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October 6, 2022


When my friend Marie Forleo told me she was creating a course about how to use your time as efficiently as possible, I knew it was fate. I was about to have my second daughter and with working full-time and being a full-time mom of soon-to-be-two, I had a feeling my time was about to feel a lotttt more crunched.

She kept saying, “This will change your life” with such conviction that even though I questioned if it was the right time (pun intended) I trusted her. I ended up buying and taking the course not long after Quinn was born and it took me about one week to complete. I planned out my content schedule so that I was consuming 2 hours of lessons a day for 5 days — mostly on long walks with Quinn strapped into the stroller. It was a big commitment but I can guarantee you that it was time I do NOT regret! I even had members of my team dive into the content along side of me and we had a Slack channel to communicate about what we were learning and what our takeaways were. 

If you often feel behind on your goals, distracted while trying to get things done, or like you never have enough hours in the day… I would heavily encourage you to consider signing up for this course. You can get it done in a WEEK and implement the tools it offers to enhance the rest of your life. Plus, best of all, it will show you doable ways to get hours of your precious time back every single week to spend on things that truly matter.

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The benefits and promises of Time Genius

Here are just a few of the end results you can expect by enrolling in this magical course!

  • Learning to set the RIGHT priorities: And no longer focusing on things that don’t truly matter to you while honing in on the things that you desire deep in your soul.
  • Doubling your creative output: Marie shows you how to get the most important stuff done as fast as possible so you can then spend your time doing what you love.
  • Eliminating procrastination, distractions, and guilt: This was BIG for me because I know I certainly have my crutches that get in the way of getting things done efficiently (looking at you, Instagram). Learning how to best manage my time to make space for work AND breaks was beyond life-changing.
  • Increase your energy and joy: I mean, I think we can all get behind this?! When we’re spending focused time on the responsibilities in our lives, we can get things done quickly and get back to real life asap. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Course module breakdown

Check out this brief overview of what the course covers! All modules can be watched or listened to, and Marie also goes live so you can hear real-time ways to make the most of the materials and ask questions. She also provides Fun Sheets (digital worksheets) to fill out and help make the materials stick.

Module 1: Escape the “Time Stress Trap”

It includes a language trick that helps you drop bad habits and adopt better ones, the skill you need to feel more time-rich, a mantra to help you quit feeling overwhelmed, how to slow down external distractions, and how to feel more freedom with your time.

Module 2: Know What’s Important, Ignore What’s Not

This one has 3 words that can skyrocket your results, a Simplify to Amplify Audit that reveals what activities get you the best ROI, the difference between dreams, goals, and habits and how to know what to focus on, how to better say no, and a peek into how Marie organizes her own goals.

Module 3: Make Your Success Inevitable

This module has a 4-minute nighttime habit that guarantees high performance, her genius “White Space Rule, tips for solving problems/distractions, how to get into creative flow, and how to eliminate distractions and create an effective working environment.

Module 4: Get It All Done, Joyfully

Then, you’ll learn how to make a focus checklist, how to stay calm and energized on busy days, how to create a sustainable morning routine, a transformative pre-work ritual, 5 power questions to help you stay on track throughout the day, and a 5-minute hack to boost energy.

Module 5: Stay Motivated, Consistent & Inspired – Long Term

Finally, you’ll learn how to use previously “wasted time” and make it more productive, a habit that will make you unstoppable, how to activate the brain chemical that create more growth each day, a motivation supercharging habit, a mistake people make when trying to stick to a schedule, how to create a springboard for inspiration, and how to stay on track even when things don’t go according to plan.

My personal experience with Time Genius

This course truly changed my life. I paid full price for it and went through it with a group of students, I attended the coaching calls, printed the workbooks at OfficeMax, and even had an accountability partner (shout out, Koya!) There were parts of me that thought, “This isn’t the best time to dive into a program” but more of me that knew with a second baby and a busy business and a book coming out, I had to figure out how to make sure I was investing my most precious currency (my time) in a way that would enrich my life.

I honestly can’t recommend Time Genius enough (my mom is even going to take it this next round) if you are stuck in a place of time stress or this feeling of never getting the important things done in your life. If you have a busy schedule and feel constantly frazzled or behind on things, this is for you. It’s often not our fault when schedules and to-do lists get out of control, but this course provides tangible, doable ways to reduce the overwhelm, get back to your priorities, focus on what matters, and make the VERY best use of your time.



Get ready to save more time & get back to what matters!

Enroll in Time Genius today for a life-changing approach to time management and get my time-saving bonus bundle for FREE when you do!

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