My Simple, Go-To Summer Skincare Routine

July 31, 2020


natural summer skincare routine

Whooo-eeeee, y’all know I love to talk about clean skincare and what’s working (and what’s NOT) on this face. I spent so many years in the “trial and error” aisle of drugstore skincare products. I tried all the treatments, lotions, and potions that promised to “BLAST ACNE” and “ERASE DARK SPOTS”… And guess what? Mama still had skin t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

What I’ve learned is: Great marketing does NOT equate to great results. And, our skin is constantly evolving and changing — with the seasons of the year, the seasons of our lives, and the way we love on our skin. It’s changing every day just as much as we are. So it makes sense that what may have worked for you a year ago (or in high school) isn’t exactly holding up nowadays!

While I’ve found a skincare routine I’m pretty dang partial to, I do still switch things up from time to time. Ya’know, gotta keep our skin on its toes. (But really — you don’t want your skin to get too “used” to any one product, so it can be helpful to find a couple different moisturizers or cleansers you like and swap them out occasionally!)

And when it comes to SUMMER skincare? My name of the game is simplicity. And protection. I want a skin routine that’s fast and nourishing, and that keeps my skin safe from the blazing sun. Heat, sweat, makeup, and UV rays can take a toll on your skin’s health during the summer. Plus, if you’re prone to acne or melasma like this lucky lady over here, you know the summer elements can fast-track your skin to unhappiness REAL fast.

My go-to summer skincare routine

These are the current skincare products in my lineup all summer long! For any Primally Pure products, always remember you can get 10% off your purchase using the code JK10 at checkout!


My love for this Oil Cleanser is still strong as ever. I generally just use it at night, and it does the trick for removing makeup and impurities after a long day in the sun (or in front of my laptop, either way). Read all about how to oil cleanse and why it’s the BEST way to clean your skin, no matter your skin type, here!

A few times a week, I’ll snag my Clarisonic and use the baby bar just to exfoliate and cleanse in a foamy way. I initially bought the baby bar (made of goats milk) for Coco but the jokes on her, because I’m using it too. It’s the perfect swap when you want to scrub and exfoliate beyond the surface in a gentle and natural way and the perfect companion to the cleansing oil routine.


I use this stuff called Everything Spray, which is the most accurate name ever because it can literally be used on everything. I spray it on my face in the mornings for a refreshing way to wake up, or after cleansing at night to prep my skin for moisturizer!

You can also use it to calm razor burn or other skin irritations — all the ingredients are natural and soooo soothing. If I have breakouts, I’ll use cotton swabs to apply the spray more evenly to irritated areas, and it helps to calm and clear things RIGHT up.


I haven’t been wearing makeup much this summer, and it’s been heavenly to just let my skin breeeeathe. I switch between this Clarifying Serum and this Soothing Serum + CBD, one at night and one in the morning with my gua sha to start the day! Umm, I have so many things to say about all of these miracles workers… Where to start?

The clarifying serum has long been my go-to — it’s moisturizing without being too heavy and is great for breakouts. The CBD serum adds an extra oomph of lifting and smoothing power. It’s a natural powerhouse for your skin in a bottle. And the gua sha is the coolest little stone tool used to de-puff your lymphatic system and just plain calm you the heck out. It’s the best.


This face sunscreen is great for sensitive skin and recommended by dermatologists. It’s a great option for long, summer days in the sun!


I have become a hardcore natural deodorant CONVERT in recent years. There’s no turning back for me now… Not only is it better for your body, inside and out, to not have chemicals slathered on your pits, but it also trains your body to release sweat naturally (not in a gross way, promise). I have a post all about how to detox your armpits and transition to natural deodorant — read it here! I love this charcoal one for workout days, and really any of Primally Pure’s other ones for non-sweat-sesh days.

That’s it! Super simple, super natural. I like to keep my routine pretty minimal for the summer so I can focus on the important things. Soaking up time with my sweet fam by the lake. Taking long bike rides along the coast. Going on walks with Drew after work with a road marg in hand. It’s about the little things, especially in the summer, so get you a skincare routine that supports that and makes you feel good!

Want to give my favorite all-natural skincare a try?

Get 10% off your order with the code JK10 — and happy summer!

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