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October 28, 2020


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Why aren’t email lists talked about like they’re the sexiest marketing strategy ever? Let me tell ya, email lists *are* sexy. My list drives insane profits for my business and without it, I wouldn’t be reaching and impacting the people I’m lucky enough to speak to via their inboxes each week.

So in this episode of the Goal Digger Podcast, Kylie is asking me alllll about email lists in a new way. We’ll dig into why your newsletter form is failing you, how to start from zero subscribers, what do you do if you have a dormant list, and the email marketing strategies that actually worked in 2020… Because we all know this year looked way different than any year that came before it.

Ready for another session on email lists? Hit play above and follow along as Kylie and I chat through the super sexy topic of email lists.

My Email List is Like a Baby

Kylie laughed as we launched into this conversation because I truly nerd out about email marketing and email list building. My list feels like a baby to me in some ways because I’ve grown and nurtured it from its tiniest beginnings. The thing about email marketing is knowing that it takes time and stamina to stick with it, but the payoffs are exponential.

Email marketing sometimes feels like it’s reserved for giant corporations or big product based companies, or people who have dedicated marketing teams, and so often that can keep people from understanding the power and importance of reaching people via email.

I’m dedicated to demystifying email marketing and starting an email list because I don’t want you to hold back from starting, growing, or scaling your list because you don’t know how or where to begin.

No More Newsletter Form

It’s funny, Kylie knows how to push my buttons on this topic, so when she asked if the default “sign up for my newsletter form” on many website templates was enough, I had to give her an exasperated answer. The newsletter form might be better than nothing, but I know you can do even better than that.

A lot of people look at email marketing as a passive experience. You put the form in and if someone finds it and signs up, great! But I can’t think of a single person who wants more in their email inbox unless there’s value attached to it.

We have to look at email marketing as a two-fold relationship. If we’re asking for someone’s email address because it adds value to our business, then we need to offer value in return.

Starting from Square One

I might be (kindly) calling you out when I say this but a lot of times we overwhelm ourselves with things that aren’t even a problem. We use potential problems as a tool of procrastination. Do you hear yourself in that sentence? Don’t worry, I’ve been there, too.

But starting from square one with your email list doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. First things first, just pick a provider. I recommend FloDesk for a beginner because the email templates are super easy to drag-and-drop design, and with my discount it’s half off for life!

Secondly, decide how you will add value for people who hand over their email address. Give a coupon code, offer free shipping, share a template you’ve created, or create a freebie for your area of expertise. Don’t disregard the things that come easy to you — those are the pieces of value that other people are willing to trade their email address to receive! Give your subscriber a quick win with a 10 step guide or system, plug it into a pre-made Canva template, and go.

I have a free challenge that will walk you through all of these steps, from creating your first opt-in form, linking a freebie, and getting it to your new subscribers.

So You Have a Dormant List

Kylie admitted that although she’s growing her list with new freebies, she’s only sent one email to her subscribers other than the freebie delivery email. She’s worried that if she tries to revive that connection with subscribers that she might annoy them. Can you relate?

Listen, let go of that fear of annoying anyone. If people have opted in they’re likely waiting for that next invitation or connection anyway. By not following up with your list, you’ve created a dead end for your subscriber, but you can open that road again.

My advice is to jump back into those inboxes with a life update and a piece of value. That could look like a photo of yourself and a quick story about how you’re navigating life and business lately. Share a tip or piece of advice with your reader.

I don’t think anyone will be annoyed with someone trying to add value to their lives. We only feel annoyed when something seems pointless or when we feel scammed, or when we feel like we’ve been sold to without being understood first.

I share more advice about reviving a dormant list in this episode, so press play right now!

Email Marketing in 2020

This year, we’ve focused our email marketing messaging to be even more personal than it’s ever been before. This is mirrored by a lot of big companies. You may have noticed more emails from the CEO of a company you subscribe to or the emails to be less selling, more connecting. In a year that holds weight in different ways for so many, softening your messaging in email marketing (and all marketing) is so important.

I’ve also seen online quizzes and other valuable but distracting methods of marketing working super well when it comes to growing your list. Who doesn’t need a happy distraction this year?

We love using quizzes in our email marketing to learn more about our audience while also delivering value with a fun and engaging quiz result. We build our quizzes with Interact, and it’s a super simple and effective way to grow your list.

The Big Picture

There are five things I want you to take away from this conversation. First, if you haven’t already, pick a provider and start your list. Second, stop making excuses that are holding you back from starting and serving your list because there are solutions to those perceived problems. Third, pay attention to what’s getting your attention in your own inbox and let that inform how you’re showing up and serving your own list. Fourth, remember not to leave any dead ends or take steps to re-open the dead ends you’ve created. Fifth and finally, communicate with other humans like a human and provide those humans with value.

Thank you for tuning into another Jenna Kutcher email list nerd-out session! If you want more email list guidance, snag my Ultimate Guide to Email Lists and join me in the free Zero-250 Challenge.

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