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July 27, 2020


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I love coaching sessions on The Goal Digger Podcast because we get into the nitty gritty of topics that are on your mind, and explore questions you might also have about your own business. It’s a chance for me to sit down with someone and teach to exactly where they are at.

These coaching sessions are designed to propel inclusive growth for business women everywhere, from every walk of life. It is a way I am choosing to level the playing field for entrepreneurs. Sahar Twesigye just completed her first ever course launch, and I can’t wait to hear how that process felt for her, and I know she has some questions that will be helpful for you, too.

We discuss launching, scaling, and automating! Plus, we cover how to handle quick success and being in the spotlight. If you’re preparing for your first launch or wanting to fine tune your process for your next launch, this is the episode for you.

This episode is all about course creation and launches, led by Goal Digger Sahar Twesigye! If you want to apply to be coached on the podcast, head to goaldiggerpodcast.com and nominate yourself!

Meet Sahar

Sahar started her business with a blog when she was in the thick of having her children. Starting a blog was the lowest hanging fruit for her, and she wanted to find herself again through using her brain and doing something other than changing diapers. “I love being a mom, but I just needed that stimulation,” she explained. Can you relate? Me too.

In the process, she realized that she actually enjoyed the business and marketing aspect of her blog other than the actual wellness content she was putting out. Sahar started to test out Pinterest, and within 3 months her traffic increased by 300%. Now she’s at millions of monthly views on the platform.

Now she’s passionate about helping other women learn how to start their business after having children, because so many feel like going back to a full time job after having kids doesn’t serve their place in life at the moment.

Sahar was actually a Knowledge Business Blueprint student in my Implementation Lab, and she started the course just as COVID-19 was locking down her life. Within 6 weeks of starting KBB, she had created her first online course (something that had been on her heart for over 3 years).

The course was a high-ticket training in Pinterest, the platform that changed her own business. From that first hard-fought sale, Sahar was hooked on the online course world. She is in the midst of teaching her first round of students, and looking ahead at what’s next for her course, her students, and her business.

Going Evergreen with Your Course

Sahar laughed as she told me, “I got sick of hearing my own voice during the launch.” Launching is a lot of talking, sharing, and promoting what you’ve created so potential students can find your offer and decide to invest in what you’ve created. But you might find that putting your course in “evergreen” is the best next step to continue selling without always launching.

Putting a course or digital product into evergreen means people are introduced to your product/course/offer at different points during their relationship with your brand. I believe that it’s really important to have your first live launch under your belt because you learn so much in that process.

Once you do your live launch, you’ve created all of the content that’s required in a future evergreen model. You have email copy, ad copy, webinar, and all of the pieces of the evergreen puzzle because you’ve done it live.

What I recommend after your first live launch… Is to do a second live launch. The big difference is that you’ll know how the machine runs, you have even more confidence in your offer, and you have testimonials from students to provide social proof during your next sale.

My advice is to work through the course with your first round of students and then step back to decompress and analyze the process. And then launch again, keeping in mind that this second live launch will create the pieces you need to go evergreen. Hit play for my full walk through on going from a live launch to an evergreen model.

Low Priced Offer

Since Sahar’s Pinterest course is a high ticket program, she was wondering if it made sense to create a lower ticket offer for those who aren’t ready to invest in something big from the start. We talked about what Brendan Burchard teaches about bringing your customers up a value ladder, and then what Danielle Leslie teaches, that you can have success with one offer, one funnel, one price.

My answer to her question was, “It’s different for everyone.” What I advise when you’re working through your first launch and first digital product is actually serving your potential customers and getting them quick wins and results from a range of freebies and opt-ins.

You can have multiple freebies that lead into the same funnel, but the point is introducing them to your brand, helping them learn and achieve small wins with your free products, and then introducing them to the high ticket offer when the time is right so they can decide if it’s the right investment for them.

Sometimes our mindset is that we’re going to serve-serve-serve and then sell really hard, but you can be serving and inviting at the same time. Some students are going to need that longer runway to make a decision, but others are going to be ready to dive into your program immediately. You can speak to both of those audiences as they travel through your funnel.

Handling You Quick Success

With her first launch, Sahar experienced what it was like to be known and seen, especially through Facebook and Instagram ads. Having so many eyes on herself, her brand, and her business, she wanted to explore ways to manage that as her course continues to gain popularity.

Ads are so incredible — It’s like handing someone a dollar and getting two back at the end of the day. Wouldn’t you keep doing that? The other part of getting your face and brand seen, though, is getting intruders into your life and business.

My best advice for anyone marketing to a cold or even lukewarm audience with Facebook ads is to have someone else monitor the ad comments for you. Don’t dive into the pool of reading the criticism of strangers that may not even pertain to your offer.

I also advise to really finetune your audience and target the right people who align with your brand and your offer.

More from this Coaching Session

Why is rest and decompression one of the most important phases of launching anything? What do I recommend using your ad budget on when launching? (Hint: It’s not during the launch itself.) And how many webinars are necessary or recommended during a live launch? Hit play on this coaching session with Sahar Twesigye.

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  1. Maggie Moore says:

    I have loved every moment of this podcast! You two are amazing women. Your energy and desire to share filled me up. I have just joined the KBB course after watching you talk with Tony and Dean. I am so looking forward to going deeper with you and soaking in all of your brilliance!


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