Why Meditation is a Must-do for Success

Jenna Kutcher 

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April 2, 2018


Join Jenna as she interviews Leah Weiss all about meditation for business and why it's so important for your success on the Goal Digger Podcast.


I know, I know– you’ve heard it before, but Goal Diggers, meditation for business could be the secret to unlocking your potential. No matter where you are on your meditation journey– whether you consider it “woo woo” or are already incorporating it, this session with Leah Weiss, PhD. is for you. This woman’s credentials could take up this whole blog post: She is a Stanford Business School professor, corporate consultant (LinkedIn, Google, The Omidyar Group), author (HarperCollins), and public speaker (TEDx, Intuit, Google, LinkedIn, Kaiser Permanente, YPO). Leah also writes (as a columnist) for Psychology Today, the Huffington Post, and the Harvard Business Review.

Simply put, Leah is an expert on meditation and mindfulness and today she is sharing all the meditation tips with you. On this podcast episode, I start the conversation about why meditation and mindfulness are essential for living your best life.By the end of the episode, you’ll know: what mindfulness truly is, where and how to incorporate meditation into your routine (for just 1 minute a day!), how mindfulness impacts your career path, employees, and work ethic, and why mindfulness is crucial to success.

Plus, I’m lifting the curtain to show you my personal journey with meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. This is where Leah will teach you how to slow down, be present, and how to live your best life. Ya ready to get your zen on? Thought so!


It’s no secret that meditation and mindfulness are trendy buzzwords these days, but is there any truth to the hype? You bet! However, there is a lot of “clutter” in terms of information out there so I asked Leah to explain meditation to us simply, and I loved how she summarized it: “Putting intention behind your attention.” How simple and how impactful it is to realize that it doesn’t have to be anything special except for being intentional about where we focus and fixate. It is so incredibly easy to get distracted and consumed by this busy world, but Leah emphasized that there is “this human need for our days to feel meaningful– to have purpose. and to do that, we have to be continually adapting our attention and putting intention behind your attention.”


Okay, ya sold me. But where do I start? There’s no doubt that meditation can be intimidating and can be easy to feel like a “failure” if you can’t make your brain go “blank”. But Leah reminds us, that is OKAY. Your thoughts will drift, it is inevitable. But it is all about coming back to the present, to the breath. There is no wrong way to meditate as long as you are intentional about it– start with 1 minute of focused, calm breathing first thing in the morning. Then build 3 minutes, and so on and so forth. Ready for more? Incorporate some prompts into your day- something that will trigger you to work out. Examples: brushing your teeth, going for a walk, sitting in the parking lot picking up your kids… whatever it is, use that time to pause and focus inward. Our lives are so busy– this can be a constant in a chaotic life.


Okay, now for the Goal Diggin’ stuff– how does this relate to our work? Simply put, in every way, in any way, our mindfulness plays a role in our work, our mindset, our dreams, our productivity. When we can be in alignment with our wants and needs, we can be our most efficient, most purposeful selves. Let’s face it, as business owners, we are time-focused people, and I promise you that every “minute lost” during meditation, you will gain it back in terms of clarity and motivation. If it is hard to add something to your plate, just try a minute or two a day. You will find it improves your mental game, helps you make plans, keeps you focused, and very clear on your internal “yes” and “no”

In summary, this episode is going to change the way you look at meditation for business and mindfulness. It may be out of your comfort zone, but I assure you that meditation and mindfulness are essential for living your best life. By the end of the episode, you’ll know why meditation matters, how to incorporate it, and why it’ll help you live your best life! You ready? Thought so!


UM, If you could hear anyone’s morning routine wouldn’t you want it to be a mindfulness expert? (Duh!)
Tune in to hear Leah’s morning routine here! 


For Leah’s Guide To Mindful Meetings, Click Here!


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  1. ramakrishnan says:

    Meditation helps to reduce stress. Thanks for sharing these essential tips on meditation.


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