the meantime, just remember that the greatest way to grow with your perfect audience or customers is by keeping in touch with them on your own terms. What I mean is that your followers on social media aren’t guaranteed — those platforms could tank any day, and then what would you do? But your email list is a group of people who chose to keep in touch with your business, and it’s your job to nurture them, communicate well with them, and allow them to feel empowered and in the right place.

When we dug into our numbers more, we saw certain content like old blog posts that were doing really well, but that didn’t have an opportunity for readers to opt-in and keep in touch anywhere. When you can observe and learn where your audience is drawn, you can get hyper-strategic in inviting them into your world via your email list, and you’ll only know when you start paying attention to the data.

All that’s left, Get started

How awesome that you don’t have to invest dollars to get started, right? I’ve shared my 5 favorite free tools and resources to build your email list and keep your subscribers captivated and invested in your business for the long run — and I bet you’re already imagining investing in your list because you’re a smart cookie and see the mega value each subscriber brings your biz. I sincerely hope you’ll use these to continue improving your opt-in offers and growth strategies for your people to stay in touch with you for years and years to come, so you can serve them well and sell your next offer with ease.


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