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What You Should Really Know About Youtube with Angela Lanter


128-Blog What You Should Really Know About Youtube with Angela Lanter


You may know Angela Lanter from her amazing blog and brand, Hello Gorgeous. This irreplaceable company is filled with fashion, beauty & lifestyle tips while helping women feel and look her best inside and out. And that’s not where the magic stops!

Angela has been making huge waves in the Youtube world. *Audience applauds!* I was amazed by the authenticity and professionalism of her Youtube channel, which is exactly why I asked her to come on the show! In this episode, this Youtube expert provides real-life tips and tricks in the most authentic, helpful way.

Youtube is an area that I personally have not experimented with so I wanted to bring in someone that I consider to be an expert.  With 175,000 subscribers and growing by the minute, welcome the beautiful, brilliant, blogger and youtube star, Angela Lanter!


One thing that Angela and I dug into was her unique story of becoming a blogger. Previously an insurance fraud investigator (yes, really!), her transition into blogging was quite the 180-degree turn… but she just loved it. And her blog blew up quickly. How?! Because Angela had fire behind her brand! We both agreed that blogging seems whimsical and fun, but there are a lot of hours, effort, and logistics behind every. single. post.

Aside from unique challenges of being a full-time blogger (AKA family not understanding what your “job” is!), we dug into a common question within the blogging world and covered all things sponsorships. Not only did we chat on how to get sponsored, but we discussed how it was imperative it is to stay on-brand when you get sponsored. You cannot just take any offer that comes your way if it does not speak to you as a person! People can feel authenticity a mile away, and when you take a sponsorship solely for money it shows. Angela said it best when she said: “your seal of approval HAS to mean a lot to you!”

When I inquired why her blog thrived compared to others, she said it truly has to be a “labor of love… you have to have a passion” or else it won’t grow to its full potential! Remember that, Goal Diggers, because it is so, so true!


Gosh, talk about an expert. It was so exciting to dig into the Youtube world with someone that is so noteworthy and irreplaceable in the Youtube world! Since I personally am a Youtube rookie, we started at the very beginning, and hearing this woman’s story start to finish was amazing. I learned SO much.

Angela said she dug into Youtube as a way to continue sharing beauty tips in an organic, authentic way. “Video allows your audience to see you… they actually want to see unfiltered, they want to see real.” Truly, a video is such a beautiful way to extend your brand and message in the most authentic way. There is something so intimate about hearing someone’s voice and watching them talk that photos cannot replicate! Which is exactly why Angela said she pretends she is “talking to her best friend” whenever she records every episode– it’s not about being scripted, it’s about being you. 


Okay, so we’ve convinced you that video is important– now how do you use it?! Angela was incredibly open and gave us her top tips for creating relevant, buzzworthy videos. She mentioned that she constantly uses Google Trends to see what people are interested in and makes content that reflects that. Therefore, if something is #trending, she’ll pop up as a result! Brilliant!

Angela also invests heavily in niches within her field. For example, in the beauty world, she makes a crazy amount of Halloween makeup videos. Again, brilliant! What I learned from Angela was to identify the niches in what people want, and capitalize on it! But, Angela wants you to be aware that likely 8-12 hours of editing alone goes into every. video. This video world isn’t for the faint of heart, but with the wisdom Angela shared in this episode, you can do it!

And that’s a wrap, folks! If you have been wondering about youtube, going “live” on Instagram or Facebook, or just business-focused video in general, we made this episode for YOU.

PSSST: To hear Angela’s ONE magic trick for a successful Youtube channel, tune in here! 


by Jenna Kutcher 

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