My Ultimate Work-From-Home Guide (A Round-Up) - Jenna Kutcher

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My Ultimate Work-From-Home Guide (A Round-Up)

Jenna Kutcher 

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Work from home life is a unique opportunity to work, live, rest, sleep, and so much more — all in one space. With so many people switching to WFH for the first time, it can be an adjustment.

Ever since I started working from home years ago, I realized it’s a complete lifestyle change but also a complete blessing. I know it can be tough to find your WFH groove or feel as productive as you might feel in an office setting, but I’m also a firm believer in small things to set yourself up for success. That’s why I wanted to share my ultimate work-from-home guide, with all the goodies that keep me energized and ready to tackle my day.

Whether you need a little boost of inspo, something to unwind after a long WFH day, or tools to keep you trucking along, I’m sharing all my favorite resources, products, and a few fun surprises, too, to make working from home all the more enjoyable!

My Ultimate Work-From-Home Guide

Check out my favorite things that keep me going on long days while working from home!


Nespresso machine: I live for my Nespresso machine. It makes full cups of coffee AND shots of espresso to take by itself or make into a latte or cappuccino. Fancy coffee service, but at home? SO worth it. And get the milk frother if you love lattes!

The prettiest coffee mugs: There’s something extra special (and motivating) about having your morning coffee out of a cute mug.

Peloton: UGH I have been LOVING our Peloton. They have the best, most efficient and uplifting workouts, and you can get it done in 15 to 30 minutes (or more or less… whatever you want!). If you don’t want to hand over the full expense, you could always buy a cheaper bike (like this one) and just get the Peloton app for $12 a month!

The best planner: Even when you’re working from home, it’s nice to have a physical place to store your reminders, Zoom meetings, and kid schedules. This planner is so good.

My favorite water bottle: I like to start the day drinking a full one of these, or two if I hop on my Peloton in the a.m.!

My go-to morning fuel: Daily Harvest has THE best healthy bowls and smoothies, and they take like, zero time or effort to make. Get $25 off your order with code JENNAK!

The natural skincare that you need: Y’all already know my love for this non-toxic skincare line. I even recently partnered with them to create bundles of my favorite goodies. Start the day with a little everything spray and clarifying serum to be in the best mood ever. Get 10% off your order with the code JK10!



The best leggings ever: These feel like fancy, expensive leggings but they’re so affordable and comfy! And they fit like BUTTER.

The bralette I live in: Let’s all agree that real bras aren’t meant for WFH life, okay? This bralette is the comfiest.

Another bralette (for when you’re feeling ~fancy~): When you’re wanting to get a little bougie but obviously still cozy, this one’s your go-to!

This sweatshirt that I also live in: You’ve probably seen me in this on my IG stories. It’s so cozy and perfect for a day at your desk!

The cozy romper of your dreams: Rompers are like daytime pajamas. I fully support.

The softest tee: I could (and should) get this guy in every color. It’s soft and so cute and not to mention, goes with every pair of sweats and leggings.

The cardigan of all cardigans: With a HOOD. Because nothing says comfy-WFH-life like a soft, hooded, sweet cardigan.

My all-time fav hat for bad hair days: Yep, I throw this sucker on and pretend I’m in Maui.

Reusable face masks (yes, we all need one): I like that they’re simple and reusable.

Scrunchies you’ll love: If you don’t have a scrunchie on your wrist 99% of the time, are you even working from home?



These ear buds: How cute are these!? Plus, they have a 14-hour battery life, great for a long work day.

Natural lip balm to keep by your side: Keep your lips super soft by stocking this at your desk. Makeup might not be a thing right now, but we can still take care of our pucker.

Blue light blocking glasses (b/c YES): Protect those eyeballs… aaand up your work-from-home look with these cute-on-everyone glasses.

My favorite Spotify playlists to keep you going: This one is good to knock out big tasks where I need a lot of energy, while this is a good one to start the day calmly.

A giant water bottle to hydrate you all day long: The key to keeping your energy? Hydration! Get a huge water bottle, and one with a straw helps you to keep drinking.

The cutest headbands to keep those wispies outta the way: I am so into these chunky headbands right now.

A notebook to store all your brilliant ideas: I mean, I’m ~pretty~ sure studies show that pretty notebooks = more productive workdays.

Fun pens: Same goes for pens. You need cute pens for a good day (and these ones have great grip, too!)



Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson: My buddy Russell is handing out all the strategies you need to know to fill your website with your dream customers.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey & Sean Covey: This is a classic but if you haven’t read it, now is a great time to dig in and learn how to be more persuasive, communicate better, and be your best self.

Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose by Lauren McGoodwin: I LOVE a female-driven business book, and I feel like this one could be so powerful for so many of us in this season.

Girl Talk: Money by Ariana Mangum: I also LOVE an open discussion about women and money. This one’s a straightforward financial guide to get you on the right track financially, no matter what your history or funds look like.

The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler: Of course I have to include a few novels on the list to keep you entertained while you’re working from home! This is a light read about a grumpy diner owner who meets a charming tourist that wins him over.

Normal People by Sally Mooney: This is another easy, incredible read about two people with VERY different backgrounds who end up finding that they just GET one another.

Beach Read by Emily Henry: This book is just delightful. There’s no other way to put it. It’s charming and witty and a quick one to breeze through if you want something light!

I hope these goods help you to stay motivated and encouraged throughout your days working from home! They’re my life-savers and go-tos for a fabulous day, and I know you’ll get some great use out of them, too!

*Note: this post includes affiliate links. Thank you for supporting me, my team, and our families when you consider buying from my recommendations.

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