The 5 Best Peloton Rides + Classes to Feel Stronger Inside and Out

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August 26, 2021


I don’t think it’s ANY secret that I’m full-on obsessed with my Peloton. I think the combo of working from home, being a working mama, and looooving efficiency just sets it up as the best case scenario for getting my sweat on, whether it’s a 45-minute heart-pumpin’ bike ride or a 10-minute meditation. If you’re a member, you probably have your diehard fav instructors and rides already—but if you’re looking to switch things up, I want to share what I believe to be the BEST Peloton rides and workouts!

These guys do it all. They can pump me up. They can calm me down. They clear my mind and grant me fresh perspective. Aka… all the best side effects of a really, really great workout. 

If you DON’T Peloton (yet) or aren’t sure it’s for you, this little round-up might just change your mind! While the platform offers plenty of challenging, sweaty, uplifting workouts, it also has tons of range. You can do strength workouts (with or without weights), yoga classes, meditations, barre classes, outside runs and walks with audio direction for pace and cadence, and more.

I’m telling y’all… this exercise platform is just the best! It’s truly transformed my commitment and approach to daily movement. Oh, and if the financial lift of the bike and monthly membership is a bit too much right now, you can always get the digital app instead for your phone or tablet for just about 12 bucks a month. That way, you can still access ALL the workouts, and do many of them at home or at your gym on the treadmills and bikes there.

The 5 best Peloton rides:

01. 20 minute HIIT ride with Olivia

If you’re looking to PR in a 20 minute HIIT ride, this is for you. Olivia knows how to light a fire under my butt… just sayin’! She makes my inner athlete come out and pushes me to feel like my most powerful, badass self. If you want a GOOD, hard workout but don’t have a ton of time… this is your jam.

02. 30 minute Beyonce ride with Alex and Tunde

If you want to laugh and rock out to Beyonce (who doesn’t?!) with Alex and Tunde, pick this! You’ll feel inspired, strong, and like you just got done hanging out with friends by the end. It’s a go-to for days when I need a pick-me-up!

03. 30 minute World Mental Health Day ride with Kendall

If you’re struggling mentally and need a boost for your emotional or mental health, choose this. Kendall is usually a power instructor who pushes you to new limits, but this ride takes on a softer approach. It’s still challenging, but more than that—it’s empowering and uplifting in the best ways, and a great reminder that we CAN make it through anything.

04. 30 minute “Sundays with Love” ride with Ally

If you wanna go to church with our girl Ally Love, this is the ride. She’s one of my verrrrrry favorite instructors (and humans—did you catch her interview on the podcast?!). She’s such a powerhouse human and ALWAYS brings it on the bike. I seriously enjoy kicking my week off with her “Sundays with  Love” rides! 

05. 20 minute climb ride with Robin

If you’re in the mood for a climb ride with Robin, here it is! Trust me… you don’t need an hour or 45 or even 30 minutes to get a sweaty workout in. That’s what I love so much about Peloton! This ride brings the heat, and as always, Robin is leading the way with her optimism and wisdom.

The 5 best Peloton classes off the bike:

01. 30 minute bodyweight strength with Jess Sims

Need an at-home bodyweight workout? This will make you sweat. Jess Sims is a fabulous instructor, and her strength workouts push you to your limit, in the best of ways. You don’t need weights to feel and get stronger, either! 

02. 10 minute gratitude meditation with Anna

Have 10 minutes for some gratitude? Play this meditation. It’s so wild how just a few minutes of breathing, being present, and focusing inward can transform a day. I love starting and/or ending my days with these meditations! Health isn’t always about getting sweaty, and these classes continue to show me that.

03. 30 minute lower body bike bootcamp with Jess Sims

Looking for a workout that gets your heart pumping and your legs shaking? This duo of biking and body weights will get ya! Bike boot camps are a newer class format on Peloton, and they’re SO good. The classes fly by because you’re on the bike half the time and on the floor the other half. It’s a great way to fit in cardio and strength!

04. 20 minute barre strength with Ally

I’ve taken this 20-minute barre class too many times—it’s sooo good for a lower impact (but still challenging) workout! If you’ve never tried barre, give it a go. I promise, you’ll feel new muscles you’ve never felt before… in a good way. 😉 

05. 10 minute yoga flow with Chelsea 

I’ve literally texted this yoga flow to many friends. Stand up and do this 10-minute yoga flow right now, and thank me later. Your body and mind will feel more awake, open, and refreshed in just a few minutes. What a gift!

Have some ideas for new ways to sweat and practice mindfulness?! GOOD! I adore each of these Peloton classes (and the incredible instructors who lead them). They challenge me, empower me, and make me feel stronger in every sense of the word, and I hope they do the same for you!

Tell me: What are your favorite Peloton rides and workouts? Drop a link in a comment below so I can give them a try! And find me on the bike at jennakutcher so we can sweat together. Happy riding!

Are you as obsessed with Peloton as I am?

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