The 4 Surprisingly Effective Time Management Strategies I Learned This Year

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September 28, 2022


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Is time on YOUR side? Or does time even pick sides? If you’re like me, then you’ve gone through seasons where you’ve had a tricky relationship and perspective of time. Whether you’re trying to hurry through a tough journey or slow down the clock when you feel like you just need more time to breathe, rest, think. 

As an entrepreneur, I learned a handful of years ago that if I didn’t get a handle on using my time wisely and thoughtfully… for better or worse, it was going to use me. And now, as you may know if you’ve been here for a minute, you’ll know how much I truly believe that TIME is our greatest currency. It’s a non-renewable investment, and I have seen, evidenced in my own life, that with just a few little shifts and pivots, we can learn to juice the most joy, peace, and true rest out of it! 

And recently, a major learning resource for me was my deep dive into my friend, and leading entrepreneurial educator, Marie Forleo’s incredible course, Time Genius! She’s the epitome of one. 

In this episode, I’ll share with you my top takeaways from her program, why I took it, and how I hope it can help YOU maximize the work you do and the life you’re creating. Come with me and my podcast producer Kylie as we dive into how I approached the busiest season of work that my career and life has ever experienced and how I walked through it all with a peaceful pace rather than a stressful one. 

P.S. before we begin… Wanna see for yourself what being a Time Genius really means? Check out marieandjenna.com and learn more about Time Genius from the one who created it. Okay, let’s dive in!

Takeaway #1: Simplify to Amplify

The first big takeaway I got from Marie Forleo’s course Time Genius was the notion of “simplify to amplify”. This is a huge one where you learn how to establish what work drives the biggest results so you streamline what you’re doing – simplify – in order to maximize (AKA amplify) your results. I love that it’s not about doing more, it’s about learning the RIGHT things to be doing! 

Marie has a system of how to analyze exactly what you’re doing to establish what’s actually moving the needle. For me as a business owner, it’s so important that I do this and do this often because I am so multi-passionate and I am so creative that a lot of times I get these ideas and I just start running with them instead of identifying how it fits into my big goals.

Inside Time Genius, you’ll learn how to figure out if you only have three hours to work, are you doing the right things that are amplifying the right result?

Takeaway #2: Figure out your personal work style 

You have permission to figure out your own personal work style and the ecosystem that will support you best. 

There are certain things I do – like working from the couch – that I know impact my ability to focus. Identifying my personal work style also spurred me into getting office space that was a LIFE changer for book launch. It was so conducive to me working well. When I didn’t go, my husband Drew would get frustrated because everyone in the house was stressed, I was stressed that I wasn’t focusing, Coco was trying to find me, and the environment was not conducive to getting my work done.

Time Genius gave me this really beautiful invitation to ask what sort of ecosystem do I need to set up so that I can focus and be energized and get my work done so that I can get back to life?

Takeaway #3: Schedule your priorities, don’t prioritize your schedule

It’s an idea from Stephen Covey but Marie’s take on it is GOLD. You always have time for what you put first. Reality forms around commitment, and your schedule is the blueprint for your time commitments. 

There is non-negotiable time that you have to create to put your priorities first. A lot of times when we have a priority, we just try to squeeze it into our lives, right? Like, oh, I’m gonna be healthier and I’ll just fit it in… But you have to schedule your priorities. 

Marie dives deep into this concept and how to do it well inside Time Genius.

More from this Episode

There’s one more takeaway (plus a whole bunch of other details) shared in this episode. You just have to press play!

I’m really starting to think that time DOES want to be on our side if we just would learn to allow it? Can you start to see little ways you can make a shift in how you SPEND your time each day, week, and even beyond and how those shifts can add up in meaningful ways for you? And because this is a habit we build, rather than merely a choice we make, I think one of the smartest ways to get a massive push of motivation and support in making these shifts in how we spend our time is through guided implementation! 

That’s where Marie Forleo’s Time Genius helped me, including my friends, family, and team-members who have taken it! Our former methods will only get us our former results, right? Time to try something NEW! Step into Time Genius at marieandjenna.com and start a fresh journey with not only your productivity and your efficiency, but your outlook on how you’re spending, and building, a beautiful life-well-lived.


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