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January 31, 2024


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Here’s something you may not know about me… I LOVE networking. (I’m also introverted!) But it’s one of my favorite things! I love connecting with other business owners and seeing how we can work together to serve people even better together than we could by ourselves.

So… You can probably imagine my surprise when we realized that in over 700 episodes, I haven’t recorded a dedicated solo episode on how to network like a boss!

That means that today’s episode is jam PACKED with everything from where to meet other business owners both in person and online, ideas for win-win collaborations, what to say and how to say it. 

Dive into the networking pool with me – the water’s fine!

Networking in Person

When networking in person, it’s important to be face-to-face. There’s so many things that you can’t pick up on through email or DMs (we’ll talk about that later!), but there is something really beautiful about sharing energy with other people and being in their space and watching their body language and connecting and hugging and whatever that looks like for you.

The truth is, networking in person a lot of times means putting yourself out there, which can be so uncomfortable… especially if you’re introverted.

If you find yourself feeling afraid to be in spaces with other people, sometimes taking that massive leap of faith and putting an investment down to get yourself into rooms where you can confidently share and express those dreams and really work towards them can be one of the most transformative experiences for you.

I am still really connected to a lot of people that were in the first mastermind I ever joined, almost a decade ago. And I also can see this web of connections that came from just being in that environment!

Networking a person can feel really daunting, but it’s this important part of networking and growing and even just expanding what you believe is possible. According to Jack Flynn from Zipia, 68% of individuals prefer networking in person rather than virtually, and 95% of professionals agree that face-to-face connections are key for successful long-term business relationships.

Networking on Social Media

I love networking online and I have a few tips for you to connect with people on social media so you’re not just another username to those you want to connect with, but a real human with a beating heart! 

My first tip is if there are certain people that you really want to get into your ecosystem, you want to connect with, set post notifications for them so that anytime they are creating content and it is being posted, you are there engaging.

Next, when engaging on the social media platform of someone you want to network with, don’t just comment emojis. Instead, write meaningful things that show you care and you have something to add to the conversation!

Also, if networking is one of your goals for 2024, I highly recommend paying attention to LinkedIn – it’s basically a platform designed to connect you with other entrepreneurs and leaders. Don’t negate the power of LinkedIn – seriously!

Lastly, now seems like the perfect moment to mention our Goal Digger Podcast Insiders Facebook group! We’ve got a lively crew of over 60,000 members, and we’d love for you to jump in. It’s a fantastic, totally free way to network with other business owners! Join us here—it’s where the good stuff happens!

Be Thoughtful and Intentional with Outreach

The biggest thing that I want for you to understand about networking is you want to approach it with this general interest of building a relationship.

Again, it’s not just building your network to have a network, it’s really building your network to have people in your corner, to have a community you can ask questions to, to have camaraderie in this isolated entrepreneurial experience!

If you are going to do cold outreach or reaching out, make it concise, make it meaningful, make it impactful and do your research. Take the time to go deep with one person instead of trying to go wide with 20 people. I promise you it is going to make a much deeper impact.

This episode all about pitching yourself is an oldie but a goodie if you need help in this area!

My podcast is an AMAZING way that I network because I get to offer someone the opportunity to come on my show, get exposed to my audience etc. Having a podcast can put you in proximity to the people you want to be connected with.

If you want to  learn how to launch your own show, register for my FREE class here!

What IS Networking, Really?

In the end, mastering the art of networking is not just about collecting business cards or making small talk; it’s about building meaningful relationships and creating a professional community that can propel your career or business forward.

Networking is a lifelong skill that evolves with your career. By approaching it with purpose, authenticity, and a commitment to building meaningful connections, you’ll network like a boss!

The possibilities are truly endless when you dedicate your time and energy to networking and nurturing these relationships – because it is not necessarily about the quantity of your connections but the quality. I can’t wait to see what doors will open for you when you set your sights on networking in 2024!

And lastly, the more you give, the more you’ll receive… So until next time Goal Diggers, keep on digging your biggest goals and we’ll all go farther, together.

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  1. Thank you Jenna for helping me see the forest for the trees. My wife is an artist that does amazing watercolor with inspirational quotes on them and I had never thought to use them in this way. Her clients are encouraged to purchase the paintings for someone else and we mail them directly. Kind of an encouraging pick me up to be received in the mail unexpectedly from a friend. Anyway, thank you for being you and for showing up week after week. I’m listening and ABSOLUTLEY get something from every episode.


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