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July 11, 2019


If you’ve been around here for a while, you know Drew and I take one month each year to escape to Maui and rest, rejuvenate, enjoy each other’s company (and now Conley’s, too!), and soak up the sunshine. In fact, the first time we went, we didn’t want to leave…which promptly led us to investing into our own little corner of paradise, The Kutcher Condo!

Now, we get asked for our favorite spots and best recommendations on the island all the time since we’re locals one-twelfth of the year. We’ve been able to explore and eat our way through some seriously awesome spots, so we thought we’d pull together a master list for future Maui-goers to be able to get ideas for places they CAN’T miss when planning their trips!

Going to Maui soon? Then you’ll want to check out these incredible restaurants and eateries.

Our favorite Maui restaurants you won’t want to skip out on

Akamai Coffee: This one’s a short stroll from The Kutcher Condo, so it’s pretty much a daily stop for us! We laughed at how often we were there, it’s our fave. The cinnamon rolls are heavenly and the coffee is incredible — you’ve got to pop in at least one morning during your stay.

Flatbread Company: If you’re in Pai’a, you’ve got to stop here for great local eats and easy-sippin’ craft beers. Whenever we’re in town, we make sure to stop by for a salad and pizza at least once! They have gluten-free crusts and their daily specials are to-die for. Also makes great leftovers! 

Food Trucks on Maui: For real, a hidden gem, this little alley of food trucks is a must-stop for us! You can find just about anything you’re craving, and in the most casual digs near the airport, from poke or acai bowls to curry and sushi. It’s got it all, and it all tastes freakin’ good. We usually go straight from the plane to get our first Maui bites in. 

Hawaiian Moons: Our favorite natural food store, Hawaiian Moons is the place to stock your home-away-from-home with snacks, fruit, and other munchies you’ll want during your trip.  It’s just a few blocks from our condo, so we’re basically regulars there. I go for their delish Basic Acai bowl to start the day off on the right foot and Drew’s a serial salad bar guy. 

Isana: I was just at a friends house last night telling them they HAD to go to Isana. It’s sushi, habachi and they have amazing ramen bowls (we stick to sushi to avoid the ol’ gluten.) It was recently entirely redone and we know the head sushi chef and it’s definitely one of my favorite meals on the island. We’ve been there twice already on this trip and we usually just let them surprise us with gluten-free rolls, my mouth is watering thinking about it. In my opinion, it’s a little bit nicer than Miso Phat and easier to sit and enjoy because they aren’t all high-top tables!

Japengo: It’s located in a hotel, but it is by far one of our favorite meals in Maui! I asked Drew the other day what his favorite meal he’s ever had was and it was the seafood udon bowl from Japengo. We came across this delicious spot on our first visit to the island, as a matter of fact, and we always go back for more. Their fresh and local menu offerings are unforgettable!

Ka’ana Kitchen: Now my favorite meal on the other hand? This. Hands down. We celebrate all the big occasions here and are never disappointed. This one has consistently served up solidly good food. It’s a bit more of a splurge, so plan a celebratory meal here! It’s in the Andaz and one of our regular go-tos, the chicken and waffles are to-die-for. 

Kihei Café: Full disclosure: we’ve only gone here once because everyone told us to. The cinnamon rolls are absolutely legendary (and the locals will be sure to tell ya so). It gets a bit crowded and the line can stack up, but I promise they keep things moving smoothly and swiftly! It’s totally worth the wait, too.

Mama’s Fish House: Seriously some of the best and freshest fish you can get on the island — and that’s saying a lot! If you ask anyone who’s been to Maui, you’ll likely hear about this spot. It’s a more pricey meal, but the private beach and the experience make it totally worth every last penny.

Miso Phat Sushi: They might know us by name here, just saying. Don’t let the strip mall discourage you — this place is straight up GOOD. It was actually the first place we had dinner in Kihei, and it immediately became a favorite and a staple for us! Any of their baked rolls are to-die-for. 

Monkeypod Kitchen: This one’s hard to beat, and I don’t know what took us so long to finally try it after hearing rave reviews for so long! You’ll likely need a reservation here, so book this one early. The happy hour is absolutely divine — whether you indulge in the pizza, beers, or both…you’ll love everything and want to come back for more before heading home.

Three’s Bar and Grill: Get your happy hour on at Three’s! We love the fact that it’s based off of three different cuisine chefs so there’s something for everyone. We have been known to pop in for a late afternoon bevvy and snack quite a few times because their happy hour menu is impeccably priced and stocked with some of the best food and drinks!

Whether you’re hungry for adventure or for an incredible meal, Maui’s got plenty to satiate your cravings, big and small! And if you’re looking for a place to stay, we’d love to extend an invite to our little cozy spot on the island to you!

We are so in love and obsessed with this place (is it obvious?), and simply adore sharing this piece of our heart in Maui with others.

Want to experience Maui for yourself?

Check out our two condos that you can stay at!

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