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Stop and Sip the Tea

Asics-1-22 Let me be the first to admit that I am usually running a little late. I have this terrible habit of waiting until the very last minute to leave the house. Every single morning, I leave for the gym one minute later in hopes of making it in time (most of the time I wander in bare foot with socks in my hand, sleep in my eyes, and if I’m lucky, a cup of coffee in my hand.) I don’t know one good thing that comes from running late, rushing from place to place, or causing myself stress and so I’ve really been actively focusing on intentionality with my time. It sounds silly (and those working out with me know that I am still running in one minute before class) but I am actually stopping to sip my tea, to taste it, to slow down, to enjoy it all.

I recently did a 28 day tea cleanse through SkinnyMint and beyond delicious tea morning and night, I really used this opportunity as a time to really allow myself to slow down, be present, and enjoy. To use the time it took me to drink it to intentionally slow down, slow my mind, sit and just be.

I also have this terrible habit of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and scrolling until my little thumb gets sore and I’ve realized that this little routine is a terrible way to start the day (and yet, I keep doing it.)  My brain is bombarded, I am filled with insecurity or voices telling me “I’m not enough,” and I see a pile of emails just waiting for responses. I start my day feeling behind and this realization has made me really evaluate how I start my day, what I choose to fill my mind and heart with first thing in the morning and how I want to set the tone. My goal is to spend the next 28 days waking up and spending at least 30 minutes before logging into any social media. I want to make my tea, sip it, enjoy it, and start my day off on the right foot. (For me, as a coffee lover, you know the fact that I am drinking this tea everyday, must mean it is good!) Take a minute to evaluate how you are kicking off your day, how you are filling your mind, where your intention is at! It’s time to stop and sip (and taste) the tea, detox your body and your mind, and join me on my challenge!

Check out: SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox



by Jenna Kutcher 

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