What You Should Really Know About Sharing Your Faith

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January 29, 2018


Jenna Kutcher interviews Jamie Ivey of The Happy Hour podcast where they talk all about what you should really know about sharing your faith.

Goal Diggers, I am teaming up with a fellow lady boss podcaster, the incredible Jamie Ivey of the Happy Hour Podcast! Jamie has always inspired me with her ability to be so vividly authentic and so relaxed in sharing your faith, no matter what platform she is on.

She truly emits her faith (and her humanness!) in every interaction.  When she talks blatantly about her beliefs, it never seems preachy or intense– it just seems very real and very inviting.

Also, Jamie is a past radio show host (yes, really!) so it’s safe to say that she is a phenomenal interviewer and provided for one of the most well-spoken interviews we’ve had. We covered everything from content creation, starting a podcast, How to start a podcast, the logistics of writing a book, bringing personality to your brand, adoption, and most noteworthy, how she blends faith and business.

Looping your faith into a business:

How do you loop your faith into a business? It sounds so simply, but it really is a blurry world. We discussed challenges of a venture being faith-filled and profit making. We discussed the boldness involved in sharing your faith, but not wanting to ostracize anyoen who doesn’t believe what you believe… Truthfully, it is a teetertoter of a world to incorporate faith into your business. But how do you do it? Jamie mentioned the importance of finding a  “balance business and mission.”

And I absolutely love that. Sometimes faith and business don’t feel like they can mesh– like they belong in separate boxes. But Jamie and I have both decided this is something worth prioritizing for us. Yes, it can be blurry and awkward, but you can also be highly approachable and avoid being “churchy” with your faith. How does Jamie do it? Keep readin’ on!

her top tricks for sharing faith in an honest (non-pushy) way:

To speak about your faith in a way that invites people in, Jamie shares her best tactics to remain authentic, serve the Lord, and keep it welcome to everyone. Her three go-to strategies:

  1. Listen to who your audience is! Simple enough, but knowing what audience you are serving, what person you are talking to, or what platform you are using can majorly impact how you share your faith. There are times to be bold and times to be light-hearted! Fully listen and be aware of where you are and your circumstances to fully make your impact.
  2. Be real and authentic in what you share! People crave genuine conversation– and they can tell when you are blowing smoke. The biggest part of sharing your faith is being real: share the hard parts, share the awkward, intimate parts, and people will connect to your words.
  3.  Stop picturing that person. You know who I’m talking about– that one person you picture rolling their eyes whenever you post. Stop thinking about that person! Likely, you are writing a narrative that doesn’t exist… and also, don’t think of the one negative person when you are on an overall positive mission!

Jamie’s SINGLE best advice for those wanting to share their heart:

Jamie’s ONE TAKE HOME tip to sharing your faith? Actions speak louder than words! If you are not walking the walk, people won’t listen when you talk the talk. Ask yourself: are you truly living the faith that you are so actively preaching? Whoa. Definitely food for thought! Jamie is such an authentic force of light in this way, and if you ever have any questions about someone who is walking the walk, I encourage you to start following along with Jamie and her movement!

There you have it, Jamie Ivey in a nutshell. I love her voice, and I think we all have something to learn about sharing our true selves: whether it is our faith, our struggles, our ambitions– whatever it is, Jamie is about to show you how to emit your true self on this wild little online world we live in.

It’s safe to say we covered ALL of the bases with this phenomenal woman, and I cannot wait to hear what you take away from today! If there is a specific tidbit that helped you, let us know at @goaldiggerpodcast on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Jordan Jones says:

    Goodness gracious did I love this episode! So inspiring to hear how Jamie shares her faith through her podcast and business! It makes me want to start my own podcast!

  2. Steph says:

    I’ve been following you on IG for while know. I just love you, your spirit, your encouraging words and you’re smile. I’ve started listening to some Goaldigger shows to help get my blog going and came across the interview with Jamie. I read her book and LOOOOOOOVED it. So imagine how excited I was to find two of my favorite encouragers doing a podcast TOGETHER! That was SO cool. Loved this episode. Also, the content was huge for me as I try to decide the direction of my blog and how much of my faith I should share. Thank you! Thank you!

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