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October 5, 2022


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This episode feels slightly vulnerable, and I’m actually really excited to vocally process a little bit of what’s been going on behind the scenes, because the more that I’ve shared about this, the more that people are saying, “oh my gosh, me too, I feel this too.” And the topic of today’s show is kind of like, what do you do when you’re not totally sure what’s next? When you’re maybe in a sort of identity crisis or in this transition in your life where you’re shifting identities, or your passions are changing, or you’re looking at something that you’ve built and you’re like, “I don’t know if I wanna be doing this a year from now or five years from now or 10 years from now”?

If you’ve read my book, How Are You, Really? you know that I’ve had about eight bajillion different careers in my decade of entrepreneurship, from being a wedding photographer, to running a wedding blog, to having a watercolor print shop, to teaching courses, all these different things. I am no stranger to pivoting, but in order to pivot, you kind of have to know where you’re heading. And the more that I talk to people about this feeling I’ve been having, the more that I realize, one: I’m not alone, but two: there is this transition period that a lot of us sit in and it is so uncomfortable, but we also don’t really have the tools to know how to navigate it well. 

So today I want to share about what I’ve been feeling and how I’ve been working through it and what I’ve been learning about myself in the process. I hope that today’s episode is this invitation for you to ponder where you’re heading, and if there are certain things you need to leave behind to continue on, on your own journey. So let’s dive in, we’re going talk about what to do when you’re not sure what’s next. 

Do you know what sets your soul on fire? 

I’m going to be honest with you: I never expected to write a book. It wasn’t something I always dreamed of, it was never a life goal, and it certainly never made its way onto any vision boards. So when the process of writing How Are You, Really? turned out to be my favorite thing I’ve ever done, it humbled me. It got me to take a step back and ask myself, do I even really know what I love? If something I never wanted for myself ended up fulfilling me in a way I never expected, what else is out there for me that I haven’t even considered? 

Much like the comedown from planning a wedding, finishing such a personal piece of work can leave us feeling empty when it’s over, like nothing else will ever fulfill us in that way again. But rather than looking at it as the end, I like to think of it as the changing of seasons; the transition will be difficult, but as you start to find your footing in that new season, you discover there will always be new ways to light your soul on fire and keep you moving forward. 

So, when you find yourself in this transition period, where you know you’re on the cusp of something new but you’re not sure what exactly, the big question becomes: How do you get clear on what’s next for you when you’re not sure what you want? 

Honoring your intuition

As I prepare to make my own leap from writing into the unknown, I’m keeping my focus on the ‘how’ much more than on the ‘what.’ We can’t always plan where we’re going next or what the next big opportunity will be, but if we can figure out how to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, we can ensure we have the tools to navigate new seasons in ways that honor our intuition and keep our cups full, no matter what’s around the corner. 

The best way I’ve found to connect with my inner self is by taking a step back from the day-to-day and getting in silence; every time I do, I gain clarity on what it is I’m craving, what I’m missing, what is stressing me out, and what I need to feel fulfilled going forward. Being able to take a break is a huge privilege and one I don’t take lightly, but if you can swing it for a week, a day, or even an hour, you’ll start to tune into all the little messages from your mind and body that otherwise get lost in the chaos of everyday life. Even if all you can squeeze in is a quick moment of silence while waiting in the pick-up lane, how can you, instead of trying to be so productive with the things you need to do, focus that energy and that space on filling yourself up?

Navigating new seasons

This past August I was lucky enough to take such a break, and although my days didn’t look exactly how I imagined they would (think fewer quiet morning writing sessions, more rambunctious family beach trips), I was able to get clear on what I need moving into this upcoming season of busyness. I discovered that what I’m craving is more alone time to connect with myself on a deeper level through grounding, meditation, and journaling, and, to everyone’s surprise including my own, more consistency in my schedules and routines. 

Even if I don’t know exactly where the road is taking me next, I know that the more I can tune into my intuition and create that space to honor my inner voice, the more confident I’ll feel in taking those next steps. As you move forward into your own new seasons of change, I urge you to get quiet with yourselves and really listen to what it is you need to feel grounded, connected, and revitalized in this next phase of life. 

The unpredictable nature of transitions can be scary, but if we can develop the tools to navigate the discomfort and learn to lean into the unknown, I think we’ll find ourselves on a path more beautiful and authentic than we ever could’ve imagined. 

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This episode digs into how to navigate periods of uncertainty and the importance of getting quiet and honoring your intuition. Press play to learn how to move through your own transitions with confidence wherever you get your podcasts.


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