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Ask Jenna Anything: Social Media

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Ahhhh, sweet, sweet social media. If I am being honest, social media is the backbone of how I grew my 350-dollar Craigslist camera into a 7-figure business. There is simply nothing better than FREE advertising and outreach, and social media allows you to do that each and every day.

But it’s not straight-forward– there are many tips and tricks that get engagement, turn followers into clients, and using social media to not only get likes but to drive your bottom line. 

Which is why I am SO excited about today’s episode where I am digging into the real life, behind the scenes of those little apps. This is another session of Ask Jenna Anything dedicated SOLELY to one topic: social media! Today I am answering YOUR most raw, real-life questions about social media. Ready to get social? Let’s do it!

Okay, I can’t give away all of my secrets on this blog post…
Tune in to hear me answer these questions below!

    • Jess W: I’d like to know your posting social media workflow with multiple projects facing close deadlines. I’m drowning!
    • Stephanie M: what do you do to prep yourself for doing live videos? I hate being on video, but I know FB live and Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your followers.
    • Amanda P: Also, I’d love to hear more about your travels. That topic has kid of lost its light in your message, but I’d be interested in what/how you pack, and what you do and see!
    • Kate S (Instagram): I have such a hard time sharing who I actually *am* instead of pictures of my work? I know I need to, but I struggle… Advice on this?
    • Lauren L: I could listen to you talk about content creation all day long! I know you already have some episodes that cover this, but it doesn’t sound to the rest of us repetitive to keep hearing about it
    • Fuel Goodness (Instagram): would love to know how you’ve grown your social media accounts
    • Fuel Goodness also asked: would love to know how you leverage your social media to get (paid) sponsorships?
    • Danielle asks: What do you think is your secret superpower that made people resonate with you? Oh goodness, I mean, naps are my true superpower but I think the ability to show that I’m not perfect in a way that encourages other people to “come as they are” into life, online, and definitely on Instagram. It’s about revealing the “imperfections” without making it feel heavy or messy for others but instead it being a gentle reminder that they aren’t alone.
    • Rachael says: I know you say your main focus is on growing your email list, can you explain why it’s still important to grow your social media following and why you still believe in the power of things like Instagram in your biz?
    • Lauren Nicole: Yesterday, I was listening to your podcast about growing a community on social media but I keep coming back to the same question. It all sounds great if I were selling a service, but I am *trying* to grow a brand/company and am not selling a service but a product? How do you put yourself in your business, make it feel personal, but not have it look “an artist that makes things”.
    • Courtney K (Instagram): what are your thoughts on sponsored content? how do you navigate it?  Episode 103
    • Courtney K Also Asked: how do you maintain authenticity while following sponsored post rules and not being like #sponsored 24/7?

There ya have it, friends!

All of YOUR social media questions you guys dreamed up about using and leveraging social media for growth! I cannot tell you how much social media and it’s momentum has changed my life, and I hope this episode gave you the tips and tools for you to pursue the leap!

And, as always, if you have questions for me, I am CONSTANTLY checking our Goal Digger Podcast Insiders FB group and Goal Digger Instagram account to make sure I am answering YOUR questions. You guys are the fire behind this podcast, and I want to hear from y-o-u!


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  2. You’re such a blessing ! Thanks for sharing your wisdom lady !


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