Shedding Toxic Thought Patterns and More Entrepreneurial Mindset Work

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July 13, 2020


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Is mindset front-of-mind for you? While you’re working on your business, crafting marketing messaging and dreaming up new ways to serve your clients, are you also working on you? As this guest will tell you, mindset is often the piece of the puzzle that’s holding you back from your greatest potential.

Topsie VandenBosch is an expert in entrepreneurial mindset, helping women shed toxic thought patterns, negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from showing up, and making bank in their businesses. Her passion and skill for mindset work comes from a foundation in mental health therapy.

In this interview, Topsie will help you identify the excuses you keep telling yourself and reveal how they’re holding you back, explore why anxiety might be a gift for an entrepreneur, and how to recognize and navigate self-sabotage. Connect with Topsie VandenBosch on her website and on Instagram and don’t miss her freebie for Goal Digger Podcast listeners — Let’s Crush Imposter Syndrome Together!

Her Story

When Topsie went out on her own and started her mental health therapy private practice, she noticed some of her clients were interested in business coaching, specifically to address mindset issues, imposter syndrome, and similar topics. However, given the ethical conflict implications, she couldn’t see clients as a business coach at her mental health practice.

Topsie started Googling a way to bridge the gap between therapy and business coaching. “I thought I had invented mindset coaching,” she laughed. “Which is so embarrassing to think about!”

She found a mindset coach and booked a time slot with her to learn more about the world of coaching. Working with that coach helped her niche down her offering and gain confidence in knowing that she was bringing something unique to the coaching world.

So what exactly does she do now? Topsie explained, “As a mindset coach, I help female entrepreneurs discover, identify and crush their toxic negative thought patterns that have been preventing them from making the money in their business that they’ve always wanted to make. I love to help female entrepreneurs make bank.”

Where Mindset Work Begins

Mindset work starts with identifying where your problematic beliefs are coming from. Is it from childhood? Past trauma and experiences? “It always comes from somewhere, so I love to help female entrepreneurs identify where your belief is coming from,” Topsie continued, “And what is the actual truth?”

“There’s what we feel and then there’s the truth. A lot of people don’t like to go there because that’s deep. That would mean dissecting and confronting those beliefs that have not been helpful to them in their journey,” Topsie explained.

Unhealthy thought patterns are sabotaging your success. Topsie told me that a lot of times people come to her wanting the secrets and the strategies for business — How do I have 10K months? How do I increase my demand and have people dying to work with me? Topsie says, “You can get all of that and still lose it all just from having a trash mindset, and I mean that with the most love.”

“A lot of us like to let our thoughts simmer, and that comes back up. You can’t avoid it forever. You can push it to the back of your mind but it comes up in other ways. And that’s what I like for people to know about mindset — It’s that the work is never done,” Topsie said.

Strategies for Tackling Identity Blocks

Imposter Syndrome is a big topic among female entrepreneurs, and Topsie likes to call it the Imposter Monster. Makes it a little more approachable and fun, right? She shared her strategies for tackling the Imposter Monster that’s living inside of your head.

First, it’s all about identifying those toxic thought patterns. Those thought patterns might be like, “Do you believe that no one in your family has done it before, therefore it means you can’t? Do you believe that your worth is tied to your productivity and what you do? Are you afraid of being a certain type of business owner? Do you have an aversion to sales?”

Secondly, look at your core beliefs. Topsie explained, “Core beliefs are what you actually feel regarding a topic. For example, if you have a problem with selling, you probably believe that sales are bad. You probably have this core belief that sales equals the used car salesman who is super slimy and would sell you a lemon with a quickness.”

It’s best understood like this, “You have to understand — what you really feel regarding your ability to accomplish something is going to affect it actually happening for you… If you don’t actually believe that something is going to work out for you, then why would it?”

Finally, Topsie wants you to “separate your feelings from the facts.” She explained that many people treat their feelings as if they’re fact, but instead it’s important to validate your feelings and then identify what’s actually true. That practice can be dangerous when you’re making life altering decisions or business decisions.

Self-Sabotage 101

“With self-sabotage, a lot of the time that comes from not believing that we’re worthy of what could possibly happen for us,” Topsie began. “So then we subconsciously or consciously throw excuses, blocks in the way, everything to avoid feeling pain. Where it comes from is that you are fearful that you are going to fail.”

She explained that self-sabotage is really rooted in your attempt to remove failure from the realm of possibilities. You might be talking yourself out of blog posts, Instagram stories, creating or sharing anything because you worry that somebody will tear you down.

“Self-sabotage can look like avoidance. It can look like not doing the work,” Topsie explained. “The lies in your head have been a lot louder than your action, but you can change that.” Press play to hear Topsie’s steps for uncovering your own self-sabotage habits and finally put a stop to them so you can achieve what you’ve always wanted without standing in your own way.

More from this Episode

Topsie’s gift is holding space for other people, and this conversation is like a full mindset session with this incredibly gifted mind. Hit play for even more, including — What if you got everything you’ve ever wanted… Would you truly be happy? Why are women prone to fear success more than failure? What does Topsie mean when she says that anxiety could actually be a gift for entrepreneurs?

Jenna Kutcher and The Goal Digger Podcast are supporting Color of Change with a $1000 donation in Topsie VandenBosch’s name. To learn more and donate, visit Color of Change.

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