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June 8, 2016


2016-06-06_00042016-06-06_00012016-06-06_00032016-06-06_00052016-06-06_00022016-06-06_00072016-06-06_00082016-06-06_00092016-06-06_00102016-06-06_00112016-06-06_00122016-06-06_00132016-06-06_00142016-06-06_00152016-06-06_00172016-06-06_00182016-06-06_00192016-06-06_00202016-06-06_00212016-06-06_00232016-06-06_00222016-06-06_00242016-06-06_00262016-06-06_00252016-06-06_00272016-06-06_00282016-06-06_00312016-06-06_00302016-06-06_00352016-06-06_00322016-06-06_00332016-06-06_00342016-06-06_00362016-06-06_00382016-06-06_00402016-06-06_00392016-06-06_00422016-06-06_00432016-06-06_0044As she walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder, I watched them closely. First looks give me, the bystander a look into their relationship. She caught his eye as he turned and the look of unspeakable joy crossed his face. The clung to one another basking in the fact that the day had finally arrived: the day they would be husband and wife. As they melted into the moment, they eased into their roles not only as bride and groom, but as partners together, ready to take on the world. This first look? It changed everything.

They grew up in the same town and their paths may have crossed a time or two but the world kept spinning without them knowing about the other. They chased their dreams, apart from one another, just waiting for their future love to walk into their lives.

He was in residency, she was in real estate. They were in a long distance relationship that got serious fast. Matt and Suzanne said “I love you” on Valentine’s Day, introduced one another to the family a few weeks later and everyone knew there was something different. Matt said it as this: “There was a void in my life that I didn’t know was so big, so deep until you filled it. It was almost like a rebirth because I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Suzanne, you’ve filled me with a genuine unspeakable joy that I don’t want to go a day without.”

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Take a deeper look into their wedding day, click play below!



Second Shooter: Erin McLean //Ceremony Location: The University Club of Milwaukee // Reception Location: Bacchus // Wedding Coordinator:  Lindsay Flash Events // Clergy: Hal Dessel // DJ + Videographer: Josh at Sound By Design // Makeup Artist: Diana Yusufov //Florist: Esther Fleming // Baker: The Cake Lady // Dress: Zita Bridal

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  1. Anne LaFlamme says:

    Love, love, love!

  2. Suzanne Fishman says:


  3. Dori Babcock says:

    A mother’s dream is to see her daughters dreams come true !thank you Jenna for capturing these moments so beautifully

  4. Meghan Babcock says:

    So gorgeous. The happiness is beaming through these photos!!!

  5. Alexis Martinez Weltman says:

    Beauty and love and joy all around! Congratulations! Gorgeous photos that will provide special memories! Xoxo

  6. Cara Fries says:

    Suzanne Fishman you look absolutely stunning!! Your wedding was gorgeous, I wish you all the best! xoxo

  7. Abby Spachman Spencer-Smith says:

    So so so gorgeous! You can feel the love! ❤️

  8. Rachel Beth says:

    beautiful pictures to commemorate a beautiful day!

  9. Kathy Fishman says:

    Yes, a mother’s dream to see her son so in love with the most beautiful and special woman. Their love shines in these gorgeous photos.

  10. Gail George Todd says:

    Words do not describe how lovely & breath taken every picture is! WOW, what a day❤️

  11. Gail George Todd says:

    Love & beauty are in each picture Everything looks fabulous‼️

  12. Lindsay Flasch says:

    STUNNING! Every single shot is beautiful! You are amazing Jenna at capturing the feel of the day!

  13. Layne Pfliiger says:

    Love, love, love! 🙂 I’m obsessed with that dress. <3

  14. Jane Thorsen says:

    I can feel the love you captured.

  15. Lydia Lambert says:

    Amazing photos!! So beautiful ❤️

  16. Ashley Richards says:


  17. Katie Hyman says:

    These pictures are stunning! You did such an amazing job and made the whole wedding party feel so comfortable!

  18. Allison McMahon says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day and celebration!!! Love to Suzanne and Matt!!! Cannot stop looking at the amazing photos!

  19. Katie McMahon says:

    What a special day for Suzaane and Matt, but also for all your guests to witness a true dream and farytale!!!! It was such an honor to celebrate Suzanne and Matt… These pictures are gorgeous! xoxo

  20. Matt Fishman says:


    The pictures are stellar! You have such a lively and charming personality that you brought out the best in all of us that day. Thank you! We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!


  21. Taylor Larson says:

    Picture perfect!! Such a special day with beautiful memories for these two lovebirds Congratulations Matt and Suzanne!!


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