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February 27, 2023


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The words you use to describe and sell and promote your business can honestly make or break it, and yet not many of us start our businesses as skilled wordsmiths. Hiring a copywriter when you’re just starting out isn’t always a budget-friendly option – it certainly wasn’t for my business. Luckily there are resources to help you shape up your copy and pick the right words for the greatest success in your business. Tori Autumn is one of those incredible resources.

Tori Autumn is an email strategist and copywriter committed to helping coaches and course creators grow impactful businesses. She has worked with many business owners to launch, create and sell services via emails, website copy, and sales pages – she’s got some near-million dollar launches under her belt! Tori can help you write copy that gets your audience to fall in love with your services.

That’s what our chat is all about. Tori shares her secrets to high converting copy for emails and sales pages, as well as some strategies to overcome common roadblocks and get out of your own way when it comes to marketing your business as a new entrepreneur. 

Copy Should Be Priority

Even though it can be tempting to skip refining your copywriting in your business for something flashier and more fun, Tori Autumn always recommends that copy be a priority. She explained, “It’ll be the mechanism and the language used to connect with your readers or listeners or audience, and also drive sales to potential clients and customers.”

Tori says that copywriting, when done correctly, taps into the “steady state” of your audience. She explained, “That’s like how they feel right now, and then [it will] feed into their target emotions. So how do they want to feel? And some people tend to want to lead with pain or lead with pulling them in with a vision, but it depends on what your audience is responsive to.”

For Tori, marketing and writing the perfect copy is an experiment to figure out what your audience wants. She said, “No one has the hundred percent answer for a very first time launch. It’s just figuring out how do they feel right now and how do they want to feel?”

Writing for Emotion

Copywriting taps into emotions. It’s not just worrying about high conversions and sales! Tori shared, “When people think of [copywriting], they think of just marketing and high conversion and all of that language around it, but it’s actually an emotional response to something when people are going to buy. They’re a lot more emotional than they realize.”

Tori walked through some of the emotions that you can pull people in with using well-written copy – like sadness, disgust, surprise, fear, anger and happiness – and how you can use those negative emotions, without actually being negative in your copy. She also talked about her favorite emotion to write to, and that’s surprise. 

“Scarcity in your copywriting could be, ‘we have two spots left’, so that’s like the sense of urgency around how many people can join a program or ‘we only have an hour left before we close doors on this program,’” Tori continued, “But there’s a, a hidden scarcity in surprise because think about it, like who doesn’t love a secret? And when people feel like they have a secret, it evokes an emotion of feeling power at that point… And then another thing, having a secret or surprise taps into that feeling of belonging.”

Focus Here First

Tori recommends starting with your website when it comes to copywriting. “This is where people can find out, how you talk, so a bit of your personality with things you like, with things you absolutely don’t like to do in your industry. I think that that’s essential for pointing out anything about your personal life that you like to share and that you can weave into your copy when you’re telling stories or when you’re posting on social media.”

The second spot to spend time perfecting your copy would be the place that you feel would be the most impactful for you. She explained, “This can be either your email list or social media, because I know people who do both consistently, and I know people who do one or the other more consistently, and both are really, really helpful.

“When you think about where you are landing new clients and where you are meeting and nurturing potential people on your email list, or just building strong friendships, I think that either your social media or email list should be a place where you think about how you talk…”

More from Tori Autumn

There’s so much to learn from Tori Autumn, so press play for more advice from a gifted copywriter that you can put to work in your business right now. 

Tori is sharing her Essentials for High Converting Homepages guide with Goal Digger listeners for free! Be sure to follow Tori on Instagram @heytoriautumn.

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