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Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini


2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini 2016-08-02_0001 Travel Guide: Thira, Santorini

Where in the world: Thira, Santorini

Where we stayed: Scirocco Apartments 

How long we were there: 2 Nights, 3 Days

Favorite Meal: Seafood Risotto at Ampelos at Sunset

Our recent Greece adventures were amazing! This year, I let my sister choose the destination for her graduation present (can’t believe she’s a college graduate!) We had thrown around Thailand, Fiji, but landed on Greece! I took care of the flights, she took care of the accommodations (with help from mom!) We flew from Chicago to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to Athens, and then Athens to Santorini! It was a ton of flying, a lot of crazy running through airports but we were so excited when we made it!

The first place we stayed was Scirocco and you seriously can’t beat the location! It’s on the cliffside (actually the pool is one of the lowest most points on the cliff in all of Santorini!) Sure, it was a lot of stairs but we were within walking distance of everything and views…. oh, the views! We rented a little apartment with a kitchenette, a full sized bed, and a twin bed! It was perfect for the three of us and we loved staying here! The pool was beautiful and every day we found ourself sitting and enjoying the view for an hour or two! We also had a GIANT balcony (I mean giant, we did yoga on it and it was great!) where you could catch the sunset or the sunrise – if you were suffering from jet lag!

We spent two nights, three days on this side of the island and mostly wandered around, enjoyed the food, soaked up the sun, and took in the sites. It was a really relaxing start to the vacation and the amount of time we were there was enough! One night Kate and I went to experience the night life that Thira is known for and stayed out until 5AM dancing, talking, and drinking a drink (or three!) Jet lag worked in our favor that night and we got home eating the most delicious savory crepes (yes, everything was still open at 5AM) and sat on the balcony staring at the moon! Even though Oia is known for the sunsets, we were pretty darn impressed with the view from our porch and loved catching it before eating out!

European dining is something special (if you’ve never experienced it!) They love to take meals really slow, so unlike the USA, they generally only fill each table once because the meals are a whole experience lasting a few hours! Each night we would start with some Greek wine, enjoy a Greek salad and then try some of the local food from salmon to sushi, even a few classic Greek dishes! We didn’t ever have a bad meal, I mean, when you eat outside in a foreign country, food just tastes delicious!

After Thira we ventured to Oia, that will be covered in my next Greece post!


by Jenna Kutcher 

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  1. Kati

    August 3rd, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Greece has been on my bucket list since Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants came out!!! Now you made my desire to go there even stronger! ughhhh someday!

  2. Lucy

    November 29th, 2016 at 7:18 am

    Gorgeous pictures! Santorini is so beautiful & you looks amazing. We made our wedding ceremony there This island got best sunsets and views in the world! Santorini is perfect for honeymooners!


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